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MARCH 2020

21.3. Price of Dee Dee Ramone's Hop Around LP is now 10 euros + postage from Woimasointu Records.

18.3. I did update information page of Dee Dee Ramone's album Hop Around.

18.3. As well I did update information page of Dee Dee Ramone's album Greatest & Latest.

17.3. See three photos taken in Richie Ramone's tour now in March..
(Thanks Juki Lehtola)

13.3. Richie Ramone has the reading / question&answer / interview event at the Ramones Museum Berlin.

13.3. All shows in Richie Ramone's tour between March 16 - April 4 are canceled because of coronavirus.

8.3. Richie Ramone sent me an message that all shows in Italy are canceled because of coronavirus.

8.3. Richie Ramone wrote that name of new drummer in his band is Chris Moye.

6.3. There is three Rock'N'Roll High School movie screening event with Q&A with Marky Ramone in Texas.

5.3. See dates of Marky Ramone's tour in Europe in June-July.


13.2. One more confirmed show in Richie Ramone's tour in Europe. Richie will play with his band also in Zajecar in Serbia.

13.2. There is Joey Ramone tribute night in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan on May 16, 2020.

13.2. You can see Punk documentary television series in Finnish internet service.


15.1. Now was confirmed venue of Richie Ramone's show in Belgrade. Richie will play there with his band at the Bozidarac.

13.1. I composed one more photo collage of my Richie Ramone photos next to details of his shows.

11.1. I did inform in October that Richie Ramone does play and sing some backvocals in four tracks in Los Wezos' album titled El Principio Del Final. Now I updated more information of Los Wezos and I added many photos.

8.1. Richie Ramone will play with his band also in Munchen in March.

6.1. Now I also updated information how to order by PayPal my first and third book together.

6.1. I added more background details of Joey's Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) 7' single release (2017).

2.1. I updated information how to order Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives by PayPal.

2.1. I updated information how to order Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone by PayPal.


11.12. The Continental got closed one year ago. I added many links of special live nights to the story of The Continental.

11.12. Reminder: Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will play three shows in the USA in December.

5.12. Richie Ramone will tour with his band in 13 countries in Europe in March-April.

5.12. Richie Ramone's tour in Australia starts in this week.

4.12. CJ Ramone has shows together with the Me First And The Gimme Gimmes in December.


5.11. Check out two videos that tells about John Holmstrom's Ramones related things.

5.11. George DuBose's photos can also be seen in a exhibition in Tokyo, Japan in December-January.


22.10. Check out more details of It's Alive: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition.

12.10. Richie Ramone does play and sing some backvocals in four tracks in Los Wezos' album titled El Principio Del Final.

12.10. Sandro Mariuz organize again Ramones Convention event in Italy.


16.9. CJ Ramone will play with his band at the Rock The Ship Festival in October in USA.

15.9. Johnny Ramone passed away 15 years ago...

12.9. Ramones 30th Anniversary Show was 15 years ago. Read my diary of that event and my trip.


29.8. John Holmstrom's Ramones art exhibition is at 72 Gallery in NYC on September 5 - October 17, 2019.
(Thanks Joe Finnegan)

29.8. George DuBose has book project for what he collect concert photos of Ramones' and their solo shows.

22.8. Richie Ramone will tour with his band in Australia in December.

22.8. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will play three shows in the USA in December.

20.8. One more USA date for CJ Ramone in August. He will play in Los Angeles in August 24.

20.8. See dates of CJ Ramone's tour in Australia in September.

9.8. I organized information and dates of Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings shows in 2001-03.

8.8. Andy Kaos Vehnekamp sent me photo of first show where he plays in Richie Ramone's band.

7.8. Read more details of Johnny Ramone Tribute event that is held in next Sunday.

7.8. Andy Kaos Vehnekamp is playing drums in Richie Ramone's band. He wrote to me of his background.

7.8. See more details of Richie Ramone's USA tour in August-September.

6.8. I relocated news from 2013-15 to my news archive.

JULY 2019

30.7. Read details of Brent "Aldo" Alden's Ramones Dee Dee and Joey Ramone related things.

25.7. It's Alive: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition will be available from Rhino Records on September 20, 2019.

22.7. Read small review of Richie Ramone's show at Valentino in Londrina, Brazil on July 18, 2019 here.

20.7. I added more details of CJ Ramone's tour in North America in August.

5.7. More confirmed dates in Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg tour: one more show in Italy, UK and Romania.

JUNE 2019

23.6. I updated more details of CJ Ramone's The Holy Spell....

19.6. Theme movie at The Johnny Ramone Tribute event is The Warriors on August 11, 2019.

19.6. There is published new and updated edition of On The Road With The Ramones.

11.6. The Johnny Ramone Tribute event is on August 11, 2019.

10.6. Listen two special version of the Rockaway Beach: by Mike Love of the Beach Boys and by the children.

8.6. I updated album information of Bad Chopper album.

5.6. More dates in Richie Ramone's tour in South America are confirmed.

MAY 2019

30.5. Richie Ramone will play at least three shows in Brazil in July.

21.5. I composed photo collage to details page of CJ Ramone's album The Holy Spell....

13.5. Richie Ramone will play in Buenos Aires in July.

10.5. CJ Ramone's The Holy Spell... got published today. I wrote more details of album and comments of song.

10.5. Richie Ramone wrote he is doing great after the surgery. He start touring again in July.

APRIL 2019

27.4. Four more dates confirmed in CJ Ramone's tour in North America.

26.4. Read lot more details of CJ Ramone's upcoming album The Holy Spell....

26.4. CJ Ramone's Christmas Lullaby was released also in Rodney On The Rock Presents: Santa's Got A GTO, Volume 2.

24.4. Joey Ramone Birthday Bash is almost sold-out.

24.4. More confirmed dates in Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg tour in Europe.

24.4. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's show in Edinburgh got canceled.

10.4. Double LP of Ramones - Live At The Palladium is official Record Store Day release on April 13.

10.4. I wrote more information of Lemmy Kilmister & Johnny Ramone 7' picture disc single.

10.4. I updated details of Swing Cats: Special Tribute to Elvis album.

7.4. Joey Ramone Birthday Bash is at the Bowery Electric on May 19, 2019.

6.4. CJ Ramone and his band deliver punkrock spirit in six cities in the USA in June.

5.4. Richie Ramone wrote information how his surgery was. He is back home and resting.

5.4. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's had to cancel their shows in Europe in April.

MARCH 2019

31.3. Richie Ramone has a operation close to his heart today. We can only hope operation will be success.

31.3. CJ Ramone's new record is titled The Holy Spell... and it comes out on May 10.

3.3. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's first shows in 2019 are in April.


19.2. CJ Ramone punkrock with his band extensive tour in Europe in July-August.

14.2. Richie Ramone is guest at the Big Apple Comic Con in March.

13.2. Richie Ramone and his band will punkrock in Annapolis and Amityville in the USA in May.


20.1. CJ Ramone will play with his band at the Fallig Open Air in Germany in July.

18.1. Richie Ramone and his band has show also in Sofia in Bulgaria. Show in Copenhagen is sold-out.

15.1. CJ Ramone is in a studio together with Dan Root, Nate Sander and Pete Sosa. They are making an new album.

15.1. Richie Ramone has with his band show in New York just before European tour.


15.12. Dave U. Hall wrote review of Richie Ramone's book.
(Thanks Dave)

13.12. Richie Ramone will play in March and April in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Hungary and Czech Republic.

11.12. I updated some background details of the Continental and it's Ramones related history.

10.12. The Continental has to close doors... Final show is on December 15.

6.12. Buy Ramones - Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone from Ebay.

6.12. Buy Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives from Ebay.

2.12. Richie Ramone's book is now out.


30.11. Flo Hayler / Ramones Museum Berlin has travel exhibition tour in Germany and in Switzerland now in December.

29.11. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has a show also in Pachuca in Mexico.

22.11. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has shows in Mexico and USA in December.

17.11. CJ Ramone will be playing in Anaheim, USA, on December 7.

17.11. You can order CJ's Christmas Lullaby single also for example from Kings Road Merch Europe.

16.11. Release date of Richie Ramone's book is getting really close....

15.11. Fat Wreck Chords released new 7' single by CJ Ramone.

15.11. Richie Ramone and CJ Ramone are appearing at the Chicago Pop Culture Convention on November 24-25, 2018.


27.10. See photo taken yesterday of CJ Ramone, Richie Ramone and Gene Frawley.

20.10. Ramones' live show recorded at the Apollo Centre in Glasgow, Scotland on December 19, 1977 will be Record Store Day Black Friday release on November 23.

16.10. See information of 12 more shows by CJ Ramone in South America.

11.10. I added four photos I has taken at Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's shows and one photo that was sent to me by Kerosin.

10.10. Check the never-before-seen official music video of She's The One.

8.10. Happy 70th birthday Johnny Ramone.

8.10. Richie Ramone and CJ Ramone will be appearing at the Chiller Theatre Toy, Model And Film Expo convention in late October.

7.10. Check out more details and my comments of Dr. Donna Gaines' book Why The Ramones Matter.

2.10. First confirmed dates in CJ Ramone's tour in South America are in Argentina.

2.10. See more information of Dr. Donna Gaines' book Why the Ramones Matter. It is out today.


24.9. See more confirmed dates in a tour of Richie Ramone and his band in October.

17.9. See tracklisting of Road To Ruin: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition box set.

17.9. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will play in October in Spain, Portugal, Norway and Denmark.

14.9. Read more details of Road To Ruin: 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition box set.


31.8. CJ Ramone punkrock with his band tour in South America in November-December.

26.8. Richie Ramone plays one song in Sin City Rejects' debut album titled Death Of A Nation.

24.8. Also Billie Joe Armstrong of the Rancid will attend and perform at the Johnny Ramone Tribute event that is in next Sunday in Los Angeles.

20.8. Read more details of Johnny Ramone Tribute event that is in next Sunday in Los Angeles.

20.8. There is now photo exhibition at the Kulttuuritalo in Finland where you can see Ramones photos taken in 1977.

15.8. Richie Ramone is touring with his band in the USA in October.

14.8. New confirmed dates for Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg in Italy and Russia.

7.8. Read more details of Steve Soto who while ago passed away....

7.8. See photo of CJ Ramone and Andrea of The Manges playing at the Punk Rock Raduno in Bergamo, Italy in July.

JULY 2018

12.7. CJ Ramone is selling many items now in RRAuction. Bidding closes on July 19.

12.7. I did collage of five photos taken at the show of Richie Ramone and his band in Vaasa in last week.

12.7. New confirmed dates for Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg in Poland, Italy, Spain and Russia.

11.7. Steve Soto has passed away....

11.7. See full line-up photo of Richie and his band.

4.7. There was confirmed new date for Richie Ramone's tour. Tomorrow they do play in Södertälje, Sweden.

4.7. Glenn Gilbert confirmed to me his first shows in Richie Ramone's band. Shows were on March 14, 2018.

JUNE 2018

27.6. CJ Ramone will be playing bass with the Me First And The Gimme Gimmes at the '77 Montreal festival.

27.6. I added five photos taken of Richie Ramone and his band in Sweden.
(Thanks Juki (Jari) Lehtola)

23.6. There are new confirmed dates in Richie Ramone's tour: shows in Kiel and Hamburg.

23.6. Richie Ramone's two shows at K3 in Hameln are canceled.

14.6. Release date of Richie Ramone's book is November 27, 2018. Book is titled I Know Better Now: My Life Before, During, And After The Ramones.

3.6. Date of CJ Ramone's and The Manges' show at the Punk Rock Raduno festival is confirmed. It is July 12.

MAY 2018

28.5. There are more confirmed dates in Richie Ramone's tour in Europe in this summer.

27.5. Marky Ramone punkrock with Blitzkrieg in June also in Bassano Del Grappa (Italy) and Mollerussa (Spain).

26.5. Marky Ramone does play at least four shows in Europe in August-September.

16.5. Richie Ramone arrives also to Finland in his European tour in July.

13.5. Next Friday comes out Ramones cover/tribute album: Tommy And The Rockets: I Wanna Be Covered.

13.5. Lemmy Kilmister & Johnny Ramone: Good Rockin' Tonight 7' got published in April.
(Thanks Anna Piella and Alfredo Cordeiro)

13.5. Dutch psychobilly band Batmobile covered Teenage Lobotomy to Record Store Day single.

12.5. Mickey Leigh announced lot artists who will play at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19.

5.5. There are memorial events to Joey Ramone in New York, Moscow and Minneapolis.

4.5. Tommy Ramone's final show as a Ramones drummer was 40 years ago.

APRIL 2018

27.4. Richie Ramone is scheduled to play in Germany in July and August.

25.4. CJ Ramone is guest in Vinyl Night at the Long Ireland Beer Company on April 30.

21.4. The Last Time is Richie Ramone's new single.

20.4. Tomorrow comes out Record Store Day release Ramones: Sundragon Sessions LP.

19.4. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will also play in Italy, Serbia and Spain in this summer.

19.4. Check out what Sasha Rocknroll of Kerosin band wrote of Soundtrack Of Our Lives. His comment is number 17.

14.4. I added cover photo of Da Capo Press' version of Dee Dee's Chelsea Horror Hotel to page of that book.

14.4. New edition of Dee Dee's Standing In The Spotlight was released by Rhino Records.

12.4. Read more details of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2018.

1.4. CJ Ramone is celebrity guest at the Big Apple Comic Convention on April 14-15.

1.4. I updated more information of Jiro Okabe's upcoming 2nd solo album titled My Revolution.

MARCH 2018

28.3. CJ Ramone and The Manges will play one show together in July in Italy.

27.3. First details of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2018 are announced.

27.3. Richie Ramone is playing with his band also in Neuquen in Argentina in May.

24.3. Read details of upcoming book Why The Ramones Matter written by Donna Gaines.

1.3. See confirmed dates in Chile in Richie Ramone's tour in South America in April-May.


28.2. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will also play in Uruguay and Peru in March.

28.2. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will play two festival shows in Spain in summer.

14.2. I updated more details of Jiro Okabe's upcoming second solo album and photo of Jiro, CJ Ramone and Dana Moseley.

12.2. CJ Ramone recorded and wrote songs with Jiro Okabe to Jiro's second solo album.

2.2. See dates of five more confirmed dates in Richie Ramone's tour in South America.
(Thanks Helio Volpato)


26.1. Six more dates confirmed in Richie Ramone's tour in the USA in March.

26.1. Richie Ramone will punkrock in Montevideo, Uruguay on May 9.

18.1. CJ Ramone will be attending the screening of the new movie Bomb City in Amarillo, Texas, on January 23.

16.1. Richie Ramone will do with his band tour in South America in April-May, 2018.

16.1. You can listen Marky Ramone's radio program every other Tuesday and Thorsday.

11.1. Richie Ramone wrote to me that his European tour is postponed till July.

9.1. Also show in Berlin is now confirmed in Richie Ramone's European tour.
(Thanks Jan Beddies)

5.1. Richie Ramone has with this band at least three shows in Germany in April.

2.1. Die Toten Hosen covered I Wanna Be Sedated to their new single.
(Thanks Anna Piella and Alfredo Cordeiro)

2.1. Richie Ramone punkrock six shows in the USA in March.

2.1. Richie Ramone does play in Örebro, Sweden on March 31.


12.12. Ramones' tour manager Monte A. Melnick is again selling lot awesome items from his personal collection.

6.12. See new prices of my books Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone and Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

1.12. Joey Ramone 7' single Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) is limited to 500 copies.

1.12. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg announced two more shows in Argentina and one show in Chile in March 2018.


30.11. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has a show in Indonesia also in Bali.

22.11. See details of upcoming Marky Ramone related box set The Intruders Years And More. Marky had since mid 90's to 2000 band called Marky Ramone And The Intruders.
(Thanks Gustavo Seraci)

22.11. Marky Ramone's internet radio show on SiriusXM is now titled Marky Ramone's 1st Wave Blitzkrieg.

3.11. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg does play in Indonesia on December 5.

2.11. CJ Ramone Band and Jiro Okabe's band will play in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 10.

1.11. I updated Ed Stasium's comments of special mix of Rocket To Russia in 40th release of album.


29.10. You can pre-order special versions of Rocket To Russia now. Deluxe version has three CD and one LP.

27.10. Tomorrow is Via De Los Muertos day and you can pay respect to Dee Dee Ramone special way at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

16.10. If you order Richie Ramone's 7' single to country outside of USA, ask of postage first.

13.10. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg punkrock in Argentina in March 2018.

