Release date: June, 2010.

- The 1234 doo-whop/punk combo is from France and they recorded and covered 12 Ramones songs or songs what Ramones had covered. Ramones tribute album The 1234 Sing Ramones was released by French label Rock Paradise.
Doo-whop/ doo-wop became popular in 50's and 60's and it is a style of vocal-based rhythm and blues music. Pop oriented style has smooth, consonant vocal harmonies. The 1234 has four members: Jacky Ramolli and Nano Ramolli are tenors, Bernardo Ramolli is baritone and Jesus Ramolli is alto.

Opening track She's The One is a great choice to doo-whop kind of style. The 1234 had lowered tempo in songs like I Wanna Be Sedated and in general it is pretty much version what they wanted to keep simple. Rockaway Beach is faster one in their rate. Most of the songs has frolicsome and as well tongue-in-cheek elements. The 1234 concentrated to early Ramones albums. Most new song is Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of Love) from Too Tough To Die album.

You can listen samples on their MySpace page.
Rock Paradise is specialized to 50's and 60's music. Rock Paradise had released earlier for example albums by Chris Wilson (ex member of The Flamin' Groovies) and Tony Marlow. See more of Rock Paradise on their homepage and on their MySpace page.


1) She's The One (2,24)
2) Don't Come Close 2,37)
3) Rockaway Beach (2,16)
4) Rock And Roll High School 1,51)
5) Needles & Pins (2,38)
6) Blitzrieg Bop (2,12)
7) California Sun (1,34)
8) I Wanna Be Sedated (2,51)
9) Daytime Dilemma (Dangers Of Love) (3,41)
10) Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (3,03)
11) I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (2,44)
12) The KKK Took My Baby Away (2,59)