Release date: September 9, 2022.

Long-term Canadian Ramones fan Yanick Renault informed me of digital Canadian Ramones tribute album The Ramones Project that was released on September 9th, 2022. It is a tribute compilation of songs by the Ramones introduce new bands through the familiar sounds of one of the greatest bands ever. Buy album or individual songs from here.
Yanick Renault's band Screaming Demons punkrock on digital The Ramones Project You're Gonna Kill That Girl that is from Leave Home (1977) album. There are also some other than Canadian bands like Yee Loi is from the United Kingdom. Yee Loi do cover of the Tomorrow She Goes Away that is from Mondo Bizarro (1992) album.
All in all digital The Ramones Project has 44 songs including less-known tracks like Mental Hell (Cadavers), Eat That Rat (C.i.D.B), Bad Brain (DogsnotGods), Sitting In My Room (God Mode), Anxiety (Sister Skull) and Born To Die In Berlin (We Should've Been Plumbers). Versions of songs like Commando (The Silver Tongued Devils) and Strength To Endure (MD) are really interesting. Buy album or individual songs from here.

1) Backbiter: Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World 01:58
2) The Bad Beats: Somebody Put Something in My Drink 03:31
3) Braconnier: Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue 01:32
4) Brad Casarin: The Return Of Jackie and Judy 02:53
5) Cadavers: Mental Hell 04:06
6) The Capital City Dotards: Loudmouth 02:02
7) The Cathartics: Sheena Is a Punk Rocker 02:46
8) The Church Of Criminal Kings: Why Is It Always This Way? 02:02
9) C.i.D.B: Eat That Rat 01:33
10) Crooked Jacks: Howling at the Moon (Sha-La-La) 02:42
11) Crummy: Something To Believe In 04:10
12) Demisch: Making Monsters for My Friends 02:44
13) The Discarded: Blitzkrieg Bop 02:25
14) DogsnotGods: Bad Brain 02:24
15) Ernie Dunston: Glad to See You Go 02:10
16) Expanda Fuzz: Locket Love 03:27
17) Frig Dancer Feat. Dan Cadera: Judy Is A Punk 01:23
18) Frig Dancer Feat. Dan Cadera: Listen To My Heart 01:53
19) Gluesticks: Now I Wanna Be a Good Boy 02:01
20) God Mode: Sitting in My Room 02:18
21) J & The Km/h: My-My Kind of a Girl 02:57
22) The Lee Harvey Oswalds Feat. Panties: Chain Saw 04:26
23) Leigh Bursey: Don't Go 03:52
24) Make Believe Friends: Rockaway Beach 02:16
25) MD: Strength To Endure 05:33
26) Melsie: I'm Affected 03:42
27) Mike Wicked: All's Quiet on the Eastern Front 02:18
28) Papal Visit: Chasing The Night 03:56
29) The Ramolas: She's the One 02:27
30) ROADHEAD: Pinhead 02:19
31) Screaming Demons: You're Gonna Kill That Girl 02:44
32) Shotpounder: Danger Zone 02:06
33) The Silver Tongued Devils: Commando 01:57
34) Sister Skull: Anxiety 02:29
35) Small Package: The Crusher 02:21
36) Split Zipper: Teenage Lobotomy 01:58
37) Stand Against Fear: Let's Go 02:04
38) Three Speed: It's Not for Me to Know 02:26
39) TJ Cabot: I Don't Wanna Get Involved With You 01:32
40) TJ Webb: I Don't Care 01:39
41) We Should've Been Plumbers: Born To Die In Berlin 03:36
42) Willful Disobedience: Mama's Boy 02:13
43) Yee Loi: Tomorrow She Goes Away 02:25
44) Young Satan In Love: I Believe in Miracles 03:20