13.10. The Wardogs' Go Mental single is nominated in few categories for the Making Vinyl Awards in Detroit on November 6-7, 2017.

11.10. Outro Records released second pressing of Richie Ramone's single I Fix This / Pretty Poison on red vinyl.

7.10. CJ Ramone Band and Jiro Okabe's band will play at the Hangar 110 in Sao Paulo, Brazil in November.

7.10. Richie Ramone's 7' single I Fix This / Pretty Poison is limited to 200 copies.


29.9. CJ Ramone Band has a show in Manchester, NH, USA on October 13.

29.9. I wrote some more details of Japan and South America editions of CJ Ramone's solo album Reconquista.

29.9. I added details of Argentina version of CJ Ramone's solo album American Beauty.

7.9. Third show for CJ Ramone Band's and Jiro Okabe's tour in South America got confirmed.


30.8. Read more details of Beat On Cancer - A Tribute To Ramones event and Jiro Okabe's European tour.

30.8. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg punkrock at the big festival in India in December.

27.8. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg does tour in Australia and New Zealand in November-December.

27.8. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has a festival show in Chile in September.

16.8. CJ Ramone will play in October and November in Japan.

16.8. CJ Ramone will punkrock in November in Brazil.

14.8. Blitzkrieg Bop is played few times in Spider-Man: Homecoming movie.

14.8. Johnny Ramone is in a cover of new issue of Long Live Vinyl magazine.

9.8. CJ Ramone will play with his band also in Germany in September.

7.8. CJ Ramone, Chris Eller and Josh Blackway played one show two days ago in Panama.

JULY 2017

23.7. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will play also at The Juergas Festival in Spain in August.

21.7. Deluxe Edition of Leave Home album comes out today.

20.7. Billy Idol and Steve Jones will play acoustic songs at the Johnny Ramone Tribute.

JUNE 2017

16.6. Read more details of Johnny Ramone Tribute Event on June 30.

16.6. Richie Ramone is a guest drummer on The Anderson Stingrays single.

14.6. See details of three more shows in Sweden in Richie Ramone's tour in August.

9.6. Deluxe Edition of 40th anniversary of second Ramones' album Leave Home comes out on July 21.

9.6. New Joey Ramone figure will be released later in this month.

8.6. Richie Ramone does play in Finland in August, in a island named Ahvenanmaa / Åland.

7.6. CJ Ramone will do with his band small tour also in the United Kingdrom and Ireland.

5.6. Richie Ramone does with his band also small tour in South America.

5.6. CJ Ramone has a festival show in Sweden on August 25, 2017.

2.6. Richie Ramone will punkrock with his band also in Finland in August.

1.6. See information of Richie Ramone's three upcoming shows in Sweden in August.

1.6. I got information of four more shows that Richie Ramone does with his band in UK in August.

MAY 2017

20.5. Richie Ramone will play with his band also in Norway in August.

18.5. See all dates of tour that Richie Ramone does with his band with the Dwarves.

15.5. Ken Stringfellow will sing also in upcoming summer in Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's line-up.

15.5. Check out new dates in Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg tour in this summer.

12.5. See more names who will sing at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2017 in next week.

9.5. I got seven more dates for CJ Ramone's tour in Europe in June and July.

8.5. I uploaded poster of CJ Ramone's, Big Eyes' and Screaming Demons' show in Montreal in next Sunday.

6.5. There is Johnny Ramone Tribute Event in Los Angeles on July 30.

1.5. I updated more details of CJ Ramone's third solo album American Beauty.

APRIL 2017

27.4. It was just announced that Richie Ramone has with his band show in Los Angeles in next Sunday.

26.4. I updated more details of Ramones: Singles Box.

19.4. I updated details of five more shows that CJ Ramone has in Europe in this summer.

19.4. Read two reviews of CJ Ramone's American Beauty here.

17.4. I updated price examples of Ramones: Singles Box that comes out on April 22.

13.4. See more details of CJ Ramone's third solo album American Beauty.

12.4. There is big Ramones related event in Dusseldorf in Germany on September 9, 2017.

1.4. Gene Frawley confirmed to me that CJ Ramone will play in two shows in May 19: first at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash in NYC and then at the solo show in Philadelphia.

1.4. Also David Peel And The Lower East Side, The Cuts, The Stitches etc. will punk at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

MARCH 2017

25.3. I did work of five hours to update my memorial section for Arturo Vega. You can find there lot new information and many photos from different countries. I hope you enjoy!

25.3. Richie Ramone has with his band shows in Dallas, Houston and New Orleans in June.

21.3. Howl Happening in New York, NYC, USA is delighted to announce Empire: An Arturo Vega Retrospective, running from March 23 to April 20.

21.3. There is a panel discussion at Howl Happening in New York related to Arturo Vega on March 26.

17.3. See dates of CJ Ramone and his band in the USA and Canada in April and May in 2017.

15.3. CJ Ramone's solo album American Beauty comes out in this Friday.

15.3. CJ Ramone probably can't play at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, as he has that night also solo show in Philadelphia.

2.3. In this weekend Richie Ramone has a show with his band also in Bakersfield.


23.2. Richie Ramone, CJ Ramone, Clem Burke etc. will punk rock at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash in next May!!!

21.2. CJ Ramone will play in Spain and Portugal in June.

20.2. Richie Ramone will play with his band in San Jose in early March.

20.2. CJ Ramone has two shows in Poland in July.

11.2. Read great report of Richie's and CJ's special show in Argentina.
(Thanks Sapo)

10.2. Pinhead Records will release box set of Marky Ramone.
(Thanks Sapo)

6.2. See two photos of Richie Ramone's and CJ Ramone's first full show together.
(Thanks Gene Frawley)

3.2. CJ Ramone has a record release show in March 17.


28.1. You can now listen first single Moral To The Story of CJ Ramone's third solo album.

28.1. CJ Ramone band is playing at the Salty Dog Cruise in March.

21.1. I updated more details of Mariano Martinez (Attaque 77) and Seba Expulsado (Expulsados).

20.1. Read more background information of special show in Argentina. Richie and CJ will play together on stage for the very first time!!

15.1. CJ Ramone's American Beauty album comes out on March 17, 2017!!

14.1. Marky Ramone is one of the guests at the Comic Con in Niagara Falls in Canada in June.

14.1. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will play in Tampere and Turku in Finland in June.

9.1. Richie Ramone will play with his band in Los Angeles in March.

9.1. Jiro Okabe will record his second album in this spring and summer.

4.1. I wrote few more details of Tommy Ramone's Hungary background to my Tommy memorial section.

1.1. Sid Vicious / Knox And The Pisstons single has cover art by Dee Dee Ramone and Paul Kostabi etc. and cool covers.
(Thanks Anna and Helena Piella and Alfredo Cordeiro)


29.12. Jiro Okabe's and Banzai's album has three Ramones' cover songs.

19.12. Richie and CJ are playing for the first time together, that happens in February.

19.12. You can listen online Richie Ramone's good interview in a archive of Fubar Radio.

17.12. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has also a second show at Helldorado in Vitoria-Gastelz, Spain.


24.11. I wrote lot more information of Ramones At 40 book written by Martinn Popoff.

22.11. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's European tour starts on next week.

22.11. You has chance to buy limited edition drumsticks signed by Marky Ramone on Ebay.

21.11. Marky Ramone's Blitzrieg will be opening band for the Guns N'Roses in Colombia in November 23rd.

5.11. See many photos I had taken of Richie Ramone and his band at the Sooki Bar in Belgrave in Australia in this week.

5.11. See many photos I had taken of Richie Ramone and his band at the Tote in Melbourne in last week. You have to scroll down site a bit to see them.


30.10. Today was the renaming ceremony of Ramones Way. See one photo which Miriam Linna sent me.

25.10. Read more details of Norton Records' Record Store Day releases that were published in spring. And you has chance to buy really limited editions.

21.10. Renaming cerenomy of Ramones Way happens on October 30. It was first scheduled to happen on October 23.

19.10. Marky Ramone is in three days at Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio, Texas, USA on October 28-30.

19.10. If you order my first or third book or both before October 28, I do ask to it Richie Ramone's dedicated autograph with your name.

5.10. CJ Ramone confirmed to me line-up in his next tour.

5.10. Marky Ramone will be a special guest DJ together with Zak Starkey, Glen Matlock, Clem Burke etc. on October 18.

2.10. See dates of CJ Ramone's tour in the USA and Canada in October.

2.10. Richie Ramone's show in Santa Barbara is canceled.

2.10. Richie Ramone's show is at the Club Latino in Queretaro.


30.9. Read more information how the intersection of 67th Avenue and 110th Street in New York will be renamed Ramones Way.

20.9. New cassette version of Ramones' debut album will be released in Cassette Store Day on October 8.

18.9. I wrote more details of Richie Ramone's second solo album Cellophane.

16.9. Richie Ramone will do with his band two shows in New Zealand and six shows in Australia in October and November.

16.9. Richie Ramone announced two more shows to be played in Mexico in October.

15.9. There is also a panel discussion in a opening night of Hey! Ho! Let's Go: Ramones And The Birth Of Punk exhibition in Los Angeles.

15.9. Tomorrow is opening day of Hey! Ho! Let's Go: Ramones And The Birth Of Punk exhibition in Los Angeles.

13.9. Richie Ramone has with his band shows in the USA in September-October.

13.9. Richie Ramone has with his band a show in the Mexico in October.

10.9. There is the cartoon exhibition of the Marky Ramone in Paris in September 20.

9.9. See track-listing of 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Ramones' debut album.

9.9. 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of debut album was released today.

3.9. Next week starts CJ Ramone's tour in Argentina.

3.9. CJ Ramone will play with his band at Main Street Music Fest on September 24.


29.8. There is a Tommy Ramone memorial concert in Budapest in Thorsday.

12.8. I typed some more replies from my interview with Ken Stringfellow.

2.8. Richie Ramone has with his band a tour also in South America.

1.8. Record release radio party of Richie Ramone's Cellophane is on on August 4.

JULY 2016

24.7. Read more details of Richie Ramone's second solo album Cellophane.

21.7. Next Ramones' tour in New York will be hosted by Monte A. Melnick on July 23.

12.7. There will be extensive Q&A of Rock 'N' Roll High School at Johnny Ramone Tribute on July 24.

11.7. See more dates of CJ Ramone's European tour in July and August.

11.7. I did collage of four photos I am taken at CJ Ramone's tours.

JUNE 2016

24.6. First single of Richie Ramone's second solo Cellophane is I Fix This.

20.6. I uploaded three photos of Ken Stringfellow etc. to the listing of Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's shows.

19.6. Richie Ramone will do with his band tour in UK and Ireland in November-December.

12.6. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's has three shows in Greece in September.

12.6. Bassist in Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's European tour is Alejandro Tannen.

11.6. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's show at Saaristo Open in Finland got canceled because of strike.

8.6. Look set-list of Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's show in Moscow here.

7.6. Read more details of really interesting The Wardogs single. Also notice how historiac is artwork of single.

7.6. See photo of Richard Adler and new Ramones mural in Queens and more details of unveiling party.

7.6. Johnny Ramone Tribute Event is in Los Angeles, USA, on July 24, 2016. Steve Jones is a guest host.

1.6. See more dates for Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg in Spain in June.

MAY 2016

31.5. Albert and Joe Bouchard sang Listen To My Heart at Joey Ramone Birthday Bash. They are founding members of Blue Öyster Cult.

29.5. I added some comments by Joe Finnegan for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2016 report (they are on page 2).

28.5. Linda Iorio wrote great report/review of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash. There are also photos taken by Linda and Joe Finnegan.
(Thanks Linda and Joe)

26.5. There is a bus tour where you can hear and see places that are linked to teenager years of the Ramones members and early years of the Ramones etc. Guiding the tour is Richard Adler.

26.5. The Wardogs publish a single on May 28, 2016. They also has shows in Italy and New York.

23.5. Monte Melnick and George DuBose are special guests at On Air Festival near Torino in Italy in June.

23.5. There are two special conversations at the Queens Museum in New York, USA, on June 19, 2016.

19.5. Andy Shernoff's song Sweet Joey is available for download now.

18.5. Also The Queers will punkrock at Joey Ramone Birthday Bash in tomorrow.

15.5. Richie Ramone's second solo album Cellophane will be released worldwide on August 5, 2016.

15.5. You has chance to buy Richie Ramone's second solo album Cellophane already in his USA tour in June-July.

15.5. Any of the Ramones members did not attend opening of the Ramones exhibition at the Queens Museum.

6.5. My 2nd book Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone is sold-out.
My first and third book are available.

5.5. Danny Fields' Ramones photo book will be published in next week by First Third Books.

4.5. Andy Shernoff wrote a beautiful tribute song for Joey Ramone.

4.5. Updated extensive listing of Richie Ramone's tour in the USA in June and July.

4.5. Create a GIF featuring Joey Ramone to win a pair of tickets to Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2016.

1.5. See details of Martin Popoff's Ramones' book titled Ramones At 40.

1.5. CJ Ramone has shows also in Charlotte, Ottawa, Toronto and London (Ontario) in May-June.

APRIL 2016

30.4. You can buy my first and third book from Striped Music's web store.

24.4. Fat Wreck Chords will release also CJ Ramone's next album.

23.4. Today marks the 40th anniversary of the first Ramones album.

21.4. CJ Ramone goes to studio in May 2. He sent me details and names with who he goes to studio.

21.4. CJ Ramone confirmed me line-up what he has in shows in May-June.

21.4. New guitarist in Richie Ramone's band is Ronnie Simmons.

20.4. CJ Ramone has announced more shows in May-June. Show in Houston is canceled.

15.4. Richie Ramone has show also in Byron Bay in Australia. Also two shows in Japan.

15.4. Richie Ramone has a show in Costa Mesa in next week.

14.4. Miriam Linna confirmed me colors of Norton Records' Ramones' singles that are released in Saturday.

14.4. CJ Ramone has shows in Texas, Florida etc. in May and June.

11.4. Read more details of two Ramones' singles that Norton Records will publish on Record Store Day on April 16.

7.4. See some photos from Ramones' exhibition at the Queens Museum.

6.4. Read more details of the Ramones' exhibition at the Queens Museum. Opening day is on April 10, 2016.

MARCH 2016

30.3. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will play in this summer also in Estonia, Switzerland, Spain and Netherlands.

30.3. See details of seven more dates for Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg in Mexico and South-America.

24.3. See extensive listing of artists who will play and sing at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19.

24.3. Joey Ramone Birthday Bash is also this year at The Studio at Webster Hall.

23.3. Norton Records will publish a 7' single that has two alternative versions of the Ramones' song Judy Is A Punk.
(Thanks Gustavo Seraci)

23.3. CJ Ramone has a show in France in July and in Norway in August.

16.3. There will be Joey Ramone Birthday Bash also this year on May 19.


26.2. Timo Pullinen has selling more than 700 items from his Ramones' collection.

21.2. Ken Stringfellow, Captain Poon and Pere Cohete are playing in Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg in this spring and summer.

21.2. Marky Ramone's Blitzrieg punkrock at Saaristo Open in Finland in June and also in Spain in June.

21.2. See details of three new Marky Ramone's Blitzrieg show in Argentina in April-May.

14.2. Seymour Stein, Johnny's wife Linda and Joey's brother Mickey are in a panel discussion at SXSW in March.

14.2. The Ramones special exhibition will also be featured in many cities worldwide.

13.2. CJ Ramone is rocking at the Motörhead tribute night at The Bowery Electric, New York, in tomorrow.

13.2. Richie Ramone will do Meet & Greet event at Ramones Museum Berlin on February 22, 2016.

7.2. The Ramones exhibition is also at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles in this year.

5.2. Document of CJ Ramone's trip and shows in Cuba is on the post production phase very soon.

5.2. Update on Richie Ramone's shows, there are shows also in Leeuwarden and Fleinsburg.


29.1. Richie Ramone has shows also in Italy in March.

28.1. Richie Ramone has shows in Australia also in Melbourne and Newtown in April.

28.1. There is probably a big exhibit on the Ramones in New York in April.

14.1. I got details of Richie Ramone's 10 shows in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia and Austria.

14.1. Richie Ramone went with his band to studio now, as they planned already in October.

5.1. Ramones' tour manager Monte A. Melnick is next guest in The Absolute Awesome Show, on January 7.

3.1. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has a show in Argentina in May.

