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The Ramones: The Family Tree is an 2CD collection released in December, 2008. Argentinean Music Brokers label released this worldwide. The Family Tree has 28 songs: two Ramones songs and 26 solo or side project songs. Great Argentinean fan named Mariano Asch compiled this for the Argentinean label Music Brokers.
- I did my best to get permission for many songs that included side projects or solo songs of the different Ramones members, even though a lot of songs were impossible to be able to use I think I did a damn good job with it anyway, told Mariano Asch for me (Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone) in December 2008.

This is the first this kind of official Ramones compilation. Booklet includes a brief intro and details about each song. Read more information here below (after tracklisting).

1) Blitzkrieg Bop: Die Toten Hosen featuring Joey Ramone.
2) I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend: The Ramones.
3) I Am Seeing U.F.O.s: Dee Dee Ramone featuring Joey Ramone.
4) 3 Cheers For You: Marky Ramone And The Intruders.
5) Good Enough For Me: Bad Chopper (CJ Ramone's band).
6) Good Rockin' Tonight: The Swing Cats featuring Johnny Ramone & Lemmy Kilmister.
7) On The Beach: The Rattlers featuring Joey Ramone.
8) Negative Creep: Dee Dee Ramone.
9) The KKK Took My Baby Away: Osaka Popstar (Marky Ramone does play).
10) Lying To Myself: Blackfire featuring Joey Ramone.
11) I'm Making Monsters For My Friends: Dee Dee Ramone & I.C.L.C. featuring Nina Hagen.
12) Don't Blame Me: Marky Ramone And The Intruders featuring Joan Jett.
13) Meatball Sandwich: Youth Gone Mad featuring Joey Ramone.
14) Do It To Me: Bad Chopper (CJ Ramone's band).

1) Pet Sematary (live): Marky Ramone. This is taken from Marky Ramone's Start Of The Century collection, song is recorded in Mexico in February, 2005.
2) Now I Wanna Be Sedated: Dee Dee Ramone.
3) See My Way: Sibling Rivalry (line-up has Joey Ramone and his brother Mickey Leigh).
4) Judy Is A Punk: The Ramones.
5) Cherry Bomb: Marky Ramone, Cherie Currie and Wayner Kramer.
6) Viva Las Vegas: The Swing Cats featuring Johnny Ramone.
7) Bad Horoscope: Dee Dee Ramone featuring Lux Interior.
8) Nowhere Man: Marky Ramone And The Intruders.
9) Punishment Fits The Crime: CJ Ramone & Bien Desocupados.
10) Slug (live): The Independents featuring Joey Ramone.
11) Round The Bend: Uncle Monk (Tommy Ramone's and Claudia Tienan's band).
12) The Bowery Electric: The Bowery Electric Crew (line-up has Tommy Ramone, CJ Ramone and Marky Ramone).
13) Jump In The Fire: Dee Dee Ramone.
14) The Wonderful Widow Of Eighteen Springs: Joey Ramone.


Here is small interview with Mariano Asch who compiled this The Family Tree collection. This is made few weeks after compilation was released in December, 2008.

Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone: Did Argentinean label Music Brokers got idea of this first?
Mariano Asch: Original idea of The Family Tree belonged to the people of Music Brokers (the label who released it). They had seven of the songs already licensed and since they knew of my Ramones knowledge they approached me to see if I wanted to do it. It was going to be 1 CD but ended being a double! It has a lot of stuff that was released in various forms, and some unique gems never-before-released "officially", said Mariano.
He referred to song like Meatball Sandwich w/ Paul Kostabi's band Youth Gone Mad, Meatball Sandwich was released before only as a one kind of bootleg release by themselves.

Jari-Pekka: Gongralutions, this is the first ever release of such a collection of songs compiling the solo work of the different Ramones members.
Mariano: I would have loved to include some Richie Ramone stuff but I know of no other recordings he made apart from the Ramones! I have compiled different songs made by the different Ramones members over the years, a sort of collection of solo & side projects they all did over the years - not only specific solo recordings, but also collaborations with other artists. I carefully choose 21 of the 28 songs (label chose 7). It is a double CD of a total of 28 songs: 14 per disc in pure early Ramones LP tradition of 14 songs-an-album!
Mariano: I wanted The Family Tree to be a proper showcase of how diverse and great were all of the solo projects all of the Ramones members had And at the same time I wanted to help bands I like about spreading the word about them, great bands like Blackfire or Youth Gone Mad or The Rattlers... This is a record which they would had been very proud and which is a great way to show the Ramones had other lives and projects apart from just being the Ramones!!!

Jari-Pekka: Of course it was big and hard work to choose songs. But because it was so hard to get in touch with some old labels or especially bigger labels doesn't give easially permission, it is reason why there are no songs from Joey's Don't Worry About Me, Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings, Los Gusanos etc.?
Mariano: Joey's songs from Don't Worry About Me are now owned by Universal Music who have bought the entire Sanctuary Music Group catalogue and it was very difficult to get a permission from them. SpeedKings and Los Gusanos are not on the album simply because I think The Inruders and Bad Chopper represent better the true Ramone spirit of both Marky and CJ. Of course there were other songs I wanted to include which I was not able to get permission unfortunately, and there were some others that nobody seems to know who owns them.

Jari-Pekka: So there is no plans to license The Family Tree for other labels in Europe, USA, Japan etc.?
Mariano: No. Music Brokers is the label that released The Family Tree worldwide and they sell it widely in markets (including Europe / Japan / USA / Australia etc.). To know who imports it to each territory, people can check the world map at the opening page: and by clicking on each country see the name of the company on charge of distributing it in the different parts of the world.