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German band Hamburg Ramönes do focus on their opinion of Phil Spector: Free Phil Spector! Free Phil Spector is also name of their CD. They also focus to keep real spirit alive, and you know what that means. It's released through Riff Randell Records.

Hamburg Ramönes has recorded 9 songs, 2 of them are Ramones covers (Judy Is A Punk and Pet Sematary) and 7 of them are mostly Ramones tribute kind of songs with terrific lyrics. Especially if you've been a long time Ramones fan you'll praise the lyrics after finding many stories relating to them. They're singing and playing for you for example message from Joey, song about Dee Dee Ramone and another ones of Johnny Ramone, Marky Ramone and PJ Soles. Official release date of CD was on September 23, 2005.

Digipack release is including 12 page booklet and I noticed easily that booklet is designed by professional person. It contains lyrics, lot photos and Ramoniac details. There's also in their net-store nice looking T-shirts etc.
I got an honour to write foretext to the CD.

Hamburg Ramönes is not just Ramones tribute music. You can easily notice their wide influences since the days of the 60's. The attitude and spirit lives on with this music. Their guitarist Ecki saw The Ramones for the first time in 1978. He and every band member of Hamburg Ramönes were influenced for the rest of their lives in big ways. I had the honor of meeting Ecki and Thomas for the first time in 2004 in NYC, we were there because of Joey (Joey's Birthday Memory Party).

Radio elDOradio will sent a 60 minute feature about Hamburg Ramönes. The show, which will feature Tommy and Ecki Ramöne live in the studio, will be distributed wörldwide on the internet. Details to follow shortly.


1) Free Phil Spector
2) Judy is a Punk
3) Go Yuengling Go
4) Hammer Boy
5) Pet Sematary
6) I Remember
7) Return Of Ramona
8) Greetings From Heaven
9) Clockwork Ramone


In September, 2008, Italian label
Nicotine Records released Long Black Hair CD by Hamburg Ramönes. LP version was released by another Italian label Tornado Ride Records. Those great labels also released Hamburg Ramönes' single Merry Christmas! (2009).

Long Black Hair is produced by Jens Gallmeyer. He also made artwork. CD is dedicated to the Joey Ramone. Also Lemmy Kilmister is honored with Bömber In Your Heart.
Ramone doll on cover is by Viola Evers. Long Black Hair got many really positive reviews.

Jens Ramöne also plays bass. Tommy Ramöne is singer, Ecki Ramöne and JayDee Ramöne are guitarists and Marky Ramöne is drummer.

1) Rock'N'Rollercoaster
2) Long Black Hair
3) Surfpunk's Back In Town
4) Wild Wild West
5) Black Leather
6) Heyday
7) Edge Of The World
8) Bömber In Your Heart
9) Johnny Says
10) D-U-M-B
11) Dancing On The Graves


Hamburg Ramönes released third album, Uniform Thing, on Joey Ramone's 60th birthday on May, 19th 2011. That day they celebrated a German Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, and played at Hafenklang in Hamburg, Germany. Also Generation N rocked. Generation N is fronted by Gerhard "General" Seckler. And of course also photographer Lothar Felkel attended event.

Tommy Ramöne is singer, Ecki Ramöne guitarist, Jens (Jenzzzi) Ramöne bassist and Marky Ramöne drummer.
Uniform Thing was released by
G-Force Records, Germany, and distributed by Broken Silence, Hamburg. Special digipack double CD edition has 15 brand new tracks. Songs goes again with great and melodic attitude. Catchy tunes are good mix of own ideas and Ramones influences and referrals to the Ramones and their songs.
- As a guest star, we have Jason Ringenberg (from Jason And The Scorchers) singing the title track with us. Having followed Jason And The Scorchers since 1985, when they played at Hamburg Markthalle, and having bought all their albums inbetween this makes me a very proud Ramöne!, says Eckart "Ecki" Kurtz.

Bonus CD has three songs of those 15. Fugger City on bonus CD is in German language and it features longtime Ramones' fan Gerhard Schönherz. Jason Ringenberg wrote great feedback to the Hamburg Ramönes.
- New CD is fabulous! I really enjoy it. I have to say that my vocal on that does sound good. It is a great mix and overall sound. It amazing that my Tennessee vocal works so well with the Hamburg Ramönes!! Very cool indeed, says Jason Ringenberg.

1) Uniform Thing (featuring Jason Ringenberg)
2) Birthday Bash
3) Fugger City
4) Fill Or Kill
5) Lost In Space
6) I Don't Wanna
7) Gimme A Miracle
8) Sober Again
9) Hey Amy
10) Apeman Rock
11) Live Before Death
12) Ramönes Stömp

13) Fugger City (bonusCD featuring Gerhard Schönherz)
14) I Remember (bonusCD)
15) Second Time Around (bonusCD)