3.1. I updated and checked links on my links page, and I added few different mention.


28.12. Richie Ramone has a show with his band in December 31.

27.12. Read more details of book that C.J. Gunn wrote. It is a biography and it has stories of his experiences especially with Marky Ramone.

27.12. Vive Le Rock #32 has Ramones on the cover. And of course issue has Ramones material on it pages as well.

21.12. You has chance to buy a photo print of Dee Dee Ramone's special photo session he did with Keith Green.

16.12. CJ Ramone will play in Brooklyn in next Saturday and then with the Street Dogs in Boston in Sunday.

9.12. Marky Ramone will be hosting a live Q&A on the Meet The Artist Tribe on December 15.

7.12. Check out eight photos from CJ Ramone's Italian shows that I attended.

7.12. Nate Sander is second guitarist and backvocalists in CJ Ramone's European tour.

3.12. Richie Ramone will play in Australia in April.


28.11. J. Karjalainen's new album has a tribute song for Tommy Ramone.

27.11. It was announced in public, CJ Ramone is a guest at Ramones Museum Berlin's 10th Anniversary event on November 29.

26.11. You can order copies of my books also from Ebay before I do meet with CJ in Italy....

26.11. There is a special guest at Ramones Museum Berlin's 10th Anniversary event on November 29....

23.11. Richie Ramone has with his band also shows in Cardiff and Dungannon in February.

23.11. Jiro Okabe sent me comments and photos from Brazil, as he played with his band as a support band for CJ Ramone there.


19.11. Jonny/Josh and Chris from The Huntingtons will play with CJ Ramone in this weekend and in his European tour.

18.11. Check out what are dates for Richie Ramone's tour in the UK and Ireland in February.

18.11. Read story that Ramones' fan Marcus Padula wrote of four days in CJ Ramone's tour in Brazil.

18.11. See photos from CJ Ramone's tour in South-America.
(Thanks Marcus Padula)

17.11. Andrea Manges wrote more details of CJ Ramone's and The Manges split 7' single.

17.11. There were published Ramones' bootleg LP that is saw-blade shaped. I also wrote details of some other bootleg releases.
(Thanks for details Gustavo Seraci)

11.11. CJ Ramone Band has in next week two shows in Maryland, USA.

9.11. First Third Books Ltd will publish Danny Fields' limited edition photo book in 2016.

9.11. Striped Records will publish 7' split single of CJ Ramone and The Manges.


31.10. Richie Ramone goes to studio in January, 2016!!

31.10. Richie Ramone will start touring again in February.

29.10. CJ Ramone will play with his band also in Glasgow in their tour in Europe.

28.10. Marky Ramone played Blitzkrieg Bop together with Public Enemy in China.

28.10. Here in Finland got published really cool album: Mohiklaani's Sotapolulla. There are two release parties as well.

20.10. See more confirmed details of CJ Ramone's shows in Argentina in October.

1.10. See dates and venues of CJ Ramone Band's 11 shows in Europe in November-December.


31.9. See details of six more confirmed dates of CJ Ramone Band's tour in South America. Jiro Okabe will also play in shows in Brazil with his band.

29.9. CJ Ramone has his 50th Birthday Bash & Benefit For Autism Speaks on October 3, 2015.

29.9. CJ Ramone will again participate Walk Now For Autism Speaks, Long Island one.

22.9. Read information of Artsy's Shepard Fairey page.

18.9. Richie Ramone, Ed Stasium etc. are part of End Of The Century - The Story Of The Ramones discussion in LA in Sunday.

17.9. Johnny's wife Linda did mention that in 2016 there will be special events.

14.9. CJ Ramone's show confirmed to be in Curitiba, Brazil in October.

14.9. CJ Ramone has also another show in California in October.

14.9. I started to update again section where I do list information of Ramones' tribute shows around the world.

4.9. CJ Ramone did confirm to me his line-up in Cuba.


23.8. Johnny Ramone's guitar tech Rick Weinman is one guest at the Home Festival in Treviso, Italy.

23.8. There is a Ramones event also in this year inside of Home Festival in Treviso, Italy.

22.8. There was confirmed two more shows in Marky Ramone's European tour in August-September!

18.8. CJ Ramone has a campaign to collect money to get to Cuba!

18.8. CJ Ramone with his band are first American punk rock band to play in Cuba!

JULY 2015

29.7. The Ramones will be honored at The Indie Entertainment Summit event in LA, USA.

29.7. Richie Ramone will play an all-star jam with special guests at The Indie Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles.

29.7. listed opinion of Top 25 Punk Albums Of All Time.

22.7. Marky Ramone has also interview and book signing session at the Heavy Montreal.

22.7. Marky Ramone's Blitzrieg announced more shows.

19.7. Two confirmed shows for Richie Ramone in the USA in Fall.

18.7. CJ Ramone has with his band four shows in California in September-October.

JUNE 2015

14.6. Cleopatra Records will release Dee Dee Ramone: The Final Sessions in July.

7.6. Fender has now Dee Dee Ramone's signature Fender Precision Bass.

2.6. There is a photo exhibition in Finland of photos taken by Bob Gruen.

MAY 2015

31.5. CJ Ramone will have a special show at Sinclair's Pub in New York in next Friday.

31.5. Added poster of CJ Ramone's and Shonen Knife's USA tour, which starts in June 2nd.

APRIL 2015

23.4. CJ Ramone Band will tour in South America in October-November, 2015.
(Thanks Helio Volpato)

23.4. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will do three shows in May in the USA. And one in Canada in August.

21.4. There is a panel discussion about the art of Arturo Vega at Howl! Happening Gallery in Bowery in this Thorsday.

13.4. I has lot great memories from Richie Ramone's shows in Spain in last December. I updated now 13 photos from Barcelona's and Valencia's shows.
(Hugs Richie, Clare, Alex, Ben, Alfredo, Anna, Helena, Tompa, Joan, Dolors, Xevi.....)

12.4. See more dates of Richie Ramone's (Band) tour in Europe in May-June.

5.4. CJ Ramone will play with Walt Stack and Joe Rizzo at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2015.

4.4. Richie Ramone does with his band also tour with the Dime Runner in the USA.

MARCH 2015

22.3. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg does play at the Punkspring in Chiba in Japan on March 29.

19.3. See details of five new dates of Richie Ramone, The Queers etc. tour in the USA.

15.3. Richie Ramone will do with his band and The Queers a mini-tour in the USA in March. First show is in next week.

14.3. CJ Ramone and Japanese Shonen Knife does USA tour in next June.

14.3. I put together more details of Shonen Knife's album Osaka Ramones: A Tribute To The Ramones.

13.3. To CJ Ramone was given a special award by East End Disability Association (EEDA).

12.3. I updated tracklisting to compilation page of Morrissey Curates The Ramones release.

9.3. Richie Ramone will play with his band in Orlando, FL, USA in next week.

9.3. Richie Ramone will punkrock with his band in Camden Rocks festival in London, UK.

6.3. Joey Ramone Birthday Bash is at The Studio at Webster Hall.

4.3. CJ Ramone, The Independents, Andy Shernoff, Glen Matlock etc. will punkrock at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2015.

4.3. New issue of Record Collector music maganize has Ramones cover story. It has new interview with Marky and an unpublished interview with Dee Dee etc.


18.2. Barb Wire Dolls will be headlining the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2015.

18.2. Read what Johnny Ramone has wrote of Ritchie (Richie) Stern of being around in early days.

16.2. Ritchie Stern passed away. He was in Ramones practises in first days in 1974....

14.2. I added credit details of Richie Ramone's video Entitled.

14.2. Marky Ramone got signed for another year on his radio show Marky Ramone's Punk Rock Blitzkrieg.


30.1. CJ Ramone Band plays has seven shows in Australia in February. Show in New Zealand got canceled.

30.1. I added line-up information on CJ Ramone's official video of Won't Stop Swinging.

27.1. Marky Ramone has six book signing events in the USA: in these cities Ridgewood, NJ, in Philadelphia, PA, in Bethlehem, PA, in Huntington, NY, in Staten Island, NY and in New Haven, CT.

12.1. Marky Ramone has book signing events in the USA.

10.1. Mickey Leigh confirmed that there will be Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2015.

10.1. Nick Cooper is doing book of The Buckweeds featuring Marky Ramone, Marky Ramone Group and Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings.

10.1. If you has material of Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings, you has chance to get them to book.

8.1. Richie Ramone does signing at Anaheim Convention Center in NAMM's event on January 24, 2015.


24.12. I composed together information of CJ Ramone's Last Chance To Dance album and Understand Me? single.

24.12. John Evicci wrote to me his memories of recording Rise Above to CJ Ramone's Understand Me? single.

24.12. Marky Ramone & The Wardogs' show in Rome was delayed and replaced with a show in Prato.

23.12. CJ Ramone confirmed to me line-up in his shows in New Zealand and Australia in February.

22.12. CJ Ramone will play one show in New Zealand and seven shows in Australia in February, 2015.

15.12. The Hotel Chelsea Storefront Gallery has now in New York Dee Dee Ramone exhibition.

2.12. German magazine Musik Express is celebrating the 40th birthday of the Ramones. Mag also has tribute CD
(Thanks Alfredo Cordeiro and Jan Beddies)

1.12. Ramones' fans in Barcelona try to get a street named after Ramones in their city.

1.12. CJ Ramone has a show at Ramones Museum Berlin in December 14.


29.11. I added photo of Richie Ramone signing my books in Dublin, Ireland, in 2011. Photo is taken by me.

28.11. I listed 12 songs what you will hear at Richie Ramone's shows now in European tour.

28.11. I got my copy of Marky Ramone's biography what comes out in January 13, 2015.

27.11. If you live outside of Europe, you can now order my books also using cheaper 2nd class shipping option.

26.11. Morrissey Curates The Ramones 12' and Joey Ramone: Christmas Spirit... In My House 10' are Record Store Day's Black Friday releases.

25.11. Do you want to get my Ramones book(s) with a dedicated autograph signed by Richie Ramone?

25.11. CJ Ramone's album Last Chance To Dance is out today in the USA. European release is in Friday November 28.

23.11. LP version of CJ Ramone's album Last Chance To Dance comes out in December 9, 2014.

23.11. John Evicci is drummer in Rise Above in CJ Ramone's single Understand Me?.

23.11. The Independents will release limited edition CD Live In Kansas City.

22.11. CJ Ramone Band plays in Donots' 20th Anniversary show in Germany in December 13.

19.11. Richie Ramone's first European solo tour starts in November 25.
I (Jari-Pekka) will attend shows in Barcelona and Valencia. And I has with me in Spain copies of my Ramones books.

16.11. Marky Ramone & The Wardogs has five shows in Italy in December.

12.11. George DuBose does organize Ramones events in Cologne (Köln) in November 19 and 28.

9.11. Joe Rizzo was drummer at CJ's shows in Japan.

7.11. Oscar of Italian band The Wardogs is singer in Marky Ramone's tour in South-America.
(Thanks Sandro Mariuz)

7.11. Marky Ramone will do again live shows with The Wardogs. Shows are in Italy in December.

3.11. Two new Italian dates confirmed in Richie Ramone's tour. Shows are in Tricesimo and Padova.

3.11. Richie Ramone will do with his band shows in Europe also in April, 2015.


30.10. CJ Ramone will punkrock show also in Miyazaki in Japan.

30.10. First pressing of CJ Ramone's Understand Me? was sold-out. Second pressing is coming soon.

16.10. Release party of Marky Ramone's autobiography is at Gramercy Theatre, New York, USA on January 13, 2015.

16.10. I put to my page five photos of Marky Ramone's show with The Wardogs in Italy.

16.10. Second author of Marky Ramone's book Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As A Ramone is Richard Herschlag.

15.10. Richie Ramone sent me details of shows in Italy and Austria in his first European tour.

15.10. Next week comes out white vinyl version of Joey Ramone's first solo album.

15.10. New website and store for Joey Ramone Place Rio was created.

9.10. Read Jason Ringenberg's memorial comments of Tommy Ramone.
(Thanks Hartza Miettinen)

9.10. Next Richie Ramone's music video is of Entitled's title track.

7.10. Richie Ramone Band will rock in Sebastopol, CA, USA in November.

3.10. Cover of Marky Ramone's book Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As A Ramone got changed.

3.10. New release date of Marky Ramone's book Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As A Ramone is January 13, 2015.

2.10. Bram van Schaik sent me more details of Ramones 40th event in Netherlands in tomorrow.

2.10. Read more details of U2's single The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone).

1.10. Read more details who are playing at Ramones 40th event in Netherlands in October 3rd.


22.9. See advertisement photo and more details of Marky Ramone's signature beer.

21.9. Richie Ramone's European tour also goes to Spain and France.

21.9. Richie Ramone will play three shows in the USA in October-November.

20.9. Marky Ramone has now a signature beer in Spain.

15.9. Today it is 10 years since we lost Johnny Ramone... RIP.

14.9. There is also The Map Room at the Bowery Electric event in September 14, 2014.

12.9. Read more details of Ramones 40th Anniversary event at the Bowery Electric on September 14, 2014.

3.9. Marky Ramone and The Wardogs starts their set at 20.45 in Friday.

2.9. You can buy Jiro Okabe's CD from CD Baby.


30.8. Morrissey has compiled the track-listing for the forthcoming Best Of The Ramones CD/LP.
(Thanks Jan Beddies)

28.8. See more details of the 40th Ramones anniversary event in Treviso, Italy in next week. I will travel to festival.

28.8. Richie Ramone Band will play in Bristol, UK in December.

28.8. A documentary on the Ramones will be directed by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese.

28.8. Ramones estate is working with a book project.

25.8. Artists who punkrock at The Bowery Electric's Ramones 40th event in September 14, 2014, are announced.

24.8. On The Road With The Ramones book is published now also in Italian.

24.8. Richie Ramone will be doing radio interview with Nikki Palomino.

24.8. I moved Ramones news from April-December, 2012, to archives.

19.8. Four dates in UK were confirmed of Richie Ramone's European tour.

19.8. Fat Wreck Chords signed CJ Ramone. Single comes out in September 30.

18.8. Monte A. Melnick sent me photos from event CBGB Festival Presents: A 40th Remembrance & Salute To Tommy Ramone.

17.8. Richie Ramone will tour in UK and Italy in December, 2014.

16.8. More details of today's CBGB Festival Presents: A 40th Remembrance & Salute To Tommy Ramone.

16.8. Spencer Drate and Jimmy Gestapo (as a DJ) had to cancel their coming to today's event at The Bowery Electric.

14.8. There is Ramones 40th event also in Netherlands.

13.8. For example Monte A. Melnick, Spencer Drate and Danny Fields will be speaking at Tommy Ramone memorial in August 16.

12.8. Read Tommy Ramone tribute text written by Chris Frantz of The Talking Heads.

12.8. There is a memorial event to Tommy Ramone at The Bowery Electric in New York, USA on August 16, 2014.
(Thanks Joe Finnegan)

11.8. In this week is three days long Ramones 40th event in Livorno, Italy.

1.8. More details of Kerrang! honoring the Ramones with the Icon Award.

JULY 2014

30.7. Rob Zombie, Duff McKagan, Steve Jones etc. will also play at live at the tenth annual Johnny Ramone tribute event.

30.7. Tenth Johnny Ramone Tribute event might be the final official Johnny Ramone tribute event.

27.7. Check out Tommy Ramone tribute texts by Ramones' road manager Monte A. Melnick, Blondie's Debbie Harry and Chris Stein and Lamb Of God's Randy Blythe.

27.7. I updated information how was Tommy Ramone tribute by BBC 6 Music few weeks ago.

23.7. I updated information of Ramones tribute events in Italy, USA, UK and Israel.

22.7. CJ Ramone will play in August-September in Brazil.

22.7. CJ Ramone will play in November in Japan.

20.7. Samedi Baublesold is stealing money from Ramones' fans with items having fake autographs.

17.7. Marky Ramone will do an show with the Wardogs in Treviso, Italy in September.

17.7. Marky Ramone will do an DJ set in San Diego in July 26, 2014.

17.7. Next week Marky Ramone will be in three days in Comic-Con International in San Diego, USA.

16.7. I put on my site photo I had taken 10 years ago of Tommy Ramone, Marky Ramone and Andy Shernoff.

14.7. I composed more material of Tommy Ramone's and Claudia Tienan's Uncle Monk, with a quotes of my interviews with Tommy. RIP.

14.7. I updated information what Tommy Ramone told me of his final live performance and of tour which got canceled.

14.7. Jiro Okabe messaged me more information in which songs CJ Ramone is on Return Of The Kamikazi album.

12.7. BBC 6 Music are doing a Ramones/ Tommy Ramone tribute in tomorrow.

12.7. I started to compose in sadness history kind of tribute section to Tommy Ramone.

12.7. Tommy Ramone passed away because of cancer. Rest In Peace my friend.

11.7. Read more information of Jiro Okabe's Return Of The Kamikazi, like tracklising and which songs Jiro and CJ Ramone wrote together.

9.7. Jiro Okabe's Return Of The Kamikazi comes out in July 25, 2014. On it are CJ Ramone and Clem Burke (aka Elvis Ramone).

7.7. CJ Ramone, Murphy's Law etc. has a show in West Babylon, NY, in July 13.

7.7. Title of CJ Ramone's next album is Last Chance To Dance. See also its cover.

6.7. I got from New York from my friend box of copies of Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone. I had my final copies there.

4.7. Richie Ramone will attend Mile Of Music event in Appleton, WI, USA for three days in August.

2.7. See and read long report of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2014. Report include 24 photos. I composed this report in many pieces in around 15 hours.

1.7. Guests in the tenth annual Johnny Ramone tribute event include Rob Zombie, Steve Jones, Duff McKagan and Fred Armisen.

JUNE 2014

26.6. There is big 40th Ramones anniversary event in Treviso, Italy in September 4-7, 2014. Main man behind it is Sandro Mariuz.

16.6. Jenny Lens organize ten live chat sessions where you can her memories of the Ramones, stories behind of photos etc.

12.6. Marky Ramone feat. Andrew W.K. tour has a show also in Ourense, Spain, now in June.

12.6. Richie Ramone will do three shows in USA in July.

12.6. CJ Ramone plays in Porto Alegre, Brazil in September.

12.6. The tenth annual Johnny Ramone tribute event is on August 24, 2014.

11.6. Joey Ramone Place Rio store will be open again.

10.6. Ramones debut album sold gold in the USA, after 38 years....

9.6. Richie Ramone confirmed to me, he will tour this year in Europe and Australia.


MAY 2014

21.5. I already put 27 photos of my trip to CJ Ramone's shows. I will make an story soon.

18.5. Arno Hecht, Emily H. Brout and High Waisted will also play at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

16.5. The Independents start their set already at 7.30PM at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

15.5. See more details of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, like I added details of few new artists and MC's.

15.5. Pre-party of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash starts at 5PM (not 6PM) at Manitoba's in New York. Bash starts at 7PM at The Bowery Electric.

15.5. Alan Robert's Killogy Comic Series will be an animated. Marky will be voicing himself.
(Thanks Joltman)

11.5. If you do order my book(s) in May 11 - May 16., I do ask from CJ Ramone his dedicated autograph to you when I see CJ in Montreal in May 17.

8.5. Come and attend pre-party of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash at 6PM at The Manitoba's in May 19, 2014.

7.5. Richie Ramone is in the World Blog Talk Radio's show in May 12, 2014.

1.5. Read more details of Pouzza Fest (Montreal, Canada) where CJ Ramone plays in May 18, 2014. I will attend festival.

APRIL 2014

24.4. See more dates for Marky Ramone's Blitzrieg featuring Andrew W.W. tour in Europe.

20.4. Richie Ramone confirmed to me: European tour will be in September.

18.4. Richie Ramone's European tour was postponed from June to Autumn.

18.4. Richie Ramone and five other great punk groups playing next week in Santa Ana, CA.

16.4. Three more dates in CJ Ramone's tour in next month.

15.4. CJ Ramone has no chance to attend Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2014.

9.4. Meltdown With The Ramones is re-issued in Record Store Day in April 19, 2014.

9.4. Richie Ramone is rocking also in Atomsmasher Punkrock Festival.

8.4. See which artists and groups are playing at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash this year.

8.4. See more dates for Marky Ramone's Blitzrieg featuring Michale Graves tour in South America.

7.4. Richie Ramone's tour goes also to Austria.

1.4. George DuBose has pop-up all Ramones photo exhibits in Barcelona, Spain, and Andorra in April.

MARCH 2014

26.3. CJ Ramone will make an charity show on April 3rd, 2014, and will play many rarities.

26.3. Richie Ramone also has a show in Glasgow, UK.

20.3. One of Richie Ramone's show is in Oberhausen, Germany.

19.3. Richie Ramone Band's European tour will be three weeks long.

19.3. CJ Ramone confirmed to me producer details of his next solo album.

16.3. See information of Richie Ramone's three European dates in June... More to come.

16.3. See some details of CJ Ramone's next solo album.

10.3. I updated and collected information of many upcoming Ramones tribute shows in many countries.

6.3. CJ Ramone is also punkrocking in Las Vegas in May.

2.3. I got dates for CJ Ramone's five shows in May.


19.2. Check out review of Richie Ramone's show few days ago at The Bowery Electric in NYC, USA.
(1-2-3-4-thanks Joe Finnegan).

18.2. Second Uncle Monk album still not mastered.

18.2. Also Spanish Ruta 66 published special issue celebrating 40 years of the Ramones.
(Thanks Anna Piella and Alfredo Cordeiro)

11.2. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg confirmed to play at Punk Rock Festival 3 in Chile in April.

10.2. New issues of UnCut and Modern Drummer mags are Ramones specials.

8.2. See listing of 15 songs what Richie Ramone Band is playing now at live. Set list is longer than 15 songs.

8.2. Video of Richie Ramone's Criminal song got published.

8.2. Clare Misstake sent me a group photo of Richie Ramone Band line-up.

5.2. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg plays at Topfest Festival in Slovakia in June.

3.2. I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir was published in Portugese in Brazil.

1.2. Alex Kane plays instead of Tommy Bolan now in Richie Ramone's North American Tour.


30.1. 14th Joey Ramone Birthday Bash will be organized!

29.1. Richie Ramone's show in Los Angeles is at Whisky A Go Go in March 12.

29.1. Read great review of CJ Ramone's shows in New Jersey and Middletown, USA, in January.
(Thanks a lot Dan and John Roepke)

29.1. Richie Ramone's North-America tour starts today.

25.1. New Los Gattos album has a song Los Gattos and Dee Dee Ramone co-wrote and live version of Dust My Broom featuring Dee Dee Ramone on guitar.

25.1. On The Road With The Ramones is now also out in Brazil.

12.1. Trigger E-mailed me information what is Bitch show at fifth Continental's Rock And Roll Reunion in January 19.

11.1. CJ Ramone Band plays at 9.00 in fifth Continental's Rock And Roll Reunion.

9.1. Read more information of Purple Majesty's single produced by Joey Ramone.

8.1. I composed to my CBGB archives sector of CBGB movie and CBGB Festival.

7.1. See information of upcoming Ramones tribute shows in nine countries, I collected these dates.

7.1. See details of special Ramones tribute events in Utrecht, Netherlands on January 11 and in Verbania, Italy on January 18.


30.12. Killogy starring Marky Ramone has been nominated for a Comic award.

30.12. Italian label Rocketman Records will release a big tribute compilation.

15.12. Joey Ramone produced Purple Majesty's two songs in 1967. Norton Records published those songs now.

14.12. Release date of Marky Ramone's book got postponed, again, and is now September 9, 2014.

14.12. See cover of Marky Ramone's upcoming book. Title of book got changed.

12.12. Rest of Richie Ramone's USA tour dates are announced, expect Los Angeles' venue.

11.12. I updated some more details and covers of Youth Gone Mad Featuring Dee Dee Ramone versions.

9.12. Richie Ramone also plays in NYC. The tour ends in March 13, 2013.

5.12. Jiro Okabe and CJ Ramone wrote songs together. Read more details of CJ's playing on Jiro's album.

4.12. See details of five new confirmed dates in Richie Ramone's tour in the USA.

3.12. CJ Ramone is playing on Jiro Okabe's solo album.

2.12. Marky Ramone is supporting Greenpeace's Free Arctic 30 campaign.


30.11. I had now time to update and search lot dates of shows by Ramones tribute bands in December.

24.11. There was created great looking calendar with drawings/ paintings of Dee Dee Ramone.

24.11. Main Man's title was first I'm An Apeman.

13.11. Second date for Richie Ramone's shows in 2014 was announced.

13.11. CJ Ramone will play next Saturday with Todd Youth and Michael Wildwood.

7.11. First date for Richie Ramone's shows in 2014 was announced.

6.11. I got information that around 100 copies of Do The Bikini Dance are missing Taking Done fanzine.

4.11. Tommy Ramone had informed CBGB festival early that he was not available to event they were promoting with Tommy's name.

4.11. Marc Vachon has created some really cool looking merchandises for Richie Ramone.


30.10. I was asked about Dee Dee's Do The Bikini Dance 12' maxi, I updated more details and photo of it.

30.10. Marky Ramone attends Rhode Island Comic Con. Buy Marky Ramone Marinara Pasta Sauce with dedicated autograph for 49US$.

23.10. Pirates Press Records published 2nd pressing of CJ Ramone's Reconquista on vinyl. LP in hot pink vinyl color.

21.10. Rhino Records sent me more details of Ramones: The Sire Years (1976-1981).

20.10. Read story of CJ Ramone's day and show in Moscow on October 14, 2013.
(Thanks Nik Ramone)

19.10. Ramones: The Sire Years (1976-1981) will come out on October 29, 2013.

19.10. CJ Ramone is making next album in March, 2014.

15.10. Read old review written of Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives in Terrorverlag.

15.10. CJ Ramone is activitely working with his memorials (book).

15.10. Team CJ Ramone collected 399 USdollars in Walk Now For Autism Speaks event.

10.10. Now was permission to announce news: John Cafiero got fired from Ramones Productions etc.

9.10. See photo of Richie Ramone, Rodney Bingenheimer and Frank Infante in LA, USA premier of CBGB movie.

9.10. I collected together more details of CBGB movie.

9.10. Also is selling autographed copies of Richie Ramone's Entitled.

9.10. Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone is sold-out from me. First and third book are still available.

8.10. Richie Ramone's Entitled was published today. Gongralutions Richie. Today is also birthday of CJ Ramone and Johnny Ramone.

7.10. Jan Beddies sent a photo of CJ Ramone playing yesterday at the Ramones Museum Berlin.

1.10. Marky Ramone played two songs with The Offspring in Rio De Janeiro.
(Thanks for telling Erik Pietz)


30.9. Richie Ramone sang Somebody Put Something In My Drink with The Queers.

30.9. Carlos Anguiano wrote comments of CBGB Movie. Thanks Carlos.

29.9. Martino Pasina wrote more details of Ramones Sniffing Poster, like order details.

28.9. Marco Zuanelli and Martino Pasina has written a book titled Ramones Sniffing Poster.

28.9. I updated close to 30 days of upcoming Ramones tribute shows.

26.9. offline, there are some changes in background.....

23.9. CJ Ramone will also play in Pescara, Italy in this tour what begin in next Thursday.

20.9. John Holmstrom replied six more questions related to his PUNK - The Best Of Punk Magazine book and the Ramones etc. Interview is totally cool.

20.9. Read John Holmstrom's comments of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2013.

13.9. CJ Ramone will play also in Russia and Italy in October.

11.9. Richie Ramone sign autographs at the Rock N' Roll Autograph Show in September 14.

10.9. George DuBose and Matt Hamilton E-mailed me more information of DuBose's exhibition in London. If you wanna attend opening event in September 12, send an E-mail to Matt:

10.9. George DuBose will do event, exhibition etc. also in Barcelona, Spain in future.

9.9. Now you can pre-order also CD version of Richie Ramone's album Entitled.

5.9. George DuBose has a photo exhibition in London, starting in September 12.


30.8. Tommy Ramone is in CBGB Festival in New York in October 11, 2013.

25.8. Read story and see photos of Johnny Ramone 2013 memorial.
(Thanks Sherry "Buffy" Globman, who wrote first reviews for my site in late 90's)

23.8. Michael Graves will be Marky Ramone's singer in shows in Brazil.

22.8. Marky Ramone does two DJ sets in this weekend in Sweden.
(Thanks Juki Lehtola)

22.8. CJ Ramone play at 5th Rock To Cure Cancer benefit on September 20, 2013.

15.8. See more information of Johnny Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone tribute event in this Sunday. Also see photo from Johnny's Elvis room.

15.8. See more dates of CJ Ramone's record release tour of Reconquista in Europe.

14.8. Release date of Chaotic Reasoning Vol. 3 is postponed. It will include songs featuring Dee Dee Ramone and Joey Ramone.

5.8. Richie Ramone confirmed to me line-up on his debut solo album Entitled.

5.8. Digital version of Richie Ramone's album Entitled will be released three weeks before LP and CD versions.

3.8. Marky Ramone got new show in Sao Paulo (September 11), after one show was canceled.

2.8. Week ago Marky Ramone announced two shows being in Brazil in September. Show at Sao Paulo got canceled by promoter.
(Thanks Erik Pietz)

1.8. You can pre-order Richie Ramone's Entitled LP on white vinyl and get a limited edition autographed copy.

1.8. See cover of Richie Ramone's Entitled LP.

1.8. Richie Ramone's webmaster Gaston Sanchez created new version of Richie's homepage.

1.8. Kepi Ghoulie honors Johnny Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone in his new video.
(Thanks for telling Bram van Schaik)

1.8. Live And Loud Radio gives you chance to request for example songs from Richie Ramone's upcoming album. They has 48 hour Radiothon.

JULY 2013

26.7. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's does two shows in Brazil in September.

26.7. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's show at Irving Plaza, NYC, has been postponed with two days.

24.7. Sandro Mariuz wrote nice story and review of CJ Ramone's two shows in Italy. See also photos.
(Thanks Sandro Mariuz)

21.7. Team CJ Ramone takes part again to Long Island Walk Now For Autism Speaks event.

19.7. Updated information of tribute shows in Northern Ireland and USA.

17.7. Richie Ramone's Entitled will be released also as a vinyl.

17.7. CBGB movie will be released during the CBGB Musical Festival in October 2013.

17.7. I updated information how limited is Dee Dee Ramone's Do The Bikini Dance 12' maxi.

16.7. The ninth annual Johnny Ramone tribute event is at Hollywood Forever Cemetery on August 18, 2013.

13.7. Read comments of a screening of End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones at the Ramones Museum Berlin.
(Thanks Jan Beddies)

10.7. CJ Ramone confirmed to me that his three shows in Italy and one in Mexico are played as a trio line-up.

8.7. CJ Ramone has three shows in Italy in next weekend.

8.7. I did search more details of Ramones tribute shows: in Chile, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, USA, UK....

7.7. Dr. Dot wrote nice text of Arturo Vega's memorial event. Also sent her speech. Photo was sent by Sandra Schulman.
(Thanks Dr. Dot and Sandra)

6.7. Now I had time to search information of Ramones tribute shows, added details of 20 shows.

5.7. I put Richie Ramone's text of Arturo Vega also to my Arturo Vega memorial section.

4.7. Simon & Schuster announced release date of Marky Ramone's book being September 17, 2013.

2.7. Richie Ramone and DJ-Jam Records signed a deal. Richie's album Entitled hit the stores worldwide on October 8, 2013.

1.7. Read more details of CJ Ramone's Reconquista album, CD and LP versions were published in June.

JUNE 2013

27.6. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg featuring Andrew W.K. announced more dates in July.

27.6. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg does in late July and August shows without featuring Andrew W.K..

27.6. Marky Ramone does one DJ: Kubana, Anapa, Russia on August 4, 2013.

27.6. More details of Arturo Vega. Also corrected his year of birth, right was confirmed by his relative. Uncorrect was even in New York Times.

24.6. I got confirmation of CJ Ramone's line-up in Brazil.

24.6. Few updates in venues where CJ Ramone is playing in Brazil in June-July.

24.6. created great listing titled Moments That Nearly Destroyed Rock. Ramones is on it.

20.6. Richie Ramone wrote to me really nice memorial text of Arturo Vega. Thanks Richie.

19.6. George DuBose's I Speak Music - Ramones is out now also in Portugese and Spanish.

19.6. Richie Ramone informed me that release date of Entitled got changed. There will be available vinyl version as well.

19.6. Richie Ramone's new version of his track Somebody Put Something In My Drink get world premiere today.

19.6. I collected some more information how things happened in 1999-2000, when Arturo Vega and Ramones members founded first official Ramones homepage and fan club.

13.6. See more details of Arturo's passing. So much sadness.

12.6. Live And Loud Radio's The Ramone Family Retrospective program is today tribute to Arturo Vega at 5PM-8PM (NYC time).

12.6. Chip Dayton is selling via Backstage Auctions his rare and great Ramones' photo collection.

11.6. It seems that release date of Richie Ramone's album Entitled is September 7, 2013.

11.6. Check out photo from Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2013 event. Please send me more photos....

11.6. Richie Ramone does "meet and greet" appearance in next Sunday in Quintessential Pro Wrestling event.

10.6. Check out part two of my interesting interview with John Holmstrom. John answer really widely and interesting way.

9.6. Read more information around passing of dear Arturo Vega.

8.6. Dear Arturo Vega passed away....

7.6. CJ Ramone got copies of CD version of his album Reconquista.

7.6. Andy Shernoff wrote some of his feelings around Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.
(Thanks Andy)

(I returned from Cuba, after being there for 2,5 weeks. That is reason for not doing updates in 2,5 weeks)

MAY 2013

20.5. I already got comments how Joey Ramone Birthday Bash was on yesterday.
(Thanks Jiro Okabe, Adele Holzman and Joe Finnegan)

17.5. See poster for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2013.

15.5. See more details and dates of CJ Ramone's tour in Brazil in June-July.
(1-2-3-4-thanks Helio Volpato)

15.5. Doors open at 6:30PM for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

10.5. See and read review of first show what Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg did with Andrew W.K..
(Thanks Dan Roepke and John Roepke)

9.5.2013 CJ Ramone will play shows in Brazil in June-July.
(Thanks Helio Volpato)

9.5.2013 CJ Ramone will play at the Fuji Rock Festival 2013 in Japan.

5.5. CJ Ramone plays a set with his band and in Joey Ramone Friends set in May 19.

4.5. New Found Glory published EP featuring six Ramones covers.
(Thanks Jan Beddies)

3.5. See more details of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2013.

3.5. See some new details of Marky Ramone's upcoming shows.

3.5. I put two more photos of my photo archives of Marky Ramone.

APRIL 2013

20.4. Read part one of my interview with John Holmstrom of the Best Of Punk Magazine book.

18.4. Walter Lure, The Independents, Andy Shernoff, The Bullys, George Tabb... will play at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

18.4. Joey Ramone Birthday Bash is at The Bowery Electric.

17.4. Commando: The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone got published in Brazil in Portuguese.

17.4. Ramones' debut album is second in Rolling Stone's 100 Best Debut Albums Ever listing.

16.4. The Independents repressed first time their CD's in their original form.

15.4. 12 years since our dear Joey Ramone passed away. He is in a safest place, where is also a lot of fans of whom he takes care.

10.4. Richie Ramone has three shows in total in Australia.

8.4. I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir book got translated and published in France.

2.4. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg does world tour with Andrew W.K. being singer.

2.4. Marky Ramone does again IMAGE autograph event on-line, date is April 19.

2.4. John Holmstrom is appearing at MoCCA Arts Fest in this weekend.
(Thanks Joe Finnegan)

1.4. Dust was Marky Ramone's old band. Both Dust albums have been remastered and will be re-issued as a single CD in April 16, 2013.

MARCH 2013

27.3. Live And Loud Radio has a vote of favourite Ramones songs.

27.3. Back to 1995-1996 when Ramones was still alive as a band... I reorganized results of vote I had of best Ramones songs, albums etc. in 1995-1996. Also comes out special LP version.

27.3. I reorganized results of vote I had of best Ramones songs, albums, album covers etc. in 1997-2000.

26.3. Richie Ramone joins Live And Loud Radio's The Ramone Family Retrospective program in tomorrow.

21.3. Read cool story of Do You Wanna Dance club of what CJ Ramone has helped to create.

21.3. Richie Ramone was guest drummer for The Gobshites in San Diego, USA.

21.3. Read information of schedules when CJ Ramone is sending out items related to Pledge Music project and Reconquista album.

20.3. Updated information of ten upcoming tribute shows to the Ramones.

17.3. I re-worked with photos and report of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2011. I put lot new details and photos.

13.3. Because Live And Loud Radio is commercial free radio, they need support.

12.3. CJ Ramone will play first time at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

12.3. CJ Ramone has two more dates in March, in addition to release event of Reconquista.

9.3. Joey Ramone Birthday Bash is again!!: May 19, 2013.

7.3. See exact details of additional musicians in CJ Ramone's Reconquista album.

7.3. Marky Ramone is part of Rock Against MS - All-Star Benefit concert.

6.3. See latest information of CJ Ramone's Reconquista album, including CJ's latest Pledge Music messages.

6.3. I organized CJ Ramone's concert section and I put details of release show in March 23, 2013.

4.3. Tommy Ramone E-mailed me and told he had to cancel a tour in Canada and USA.

3.3. I added an link to Tom Trusnovic's site where he started to review Ramones songs a track by track.

2.3. Read two reviews with many photos of CJ Ramone's show in Long Beach, CA, with special line-up and guests.
(Thanks Christopher Lee and then by Raz Berry)


28.2. There are again lot upcoming tribute shows to the Ramones in different countries, I added details of 20+ new shows.

26.2. I composed more details of Dee Dee Ramone: A Memorial Exhibition in LA, USA in 2012.

25.2. Chaotic Reasoning Vol. 3. CD has songs featuring Dee Dee Ramone and Joey Ramone.

22.2. Nick Oliveiri joined CJ Ramone on stage yesterday, also does so today in Long Beach, CA, USA.

20.2. See more details of Joey Ramone's items what are in a auction by his estate.

20.2. Read explanation by Mickey Leigh why he is selling Joey Ramone's items.

19.2. More dates by Tommy Ramone. Tommy does around 15 acoustic shows in the USA and Canada in March-April. Also Glen Matlock plays in same nights.

16.2. Richie Ramone confirmed show at the Stone Music Festival in Sydney, Australia in April.

12.2. CJ Ramone does two shows in California in next week.

12.2. CJ Ramone has put now four songs to be downloaded free to people who are taken part on his Pledge music campaign. I also typed up his latest message.

7.2. There will be an auction of Joey Ramone's personal items in February 14-21.

4.2. Peter Walsh of The Gobshites wrote me latest information of Richie Ramone's and The Gobshites' CD.

2.2. Read extensively of Marky Ramone's times with Avenue X's Marzio and Dionna. I also added four photos.

2.2. CJ Ramone confirmed to me tracklisting details of upcoming CD and vinyl versions of Reconquista.

2.2. CJ Ramone confirmed to me who played with him at The Continental: Joe Rizzo and Bruce Edwards.

2.2. CJ Ramone's Pledge Music project reached 90 %. People who are participated can now download CJ's version of Rise Above song featuring Dez Cadena.

1.2. Read more details of French version of On The Road With The Ramones by Rytrut Editions.

1.2. See details of releases and activities by Dee Dee's old guitarist Christian Martucci.

1.2. Noizee/ Clare published video of song titled End Of The World.


29.1. CJ Ramone put up two more Mosrite CJ Ramone model guitars and two more bases on Pledge site.

29.1. Updated some more details of upcoming Ramones tribute shows, like by Andy Brings (ex-Sodom).

26.1. New ending day in CJ Ramone's Pledge Music campaign, it is now March 3.

25.1. I added Facebook links to LiveAndLoudRadio and their Ramone Family Retrospective program.

23.1. Updated information of upcoming tribute shows in Portugal, USA, UK, Italy and France.

22.1. Venue of Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg in Americana is FIDAM.

20.1. Joe Finnegan wrote story of launch party for PUNK The Best Of Punk Magazine.
(Thanks Joe Finnegan)

20.1. I got permission to add three photos of Amoeba's book signing of Johnny's autobiography.

19.1. Also Jesse Malin will be performing at The Continental in tomorrow.

15.1. CJ Ramone Band will play at The Continental's fourth reunion show in next Sunday.

14.1. Read more details of book titled The Best Of Punk Magazine.

14.1. Live And Loud Radio has The Ramone Family Retrospective program every Wednesday.

14.1. Richie Ramone's album is being mixed by Mark Needham.

12.1. French edition of Monte A. Melnick's and Frank Meyer's On The Road With The Ramones is out now.

9.1. The Best Of Punk Magazine comes out in a few days.
(Thanks Joe Finnegan)

9.1. I moved lot news from my latest news to news archive.

9.1. Tommy Ramone did mention to me some songs he played in his acoustic solo set.

8.1. Richie Ramone will do some kind of a world tour to support album in 2013.

8.1. Richie Ramone's and The Gobshites' album hope to be finished for Saint Patricks Day, it is March 17, 2013.

6.1. Added links to CJ's Pledge Music site.

5.1. Kepi Ghoulie's art book include lots of Ramones portraits.

4.1. I found details of 10+ Ramones tribute shows in January-March, 2013.

3.1. More details of CJ Ramone's Pledge Music campaign to get Reconquista released also as a CD and vinyl.


28.12. Tommy Ramone does a solo show in Ottawa, Canada in March.

26.12. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg does three shows in Brazil in January-February.

26.12. More details of Marky Ramone's DJ dates in Spain.

16.12. Tommy Ramone does now also solo shows, read information he E-mailed me.

10.12. Arturo Vega E-mailed me some new details of his exhibition.

9.12. In a charity by WhyHunger you can get for lunch with Marky Ramone. There are also many other organizations you can support in a good cause.

5.12. Wardogs from Italy released Ramones' cover/ tribute album titled Raw & Dirty Days. Marky Ramone is in a bonus track.

4.12. Marky Ramone will be appearing at Film Forum in New York on December 6.

2.12. Tommy Ramone wrote me and said Uncle Monk are still working with their second album.

1.12. Arturo Vega has a exhibition in Mexico.

1.12. There is a interesting panel discussion at New Museum Of Contemporary Art with Arturo Vega, John Holmstrom etc.


26.11. Richie Ramone plans to release his solo album in early 2013!

25.11. Is Rock And Roll Is The Answer coolest song in the world in 2012.
(Thanks Carla Lother)

23.11. Marky Ramone's online signing and Meet And Greet is in tomorrow morning. IMAGE had technical problems today.

18.11. See and read review of Richie Ramone's show in Sao Paulo, Brazil on October 18, 2012.
(Thanks for review and photos Helio Volpato)

18.11. See photo of Shepard Fairey and Brent Alden. I also wrote details of their background.

18.11. I put details of False Alarm CD also to page having informations of Youth Gone Mad Featuring Dee Dee Ramone album.

15.11. IMAGE offer a special offer to the visitors of my website who wants to participate IMAGE's Marky Ramone online signing.

12.11. Joey Ramone's brother Mickey wrote few details of DVD's home footage what will be included in a special version of Joey's ...Ya Know? release.

12.11. Marky Ramone is first person to make IMAGE's a live, online autograph signing on November 23, 2012.
(Thanks Angel)

12.11. Marky Ramone will do an signing appearance in Philadelphia, PA, USA on November 24, 2012.

9.11. I put more details of people who are featured in Joey Ramone's video New York City.

9.11. See details of people whom interviews are in a DVD included in Record Store Day's Joey Ramone: ...Ya Know? release.

8.11. I got and found many new dates of upcoming Ramones tribute shows.

6.11. Jiro Okabe wrote me information of CJ Ramone's, his etc. appearance at 60th Mosrite Anniversary Show in Japan.

2.11. One Record Store Day's exclusive Black Friday release is Joey Ramone's ...Ya Know? limited edition deluxe album.
(Thanks for the tip of information Chrisse Usenius)

1.11. French edition of On The Road With The Ramones will be coming out in future.


27.10. Dee Dee Ramone: A Memorial Exhibition is on display in a show at Subliminal Projects gallery.
(Thanks Brent Alden of False Alarm)

25.10. Frankenweenie childrens movie and soundtrack has Ramones dedicated material.

23.10. Asterix And Obelix: On Her Majesty's Secret Service has familiar songs to the Ramones fans....
(Thanks again Jan Beddies)

19.10. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg starts tomorrow tour in Brazil and Argentina.

19.10. Updated 8 more shows to Ramones tribute shows listing.

19.10. Peruvian tribute album Ramones En Nuestros Corazones is officially out now. Release event is on October 31, 2012.

12.10. Check out review with four photos of CJ Ramone Band playing at Hangar 110 in Sao Paulo, Brazil on September 19, 2012.
(Thanks RegisCollector)

11.10. Richie Ramone confirmed to me his line-up in South America.

11.10. Updated Richie Ramone's tour information in South America. Also added two photos of Richie taken by me (Jari-Pekka).

4.10. One date added to Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg tour in the USA now.


27.9. CJ Ramone Band has shows in Argentina also in September 29-30.

27.9. See photo of CJ Ramone Band's South American line-up.
(Thanks a lot Iago Drumond)

26.9. Check out Bob Egan's site how looks locations of Ramones debut album and Rocket To Russia album.

26.9. I added to links section Ramones On Vinyl Blog and Trend Is Dead Records.

25.9. There was published official video for Joey Ramone's song New York City.

24.9. Check out updated information of Ramones tribute shows. I added 15+ dates.

21.9. Richie Ramone re-scheduled South American dates. Shows are in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

14.9. CJ Ramone's band has fourth member in South America, guitarist Dan Root of Adolescents.

13.9. I updated tribute show dates by three bands, like Ramonos will play in after party after CJ Ramone and Die Toten Hosen in Saturday.

10.9. I put 13 more photos from my trip to see CJ Ramone Band in Bergamo, Italy on July 5, 2012. I also wrote some new details.

9.9. I added tracklisting of Peruvian tribute album Ramones En Nuestros Corazones.

4.9. I collected information of 8th Johnny Ramone Tribute at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA, USA, on August 19, 2012.

4.9. Marky Ramone does DJ set also in San Diego in September.


29.8. Baratija Records released Peruvian Ramones tribute album titled Ramones En Nuestros Corazones.

29.8. A four-armed mohawked robot does play Blitzkrieg Bop.

19.8. Check out 12 photos taken by me from Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg show at Porispere in Finland. Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) did an special guest appearance.

17.8. CJ Ramone band has nine shows in South America in September: Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

15.8. Ramones collection entitled Rockaway Beach got published by Starbucks.

14.8. Updated information of 8th annual Johnny Ramone Tribute event organised on August 19, 2012.

13.8. Beat On Cancer Germany, Ramones tribute benefit event is in Dusseldorf, Germany on September 7-9, 2012.

12.8. I updated information of Ramones tribute shows by Romanez and Ramonos.

12.8. New e-book published: When The Wall Of Sound Met The New York Underground: The Ramones, Phil Spector And End Of The Century.

2.8. Clare's Noizee's album Loud!!! contains four Ramones covers and Happy Birthday Fuck You etc.

1.8. Marky Ramone does four DJ sets in Spain in September.

1.8. I did search dates of upcoming Ramones tribute shows in Italy, USA, Spain, Brazil, Belgium and France.

JULY 2012

30.7. To Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg was scheduled two more shows for this week in Italy.

27.7. The 8th annual Johnny Ramone Tribute event is on August 19, 2012. It is again at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

26.7. I composed long and pretty extensive information packet of Mosrite 60th events that featured CJ Ramone and Richie Ramone....

26.7. Richie Ramone's South America's shows are postponed, so there are no shows in August, 2012.

24.7. CJ Ramone's tour in South America starts in September 15.

20.7. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has also fourth show in next week in Italy.

16.7. Mickey Leigh attend release event of ...Ya Know? next Thorsday in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
(Thanks Helio Volpato of sending information)

16.7. Richie Ramone has show also in Porto Alegre, Brazil in August.

12.7. Dez Cadena of The Misfits and Black Flag fame plays tomorrow with CJ Ramone and Michael Stamberg.

10.7. I created first collages of photos I took in Bergamo, Italy at CJ Ramone's show.

9.7. Steve Dawson had to quit CJ Ramone's band, guitarist in Italy and Portugal was Steve Soto.

9.7. I took with CJ Ramone new promo photo, where CJ is having all my books.

2.7. Mosrite Records released Mosrite: Rebirth CD and on it CJ Ramone does two Ramones songs.

2.7. You has chance to buy Ramones debut album signed by original members, and help to collect money for medical expenses.

1.7. David Divine is Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's singer in July-August, 2012. He is singing in Montenegro, Croatia, Finland and Sweden.

1.7. David Divine released album with Johnny Mesz, their band is Divine Mesz.

JUNE 2012

30.6. I built four hours details page of CJ Ramone's solo album Reconquista!

29.6. CJ Ramone's solo album Reconquista got published digitally!

29.6. CJ Ramone may have also second guitarist in shows in Italy and Portugal.

29.6. CJ Ramone play Mosrite 60th Anniversary show with his current band mates Michael Stamberg and Steve Dawson.

28.6. Richie and CJ both will play 40 minutes long sets at Mosrite 60th Anniversary event.

27.6. CJ Ramone is punkrocking shows next week in Italy and Portugal.

27.6. Check out lot new information of CJ Ramone's upcoming album.

26.6. I wrote more details of Tommy Ramone's producer career on his main info page.

20.6. Michale Graves is not singing at Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg shows in July-August?.

20.6. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has show also in Montenegro, in a same mini-tour around Croatian dates.

20.6. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg show at Rock In Trebbia in Italy is canceled?.

15.6. A movie called CBGB is being made, with some actors playing Joey and Johnny Ramone.
(Thanks Lupo Mannaro)

15.6. Marky Ramone, Michale Graves etc. are going to do an album in November.

14.6. See information of Mosrite 60th Anniversary event on July 13, 2012. CJ and Richie are playing then.

13.6. Richie Ramone recorded an EP with The Rock N Roll Rats. Read my interview with their singer-guitarist Johnny Forgotten.

11.6. Richie Ramone has shows in Denver and Nashville in July.

8.6. See more details of Ramones tribute event Beat On Cancer Germany.

7.6. Lot Ramones tribute shows around the world, I added details of 17 upcoming shows.

5.6. Dee Dee Ramone joined Joey Ramone in heaven ten years ago... R.I.P. dear Dee Dee and Joey. Johnny joined them two years later.

5.6. Feel free to write with your name memorial text for Dee Dee and I update it for my site.

2.6. Announced three more shows for Richie Ramone in August in South America: Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

1.6. End Of The Century will be aired in German/Austrian TV on June 3, 2012.

MAY 2012

27.5. See lot more photos and details from Joey Ramone Birthday Bash and of my NYC adventures.
I am still traveling, I did this update from Trinidad & Tobago....

22.5. Joey's ...Ya Know? out today in the USA.

21.5. Presentation party for Joey Ramone's ...Ya Know? in Milan, Italy is on May 26 .

21.5. Italian release date for Joey Ramone's ...Ya Know? is May 28.

20.5. I put on my page first photos and some details from Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

13.5. Mickey Leigh confirmed more artists honoring Joey at Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19, 2012.

12.5. Order one or more of my books before May 18 and I will ask to one book Tommy Ramone's dedicated autograph with your name.

12.5. Keith Album is handling Marky Ramone's Cruisin' Kitchen....

12.5. Andy Shernoff told more background information of his parts in ...Ya Know?.

11.5. The Gobshites had to cancel their appearance at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

9.5. Let's meet at Manitobas before Joey Ramone Birthday Bash (NYC) on May 19, 2012!

9.5. Richie Ramone recorded album together with the Rock N Roll Rats.

9.5. More artists confirmed for Joey Ramone Birthday Ball (Finland). That night will be played 43 Ramones songs.

3.5. Look out photos of Tommy Ramone and Bobby London with "Ramones meets Donald Duck" comic. I sent to them copies.

1.5. I put more photos to Joey Ramone's tribute section, like of his grave.

1.5. has more copies of my books:
1) Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives (2009).
2) Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone (2004).
3) Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone (2002).

APRIL 2012

30.4. Tommy Ramone and Ross The Boss are confirmed to perform at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

30.4. More support bands confirmed playing at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

26.4. Tommy Ramone's and Claudia Tienan's Uncle Monk has shows in April 29 and May 5.

24.4. I got final track listing for Joey Ramone's 2nd solo album ...Ya Know?.

23.4. Tommy Ramone will do in-store book signing related to Johnny Ramone's autobiography.

20.4. Rolling Stone published on their site Joey's singles B-side song There's Got To Be More To Life.

18.4. Richie Ramone will sign copies of Joey's Rock And Roll Is The Answer single in LA in April 21, 2012.

18.4. Newcastle United play Ramones song Blitzkrieg Bop at every home game.
(Thanks Paul Green)

18.4. I put two reviews of Commando: The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone.

17.4. Read Dee Dee Ramone memory text written by Stevie D., bassist for Glass Heroes.

13.4. Check out "video" and listen a song Rock And Roll Is The Answer from Joey Ramone's upcoming solo ...Ya Know?.

10.4. I had taken book promotional photo with my friends, the Apulanta's Toni and Sipe. Guys are punkrocked 21 years. Apulanta's 9 albums and 20+ singles been number 1 in the official Finnish charts.

8.4. Dan Roepke wrote story and review of two Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg shows in USA.
(Thanks Dan and John Roepke)

5.4. Richie Ramone is special guest in third Third Annual Johnny Thunders Memorial Show in April 21.

5.4. Richie Ramone will do an benefit show in April 29.

4.4. Read Tommy Ramone's and Linda Ramone's interview related to Commando: The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone.

2.4. Tommy Ramone and Johnny's wife Linda were in TV interview. See photo of them.

MARCH 2012

26.3. Richie Ramone has two shows in Argentina in August.

24.3. Two songs had to be cut off from Joey Ramone's ...Ya Know? album. It will have 15 songs.

24.3. Mickey Leigh explains how was decided cover for Joey's Joey Ramone's ...Ya Know? album.

23.3. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has 13 dates in summer in Europe (Spain, Germany, Finland, UK etc.

23.3. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg does more shows in East Europe in April.

22.3. Some changes in Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg performances, like date and place in Kuala Lumpur show changed.

20.3. I composed and added more information of Joey Ramone's ...Ya Know? album.

20.3. Album cover of Joey Ramone's ...Ya Know? album was released. New release date is May 22.

20.3. You can get Joey Ramone's ...Ya Know? three days before official release date, first at Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

20.3. See some top5 listings by Johnny Ramone and read also some of his comments of Adios Amigos.

15.3. I added information of new Ramones tribute shows in Italy, USA and Switzerland in May.

15.3. Joey Ramone Birthday Ball has guests like Joey Luumäki, Tumppi Varonen and Vesa Häkli. Event is in Helsinki, Finland on May 22.

13.3. CJ will be recording new album Reconquista very soon.

13.3. Gongralutions Lynne of getting your Marky Ramone fan site back. I added link to it.

8.3. Zeezz's Power Bomb is killer CD, check it out. Also check out releases by Woimasointu and Killer Records.

6.3. New release date of The Gobshites' and Richie Ramones' collaboration CD is September 2012.

6.3. Mike Watson sent me more details of Richie Ramone's and the Ramonas show in UK in November 29, 2011.
(Thanks Mike)

4.3. Also Ivan Julian and The Gobshites + 3 other are playing at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

4.3. Rock N'Roll Rats are recording five song EP with Richie Ramone.

4.3. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has shows also in Greece in April.

3.3. See promo book related promo photo of Dregen (Backyard Babies and Michael Monroe band) and four Ramones' fans.

1.3. Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19, 2012, will feature good set of artists again. Honoring Joey.


28.2. I wrote some background details of Ed Stasium and Jean Beauvoir who are producers of Joey Ramone's Ya Know?.

27.2. I searched information of 15 new Ramones tribute shows in different countries in March-May.

25.2. I put on my page some short parts from Johnny's book, because I am thinking these are OK to publish because you get a feeling how book is....

25.2. Read comments of Johnny Ramone by Kirk Hammett and Chris Cornell.

23.2. The French edition of the On The Road With The Ramones will come out in this fall.

21.2. Richie Ramone plays drums on multiple tracks on Joey Ramone's 2nd solo album.

21.2. I added photos to information page of Joey Ramone's 2nd solo album Ya Know?.

19.2. FINALLY, Joey Ramone's 2nd solo album Ya Know? will be published on May 15, 2012.

19.2. Joey Ramone single Rock And Roll Is The Answer, with There's Got To Be More To Life, which will be available on Record Store Day, April 21st, 2012.

19.2. I wrote background information of three songs on Joey Ramone's solo album.

17.2. Dee Dee Ramone's book/novel Chelsea Horror Hotel got published in Czech.
(Thanks for informing Martin Rajchl)

17.2. I composed together lot information of Chelsea Horror Hotel.

16.2. I composed details of Richie Ramone's show with The Ramonas in London.

15.2. On The Road With The Ramones is published now also in Hungarian.

15.2. Richie Ramone has two events in Tucson, AZ, USA in March.

8.2. Read and see more information of great Ramones influenced Finnish Donald Duck issue, manuscript is by Leena Lehtolainen and drawings by Cesar Ferioli.

6.2. MEC3 has now Marky Ramone's gelato flavor... What's next....


31.1. CJ Ramone is punkrocking in a benefit for a animal rescue organization on Feb 11.

29.1. Tommy Ramone's and Claudia Tienan's duo Uncle Monk confirmed first date for 2012. Happy Birthday Tommy (Jan 29th).

28.1. Captain Oi! label released a deluxe revamp version of Loco Live, with a clam shell box and 2 CD's housing 37 songs.
(Thanks Mirco van de Water)

27.1. Read Linda Ramone's interview of Commando: The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone.
(Interview is by Nekesa Mumbi Moody AP Music writer)

24.1. Marky Ramone confirmed more performances in Italy. Eight in total in January-February, like at Pascia Disco Club in Olbia....

24.1. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has four dates in Argentina in March.

21.1 Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg confirmed date in Hoboken, NJ, USA.

19.1. Release date of Commando: The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone is April 2, 2012.

18.1. Ramones Battle competion in Saint-Etienne in France on March 24.

18.1. I changed comment of Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives book on my main page:
Comment is by Keith D., USA: "I sometimes feel like I pretty much know everything about the Ramones (I own all their albums, have read several books, seen documentaries, etc.) but this book, Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives reminds me there's always more fun stuff to learn. This book is like if there was a monthly magazine about the Ramones and someone put 15 good issues together for one book." (Keith D, USA).

15.1. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has three shows in the USA in March.

15.1. Richie Ramone has also another show in San Diego with The Gobshites.

10.1. Read interview what Richie Ramone did with Rich Chamberlain in December.

8.1. CJ Ramone is rocking again at The Continental Reunion show.

5.1. Marky Ramone and Avenue X recorded miniCD together. One song on-line...

4.1. I searched and composed information of Ramones tribute shows by six bands in January-April, 2012.


31.12. Check out two photos of Marky Ramone in Milan, Italy.
(Thanks Maurizio "Nodus" Nodari)

30.12. Marky Ramone announced shows in Malaysia and Philippines in April, 2012. Date of Macau show got changed.

30.12. Thierry Layec's Ramones discography site is again on-line.

20.12. Alex Kane sent answers for seven more questions in his and Clare's interview. Interview has especially lot Marky Ramone related memories....

20.12. The Best Of PUNK Magazine book is in a progress....

17.12. Richie Ramone performed around 30 songs with The Ramonas.

16.12. Richie Ramone is interviewed on the Church Of Rock radio show on this Sunday.

12.12. Marky Ramone's event at Hard Rock Cafe Firenze is benefit in support of Whyhunger.

11.12. Some changes in Marky Ramone's events in Italy, like in December 14. Also one night got canceled etc.

7.12. Johnny Ramone is #28 of top guitarists in Rolling Stone's listing.
(Thanks for sending advice Bobby London)

5.12. CJ Ramone wrote a message about their visit in Colombia.


29.11. Read more details and see five photos more of Richie Ramone's and The Gobshites' studio recordings.

29.11. I put to my news photo where I do introduce a bit to Richie Yy-Kaa-Koo-Nee-RAMOPUNK! book.

28.11. I had chance to add six photos of Richie Ramone's and The Gobshites' studio recordings what I attended.

27.11. Joey Ramone's second solo album won't come out in 2011.

23.11. Andy Shernoff's new single has song what he recorded with Joey Ramone.

18.11. Richie Ramone is on The slieone Show today run by Justin SlieOne.

17.11. See nice story and photos of Ramones themed wedding party by Andy and Amelia Cintron.

16.11. CJ Ramone will play a show together with Japanese band Shonen Knife.

15.11. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will be hitting stages in Asia in April.

9.11. Richie Ramone will play a show with The Ramonas in London in November 29, 2011.

8.11. Yy-Kaa-Koo-Nee-RAMOPUNK! book is out now (publisher Paasilinna)! Jeke Marjala started composing/ writing it in 2007. Main release party is in this Friday.

8.11. Marky Ramone has many activities in Italy in December.

7.11. CJ Ramone and Michael Stamberg are playing now with guitarist Steve Dawson.

7.11. CJ Ramone will do two shows in Colombia later in this month.

6.11. Read some comments Richie Ramone said in a radio interview.
(Thanks of grammar checking Gaston Sanchez)

6.11. It is now confirmed, Richie Ramone and Cait O'Riordan of the Pogues will record album with The Gobshites.

6.11. Richie Ramone confirmed first live show he plays with The Gobshites (April 21, 2012).

4.11. Richie Ramone E-mailed me more information about his plans with Tommy Mills and The Jade Amenity.
(Thanks a lot Richie)

3.11. Listen Richie Ramone's radio interview in a program run by Dart Head Mike.

3.11. Mickey Leigh's band Mickey Leigh's New Yorkestra has a debut show on November 17, 2011.

3.11. Beat On Cancer 2012 is in Dusseldorf, Germany in September 7-9, 2012.


28.10 Remember you having great chance to support Richie Ramone's and The Gobshite's project.

27.10. Deb and Joe Lunardon wrote review and sent photos of Johnny's & Dee Dee's memorial event in LA. I collected extensive report.
(Many thanks Joe and Deb)

27.10. Poisoned Heart: I Married Dee Dee Ramone (The Ramones Years) will soon be available for download in Italian and Spanish.

27.10. Dee Dee's ex-wife Vera attended her first Ramones related show since Dee Dee left the Ramones in 1989.

26.10 I found nice text what Kevin Clement of the Chiller Theatre has wrote of Johnny Ramone.

25.10. Marky Ramone is one of guests attending the Chiller Theatre Toy, Model And Film Expo.

22.10 Tommy Ramone had a great time at Johnny's and Dee Dee's tribute event.

22.10 I added some feelings and comments what the Ramones fans wrote about Johnny's and Dee Dee's tribute eventt

21.10 Tommy Ramone wrote me nice comments of Richie's and The Gobshite's project etc.

19.10. Dan Roepke wrote review of Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg concert, what was few days ago in NYC.
(Lot of thanks Dan)

19.10. I found more information how NY Mets baseball team honored and celebrated the birthday of Joey Ramone in May.

18.10. Punk fanzines Byebyebrain Fanzine and Sex Fun And Rock'N'Roll has Ramones related material.

17.10. I searched and composed information of 25+ Ramones tribute shows in next few months, in seven different countries.

17.10. I added flyer of Marky's DJ show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, show was in May.

13.10. The Gobshites will record album together with Richie Ramone on drums and Cait O'Riordan of the Pogues on bass. Support The Gobshites.

9.10. Read CJ Ramone's cool interview what was published in The Great Southern Brainfart.

9.10. CJ Ramone explained more how his record is going to be.

7.10. CJ Ramone E-mailed me some comments how Walk Now For Autism event was.

5.10. I searched information of other bands, ticket prices etc. related to Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's next shows.

3.10. Dee Dee Ramone in The Tank Girl Skidmarks series.


29.9. CJ Ramone will attend Walk Now For Autism event on October 2, 2011.

26.9. Dee Dee Ramone's Poison Heart book was also released in Czech.
(Thanks of informing Martin Rajchl)

25.9. Addition to an information, Richie Ramone is not attending Johnny Ramone's memorial event, but 75 free signed giveaways autographed by Richie Ramone are given.

24.9. You can get free signed giveaways autographed by Richie Ramone in Johnny's memorial event.

17.9. created new 6 minutes long video on the history of the Ramones.

16.9. I did an interview with Alex Kane of the AntiProduct and who played with Marky. Clare has replied earlier to my questions.

16.9. Tickets to 7th Johnny Ramone memorial event are now available at Ticketfly.

15.9. Today, it is seven years since Johnny joined Dee Dee and Joey....

12.9. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has shows in Akron and Indianapolis in October.

9.9. CJ Ramone wants his new CD ready for the spring, 2012.

7.9. Arturo Vega attend Merge Festival in the UK. He has there few cool events.

5.9. 7th Johnny Ramone memorial event is at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in LA, USA on October 1st, 2011.

2.9. VH1 Classic TV channel has Marky's guest appearance on Rock Camp.

1.9. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has shows also in Wilmington and Baltimore in October.


30.8. CJ Ramone has three shows in Canada in October.

28.8. Mickey Leigh has new group called Mickey Leigh's New Yorkestra.

23.8. I created history part related to Ramones' creative director Arturo Vega.

22.8. Information of re-issues of The Ramones' first four albums, with comments by Ed Stasium and Craig Leon.

20.8. Arturo Vega's exhibition in Mexico City lasts to first week of September 2011. He is in London, UK in September from the 14 to the 22nd.

20.8. Ed Stasium's 1963 Fender Stratocaster was sold to a private collector.

20.8. CJ Ramone has also second show in Mexico in September.

19.8. Dig Gallery's Ben did really great interview with Eileen Polk. You can read it here and see also two special photos.

18.8. Through Dig Gallery (UK), is famous photographer Eileen Polk put on sale some of his punk memorabilia. Like T-shirt Dee Dee gave her when they dated.
(Thanks of letting me know Dig Gallery's Helen Hall)

14.8. Jerk Of All Trades Magazine has interview with CJ Ramone.

7.8. I added nine photos of Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's shows. Photos are taken by me .

3.8. Rolling Stones released results of readers poll: The Best Punk Rock Bands of All Time.
(Thanks Dan Paulsson)

2.8. See and listen Marky Ramone's 14 minutes long interview Marky did with Mart Niineste.

1.8. Updated listing of CJ Ramone's tour, new dates in Tlanelpantla, Mexico and West Babylon, NY.

1.8. I found from my archives nice promo photo of Merle Allin and Jukkeli Nakari who are in Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone. You can find it from book details site.

JULY 2011

29.7. Johnny Ramone tribute event is also this year. Date is not confirmed.

26.7. Ed Stasium is selling a historical Ramones-related guitar on eBay, his 1963 Fender Stratocaster.
(Thanks Mariano Asch)

25.7. The 69 Eyes will play many Ramones songs at live.

25.7. New show confirmed for Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg in NYC on Oct. 13.

15.7. CJ Ramone started his USA tour. See here review of two shows with photos.
(Many thanks Dan and John Roepke)

14.7. On The Road With The Ramones book will come out also in Hungarian and French.

10.7. I added to my Ramones tribute shows section infos of tribute events in the USA, UK, Indonesia, Czech, Switzerland, France....

10.7. Blitzkrieg Boys released new album titled Too Old To Die Young.

9.7. Tommy did nice version of I Wanna Be Sedated with Music City Roots musicians.

9.7. Some Marky Ramone And The Intruders material will be re-released soon + special stuff.

4.7. ...and I got still some more information of Johnny's book, book has 192 pages including 60 full-color and black-and-white illustrations.

3.7. I got some new information of Johnny Ramone's autobiography. Book is titled: Commando: The Autobiography Of Johnny Ramone.

3.7. DVD/CD release about Musikladen show has interesting interview as a bonus.
(Thanks of translating interview Jan Beddies)

JUNE 2011

30.6. Marky Ramone is promoting his pasta sauce and playing a bit live in West Hollywood, CA on July 7.

25.6. Updated listing of CJ Ramone's tour in July-August.

23.6. See Ramones items / Ramones related items Julien's Auction is selling off this Saturday.
(Thanks Jan Beddies)

23.6. Listen interview Marky did with one of the biggest German's radio station, 1LIVE.

21.6. The Ramones performancce at Musikladen's (Germany) TV program is released in complete length (CD + DVD).
(Thanks Bram van Schaik)

20.6. Keith Newman's next radio show has interview with Roberta Bayley.

20.6. Aleksi Pahkala has three hours long Ramones special radio show.

13.6. I added two photos of release event of Marky Ramone's model/ signature sunglasses. Also Glen Matlock attended event.
(Thanks Marcus Padula)

13.6. Marky Ramone has many "signature products". I decided to collect information to one site. Read of his sunglasses, condoms, pasta sauce and drum sticks...

13.6. Documentary Channel will show Ramones RAW document on June 17.

12.6. Uncle Monk has events at Nashville next Tuesday and Wednesday.

8.6. Keith Newman interviewed Marky Ramone for his new punk radio show, Marky interview airs on June 16.

8.6. I added two photos of Dee Dee Ramone playing at his book launch in 1997. Photos are taken by Dominic Thackray.

7.6. Ramones' lightning director and one of their closest friend, Arturo Vega has exhibition in Mexico City from May 28 to July 23, 2011.

MAY 2011

31.5. Today is "release party" of Marky Ramone's model signed sunglasses.

31.5. Marky Ramone announced one new show in Estonia, two in UK and one in Spain.

28.5. CJ Ramone has confirmed few new shows. Also venue of some shows is changed.

20.5. I added first set of photos from Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

20.5. I uploaded to my Ramones: Sountrack Of Our Lives page photo of Frank Ferrer of the Guns N'Roses having my book.

19.5. New Hamburg Ramönes CD Uniform Thing got published today. Information page contains also photo of Richie Ramone holding this CD.

13.5. Tommy Ramone and Claudia Tienan will play benefit show on May 21, 2011.

12.5. You are welcome to join the Ramones fan meeting before Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19, 2011. It is at Nevada Smiths.

12.5. Andy Cintron wrote comments of my Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives book.

11.5. Richie Ramone will play with his brother Lenny's band, The Shots, at 2:30PM on May 15. Event is BayFest 2011.

10.5. Andy Cintron wrote story of event where Marky Ramone promoted his pasta sauce and had q&a.
(Thanks Andy)

10.5. I added some Marky Ramone's interview answers related to his pasta sauce.

9.5. People who order one or more of my books, get as a bonus dedicated autograph by Tommy and/or Richie Ramone.

9.5. There were some schedule changes and because of it Andy Hilfiger and Holly Beth Vincent won't do appearances at Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

9.5. The Wall Street Journal had picked 16 brands of basic tomato sauce and Marky Ramone's one was in Top5.

7.5. More confirmed artists playing at Joey Ramone Birthday Bash. New ones announced Andy Shernoff (The Dictators), Richie Stotts (The Plasmatics) and Ali McMordie (Stiff Little Fingers).

6.5. I wrote more details of Ramones' and Red Hot Chili Peppers' 7' single.

APRIL 2011

30.4. Phil Spector wrote nice memorial text of Joey Ramone few weeks ago.

26.4. I added five photos of CJ Ramone's show four days ago at Fillmore, Cortemaggiore PC, Italy.

25.4. I added cover of MOJO Magazine's (UK) May, 2011, issue with Ramones on cover.

23.4. Author of Albums That (Should've) Changed The World book, hope to have it out by the end of 2012.

23.4. CJ Ramone will be taking part in the Walk Now For Autism Speaks event for the third time.

18.4. An book titled Albums That (Should've) Changed The World is still in progress....

18.4. More dates for CJ Ramone in June and July in North America.

April 15, 2011, it is ten years since our dear Joey Ramone passed away. You are always in our hearts.

11.4. CJ Ramone has shows in Italy in next week, venue and city changed in April 22 date.

8.4. I added photos of great Joey Ramone sculpture created by Brazilian fan Artur de Souza. Here you can find page first of Ramones dolls and figures I have collected.

7.4. I collected together information of Ramones tribute shows in six countries in April, like of Joey Ramone Tribute night next Saturday in Edinburgh, Scotland.

6.4. I wrote more details of Hugh Cornwell who is playing at Joey's Birthday Bash on May 19, 2011.

2.4. Tom Hearn has photo exhibition named The Flowering Of Punk Rock in Fairfield, CT on April 14-May 27.

2.4. Arturo Vega has most extensive and "real/original" Ramones merchandise store.

1.4. Now Clare of AntiProduct and I finished second part of her interview. Read it here.

MARCH 2011

31.3. CJ Ramone will attend fight cancer with effective aggression event.

30.3. CJ Ramone, Daniel Rey and Michael Stamberg has long USA tour in July-August. Great.

28.3. MOJO Magazine's (UK) May, 2011, issue has great Ramones article, Ramones on cover and free Roots Of The Ramones CD.
(Thanks Andy McAuley)

23.3. CJ Ramone's support band in Italy is The Manges.

23.3. CJ Ramone, Daniel and Michael had to cancel shows in this week (two shows in Canada).

22.3. I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir got published and translated in Finnish.

22.3. Marky Ramone confirmed more shows: Indonesia, Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

20.3. I wrote more details of Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg tune If And When.

20.3. Support Ramones Museum Berlin. I added information of seven shows at Ramones Museum Berlin in March 31 - May 15.

18.3. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg confirmed new shows in March, May, July and August: in Finland, Spain, Russia, Greece, Serbia, France, Argentina, Paraguay, Columbia and Chile.

18.3. Tommy Ramone's and Claudia Tienan's Uncle Monk confirmed two more shows.

14.3. Tiffany Krog sent me photos of Grammy event. You can find three new photos featuring Tommy and Richie Ramone, Mickey Leigh, Linda Cummings, John Cafiero and Clem Burke. Thanks Tiffany.

14.3. Grammy event was the first time time Tommy, Marky and Richie were in the same place. And also Clem aka Elvis Ramone was there.

10.3. Richie Ramone confirmed he will play at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2011 (May 19).

10.3. I created Ebay store, you can easily buy there my books.

9.3. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg released second song If And When.

9.3. Monte A. Melnick sent me three photos related Grammy Awards.

7.3. Tommy Ramone wrote Uncle Monk are still working with second album.

2.3. Yeah, tickets for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19, 2011 on sale now!

2.3. I collected names and years of every recipients who are received Recording Academy's Lifetime Achievement Awards.


28.2. Johnny Ramone and Dee Dee Ramone have been rendered as vinyl figures in Funko's new POP! Rocks series.

27.2. I want to verify information (some fans weren't sure): only five Grammys were given out to the Ramones members: Tommy, Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Marky.

27.2. CJ Ramone has five shows in Italy in April.

(No updates for two weeks because I was traveling)

14.2. You can read now complete speeches by Tommy, Marky, Richie, Mickey Leigh, Linda Cummings and John Cafiero at the Grammy Awards/ Special Merit Awards ceremony.
(Thanks a lot for your help Tara Stites)

14.2. CJ Ramone not attended Grammy Awards/ Special Merit Awards because he had shows in South America.
(Thanks of reminding Marcus Padula)

13.2. The Ramones received lifetime achievement Grammy Awards (The Special Merit) this weekend. I created own section for that.

13.2. Sire Records founder Seymour Stein wrote text related to the Ramones' lifetime achievement Grammy Awards.

11.2. Johnny Ramone store has 72 hour sale, -10 off everything in the store, celebrating the Ramones lifetime achievement Grammy Award. Offer valid February 11-13.

10.2. As informed before, Ramones is among the recipients named of the Recording Academy's lifetime achievement awards. They will receive their statuettes on February 12th. An acknowledgment will be made on-air at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards show, February 13th.

8.2. The official Richie Ramone store is open.

6.2. The Ramones were influence to the U2. Joey listened U2 in his last moments. Singer Bono was one of the last musicians who spoke with Joey. Read more here, also article where Bono remembers Joey Ramone.
(Thanks Bono)

5.2. I found differences on my copies of She Talks To Rainbows CDEP released by Kill Rock Stars.

5.2. I updated section of Ronnie Spector's CDEP She Talks To Rainbows. Joey and Daniel are on it. I added also photo of Joey and Ronnie.

3.2. Swedish Bengt Ohlsson is writing novel book about Johnny Ramone.
(Thanks Marten Ramone)


30.1. I added photo from a birthday memorial, art exhibition to Dee Dee Ramone. You can see in a photo his wife Barbara and some paintings.

26.1. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg got confirmed six dates in Europe in June.

26.1. Joey's second solo album possibly contains also DVD as a bonus?

25.1. Marky Ramone recorded a great drum track for song Take Me Home by Taost. Taost is a band of his twin brother Fred.

17.1. See information of Ramones tribute shows in UK, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland....

15.1. Three shows confirmed for CJ Ramone in South America in February.

11.1. There definitely will be a Joey Ramone's Birthday Bash also this year, 60th birthday celebration is on May 19, 2011.

6.1. Joey Ramone's brother Mickey Leigh did confirm me latest details of Joey Ramone's second solo album. Album won't be out until after the summer 2011.

6.1. Joey Ramone's brother Mickey Leigh wrote for me of translation plans of the I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir.

6.1. I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir got published also as paperback version.

3.1. Ramones interview from 1992 is now published first time, at The Big Takeover magazine.


31.12. Tommy Ramone wrote me few lines of Grammy award.

29.12. I added Boogie's interview related to the Poland 4 Ramones: Tribute To Ramones album.

29.12. I added photo of the Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg in Poland.

24.12. I added more details of other artists who got the Recording Academy's lifetime achievement award.

22.12. Ramones are among the recipients named of the Recording Academy's lifetime achievement awards!!!

22.12. I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir is published in Finnish in late January or early February.

21.12. Read interesting story related to Ramones' song I Don't Want You.

19.12. CJ Ramone has two shows in Canada in March.

19.12. David Divine's band Priscilla did release new album Eight Lives.

17.12. CJ Ramone, Daniel Rey and Michael Stamberg recorded two new songs already.

17.12. Marky Ramone will play a show with the New Found Glory.

11.12. Read part one of my interview with Clare of the AntiProduct. He toured a lot with Marky Ramone.
(Thanks Clare)

6.12. I Wanna Be Sedated ranked again succesfully.

5.12. Marky tomorrow in No Reservations TV program on the Travel Channel.

2.12. I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir, is going to be translated in Finnish.


29.11. You can see one special figure set in a spirit of Dia de Los Muertos Day. It is number 6, what I added now.

29.11. I added for my "Some cool looking Ramones dolls and figures" section three Pinheads....

23.11. Debut issue of Vive Le Rock music magazine is out now.

20.11 See first details of Poland Ramones: Tribute To Ramones tribute album.

14.11. I went through report of my first tour with Dee Dee Ramone in 2000, and I corrected parts what Randy Wisebrod had grammar checked to my first book Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone.

11.11. Jan Beddies wrote story of 2nd anniversary event of new Ramones Museum.

10.11. I added two photos to Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives page. One is of Richie Ramone and I. Another photo is of Richie reading my book.

10.11. VANS - Off The Wall "1966 - A European Skateboard Movie's CD has one Ramones song.

9.11. It still takes a while, before Richie will officially announce members in his band.

4.11. Great, great news. Richie Ramone is putting together a band, and also writing original songs.


29.10. Marky Ramone and Michale Graves will play together with Eduardo "Tucan" Barauskas and Carlos "El Nino" Khayatte in South America.

29.10. What kind of tattoo would you do next for Arto Nikkanen? Send your ideas.

29.10. Ed Stasium got ready his part on second Joey Ramone solo album.

27.10. Two correction to Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's tour infos. Natal is in Brazil and La Plata in Argentina. Marky had still uncorrect information in his MySpace.
(Thanks Helio Volpato)

26.10. Reminder, Ramones Museum Berlin celebrate its 2nd Anniversary on October 29-31, 2010.

25.10. Next week are first shows of the Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's tour in the South America.

25.10. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg plan to release second single this winter.

20.10. I added lot more information of John Cage's tribute album. Our Joey Ramone recorded to it The Wonderful Widow Of Eighteen Springs.

15.10. I added information of 37 different Ramones tribute shows..., in UK, Sweden, USA, Spain, Brazil, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy and Germany.

13.10. Read some comments what Kirk Hammett (Metallica) said at the 6th Johnny Ramone memorial event. I also explain some connections between the Ramones and the Metallica.

13.10. I added some photos related to the 6th Johnny Ramone memorial event.

5.10. I added more information of the 2nd Anniversary of the Ramones Museum Berlin.

5.10. There are released two new versions of Monte Melnick's book On The Road With The Ramones. 1) Collectable hardcover edition and German edition.

5.10. Mark Sheehan (Bad Chopper etc.) has passed away. RIP.

4.10. Tornado Ride Records will release soon The Martinets' album.

3.10. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has shows also in Croatia and Serbia in October.

1.10. I added some information of Walter Lure's role in three Ramones albums. More details you can read from Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

1.10. I also added some information of Ritchie Stern. More details you can read from Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.


30.9. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg don't wanna do album now, rather release singles first.

28.9. Joey Ramone Place sign had to raise to 20 feet, because thieving fans kept snatching it.

28.9. I did organise four hours my Joey Ramone Place section. Also added some new photos.

24.9. Joey Ramone's second album is going to be mixed now....

23.9. John Cafiero is now working with Johnny Ramone's book.

23.9. I had taken with The Misfits new photo to promote my book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

16.9. Paul Zone's exhibition in Amsterdam is till the first week of November, 2010.

15.9. Marky Ramone has a special all-star concert as benefit for the newly created Marky Ramone Drum Scholarship.

12.9. My Way Into Rock'n'Roll: 34 Storys Von Anfängen Und Erfolgen book got published.

10.9. Dee Dee Ramone birthday/ memorial party is at the MrMuzik OFF in Modena, Italy on September 18, 2010.

3.9. Marky Ramone's twin brother Fred Bell have a new band Taost.

3.9. Michale Graves miss some Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg's shows.

3.9. I organised a bit information of Marky's old band Marky Ramone And The Intruders.

2.9. Three more shows confirmed to Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg in Europe.

2.9. Paul Zone's great exhibition is now in Amsterdam, Holland.
(Thanks Bram van Schaik)


31.8. There are live sets at the Ramones Museum in Berlin in September. Remember museum having 2nd anniversary on October 29-31.

29.8. See poster of the upcoming Dee Dee Ramone birhday memorial organised on September 18-26.

26.-27.8. I worked 12 hours more with my Dee Dee Ramone memorial section.. Look and read it with time..., You can send comments.

25.8. I was working and updating 13 hours my Dee Dee Ramone memorial section. So that was a huge work.
Send comments if you want to.

25.8. Finally, bigger memorial celebration event/week to our dear Dee Dee in Los Angeles on September 18-26, 2010.

24.8. I updated some infortion in Dee Dee's profile page.

23.8. Walk Now For Autism event is on October 3rd. CJ Ramone has team there. CJ Ramone wrote he also will be either performing or speaking at the.

22.8. did an long interview with Marky Ramone. You can listen it in four pieces.

22.8. You can participate contest to win a signed drum skin, signed by Marky Ramone.

20.8. Ramones fan Tom Green wrote his comments of Johnny Ramone memorial event.

16.8. Tommy Ramone wrote comments to me of Johnny Ramone memorial event.

13.8. New dates for Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg in Europe.

12.8. Read more information of bonus material included to new DVD and blu-ray version of the Rock And Roll High School.

11.8. Joe and Debbie Lunardon wrote a little story of Johnny's memorial event.

11.8. I added photos of Disco Ensemble and Jonne Aaron (Negative), related to the Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

4.8. CJ's interview is in a book My Way Into Rock'n'Roll: 35 Storys von Anfängen und Erfolgen.
(Thanks Jan Beddies)

4.8. Uncle Monk has in September two dates at the Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion, Bristol, VA, USA.

2.8. CJ Ramone has three shows in Venezuela and one in Panama in August.

JULY 2010

30.7. You can listen PJ Soles' interview in podcast I'm Going to Kill You!.

29.7. Read story of event related to book I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir.

25.7. Helio Volpato attended few days ago CJ Ramone's show in Brazil and he wrote little review with photos. Thanks Helio.

22.7. I added few lines more of lawsuit paper what Marky and his attorneys has left to the court.

21.7. More guests announced attending the 6th annual Johnny Ramone event. Johnny's wife Linda will appear on FOX 11 tomorrow.

19.7. Red Velvet Media's blogtalkradio has Ramones special on July 23, 2010.

19.7. Marky Ramone claims he's getting screwed out his cut of the Ramones' royalties.

19.7. Updated tribute shows section with The Remains dates in Ireland, Northern Ireland etc.

14.7. The 1234 covered Ramones songs in doo-whop style.

6.7. Marky Ramone will do a DJ set in Barcelona, Spain. He has also fan meeting. Also more Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg dates announced.

4.7. Tommy Ramone's and Claudia Tienan's duo band Uncle Monk announced new show in New York. They are touring now in Canada.

4.7. I added some new information of Joey Ramone's second solo album.

3.7. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg published video of their song When We Were Angels.

JUNE 2010

29.6. Helio Volpato wrote story/ review of Richie Ramone's and Mickey Leigh's shows in Brazil..
(Thanks a lot Helio, and thanks also to photographers.)

28.6. The sixth annual Johnny Ramone and Ramones outdoor event is in Los Angeles on July 25, 2010.

23.6. The Continental in New York will have special re-union night once in a year also in future.

22.6. CJ Ramone, Daniel Rey and Michael Stamberg does play in July also in Parkland, WA, USA and in Rio De Janeiro and Novo Horizonte in Brazil.

18.6. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg announced two new shows in Italy and one in Switzerland in July.

18.6. I added infos of 34 Ramones tribute shows: in UK, USA, Germany, Canada, Austria, Italy and Brazil.

17.6. Listen four Ramones covers collected to All Folked Up: The Punk Rock Collection, Vol. 1 compilation.

17.6. I added photo of Mickey Leigh and Bobby London at the book signing...

14.6. CBGB Holdings LLC filed for bankruptcy protection...

11.6. I added to my Ramones dolls and figures section a bust of Johnny Ramone made by Bill Webb.

10.6. James Greene, Jr. recently interviewed Richie Ramone for

10.6. Marky Ramone's show in Raciborz, Poland is cancelled.

7.6. Richie Ramone will do also DJ set in Sao Paulo on June 10, 2010.

4.6. I wrote some new details of upcoming second Joey Ramone solo album.

4.6. Richie Ramone visited Xavier High School in New York.

2.6. Jamie "Jeri Ramone" Andreas of Guitar Principles organise event related to I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir.

MAY 2010

24.5. Max Cavalera's best tour memory is tour with the Ramones in 1994.

21.5. I wrote first part of my trip to Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2010. I added more than 20 photos as well.

20.5. Added flyer of Richie's and Mickey's shows in Brazil.
(Thanks Marcus Padula)

20.5. Added flyer of CJ Ramone's shows in Brazil.
(1-2-3-4 again Marcus Padula)

17.5. See ticket price information of Richie's shows in Brazil..
(Thanks Helio Volpato)

9.5. Skinny And The Gonedaddys will be doing a mini tour in France and Germany.

8.5. I added 2 photos, one of CJ Ramone and second of his new drummer Michael Stamberg.

7.5. In Sweden you can buy Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives also from Sound Pollution.

1.5. Final line-up of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2010 announced. There are playing Richie Ramone, Walter Lure, Cheetah Chrome, Hank III, The Independents etc. etc.

1.5. As you read through my books, you will find out how many metal artists are fans of the Ramones. I added photo collage of my promo photos featuring metal heads.

APRIL 2010

28.4. I added more details of Brant Bjork's solo activities. Also added his comment of touring with CJ Ramone and Daniel.

27.4. CJ Ramone wrote to me how he met with his new drummer Michael Stamberg.

27.4. CJ Ramone announced new show date being in Corona, CA, USA on July 10, 2010.

23.4. Mickey Leigh explained to me some new information of Joey's glasses.

22.4. More dates confirmed to CJ Ramone in North-America and South-America.

20.4. New artists announced who plays at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash: HANK III with Batusis, Ivan Julian, Heap etc.

19.4. For the second year CJ Ramone will be participating in the Walk Now For Autism Speaks event. Please, help and make a donation to support...

19.4. Richie Ramone and Mickey Leigh will be playing on June 11 and 12, 2010 in Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paolo.

16.4. I added three reviews of Uncle Monk CD, even debut has been out for some years now. Anyway reviews are good to have.

15.4. Read my interview with Tommy Ramone of upcoming Uncle Monk tour in Europe.

15.4. It looks like Richie Ramone is going to Brazil in June.

15.4. Joey Ramone became angel nine years ago...

13.4. Nodus sent me a flyer of Joey Ramone memorial night close of Milan, Italy on April 15.

12.4. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has announced more dates in Europe in May.

12.4. You can look from my Ramones tribute show section extensive list of upcoming tribute shows.

9.4. Tommy couldn't confirm if he can attend Joey Ramone Birthday Bash. I also added one more comment of Richie.

6.4. I got confirmation from Richie Ramone's side, he will play at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19.

5.4. Items sold at the Joey Ramone Place punk rock merchandise store in Rio De Janeiro are much the same items you see on the website store on

4.4. Uncle Monk (Tommy Ramone and Claudia Tienan) has a tour in Ireland and North Ireland in late April/ early May.

4.4. John Giddings worked 19 years with the Ramones + hundreds of artists. Giddings is honored as "International Agent Of The Decade."

MARCH 2010

30.3. CJ Ramone has a show also in Rosario, Argentina.

25.3. Chris Frantz of The Talking Head has new monthly radio show and Mickey is guest in his show in March 27.

25.3. Mickey Leigh and Legs McNeil has a signing in Philadelphia in March 27.

24.3. Gao Yang wrote more details of Ramones tribute show in China. I also linked some bands punkrocking that night. How often you have heard Chinese punk bands?

24.3. The Independents are playing at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash. More artists announced later...

22.3. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has six shows in Spain in May.

21.3. Updated infos of tribute show in China and dates for tribute shows by Loco Live in Italy and by The Femones in UK and France.

16.3 Added some Mark Frye's comments of Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

15.3. CJ Ramone's show in Chile got cancelled. They told me they are waiting for a new date for Chile.

13.3. CJ Ramone has shows in Porto and Frankfurt in March. Also new dates announced in Argentina.

12.3. Tommy Ramone sent me more information of Uncle Monk show in this Saturday.

12.3. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has a show in Pentrich, UK in July.

8.3. I added review of Dust's debut album (Marky's early band) and some more background information of Dust.

4.3. Marky Ramone has a DJ show at the Fountain Art Fair in New York on March 6th.

4.3. Joe and Debbie Lunardon wrote few comments of Marky Ramone's pasta sauce.

3.3. You can read some chapters etc. translated in Russia of I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir book.

1.3. Monte Melnick will do a live radio interview. Also Monte and Andy Shernoff has performance on March 12, 2010.

1.3. Read review of the Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives from Maximumrocknroll by Craigums.
"Jari keeps a fair and neutral perspective that is difficult when exploring a band with such a noteworthy in-house rivalry."
"The fair-weather Ramones fan or even casual rock-biography-reader can enjoy and appreciate Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives for its detail and depth, but diehards are definitely the true beneficiaries of this book. However much you know about the band (and their story is not a secret one, mind you), this guy and his resources can surely overwhelm you

1.3. I had forgot to add thanks section to information page of the Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives. Sorry dear friends.


27.2. Updated next Ramones tribute shows by six different bands.

25.2. I added more information of CJ's bass, his comments and flyer/poster Yuki Kuroyanagi created.

22.2. CJ Ramone's Mosrite bass got stolen. Help to find it.

15.2. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will play in Snoqualmie, WA, USA in May.

14.2. Uncle Monk has six showcase performance at the International 22nd Folk Alliance Conference.

10.2. I added infos of next Ramones tribute shows by eight bands.

8.2. Adele Holzman wrote and Michele Lanci-Altomare photographed show at The Continental on January 17, 2010. CJ Ramone played etc.

6.2. Tommy Ramone not heard nothing about going to Rio... False promises and rumours.

5.2. Joey Ramone Place punk rock merchandise store in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is now open.

4.2. Marky Ramone's first instructional DVD is available. It is titled Marky Ramone - Punk Rock Drumming His Way For Beginners.

4.2. Marky Ramone etc. has also meet and greet events in next week.

1.2. Joey's brother Mickey found a song, what Joey kind of produced in 1966.


28.1. New CJ Ramone shows confirmed, shows in Montreal, Canada and in Chile.

27.1. I added comments of NY Daily's article of Linda Stein's murder trial.

27.1. Tickets are now on sale to 10th Joey Ramone Birthday Bash. Age limit 16.

25.1. I wrote details and my comments of photos what Vera included to the book of his life and Dee Dee Ramone.

25.1. I archived interview released in Short And Sweet NYC with Dee Dee Ramone's ex-wife Vera of her book.

22.1. I added comment by Charlie of the Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.
Here is small part of it: "It is indeed a very good book. I am amazed how good contact you have with the - inner circle - and other people who are involved in one or another way to the Ramones. A chapter that really caught me was about the early interview made by Emilie. This is the Ramones I remember and grew up with; simpleminded, no fights only great humour and making fun from each other and on every occasion..."
Order my book/books here.

21.1. Trial of Linda Stein's murder is taking first steps...

20.1. I had asked to tell my comments of When We Were Angels song by Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg.

19.1. Backyard Babies' box set has Friends featuring Joey Ramone etc.

19.1. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg announced new dates in Rothschild and Tupelo.

15.1. Die Toten Hosen released DVD, blu-ray, doubleCD etc. of their show in Waldbuhne in Berlin.

15.1. I transferred news from 2007-2008 to my center archive page.
News since January 2009 are still here.

14.1. I worked in this week 30 hours to finish last parts of report from CJ Ramone's tour, I was touring a bit with him. Here begin report. New parts of report begin here from page 3.

14.1. Joey Ramone Birthday Bash is again in this year and on May 19th.

12.1. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has announced two European dates: in June in Poland and in October in Belgium.

11.1. Jörg Buscher re-opened his page. Buscher experienced lot Ramones shows, he run The German Official Ramones fan club since 1993 etc.

10.1. Today was officially released first song by Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg. Song is called When We Were Angels.

9.1. I added more infos of the special night at the Continental, featuring CJ Ramone, Daniel Rey, Brant Bjork, Walter Lure... CJ also has show in Edmonton.

8.1. Vive Le Punk! has interview with Dee Dee's ex-wife Vera.

8.1. Release date of The Ramones: American Punk Rock Band book is delayed.

6.1. I created own section to Vera's book, added seven reviews and photo taken by Lothar Felkel.

5.1. I wanted to add also three reviews of Dee Dee's farewell book the Legend Of A Rock Star.

3.1. Next Uncle Monk CD is coming along well.


31.12. Tommy's and Claudia's duo band Uncle Monk has three shows in January-February. I added dates.

31.12. Cheetah Chrome's autobiography will be released in July, 2010 by Voyageur Press.

30.12. I added two comments by fans of the Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.
"Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives is amazing. Great stories, great photos, and interviews. But most of all I respect the stance you keep all these years and don't get in between all the fights and the bickering......, Stefanos Chatzitibas, Greece)
Order my book/books here and also support my work keeping this site running.

29.12. First song by Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg is soon available via ITunes.

28.12. Marky Ramone has now also his own pasta sauce...

27.12. Joey Ramone's second solo album should come out in 2010...

22.12. I added Austin Chronicle's and Village Voice's reviews of the I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir.

18.12. Mickey Leigh hopes Johnny Depp to play Dee Dee Ramone in the film adaptation of the book I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir.

18.12. Gaston Sanchez and his brothers added lot material to their site of the fifth annual Johnny Ramone event.

18.12. I added some information what Campino of the Die Toten Hosen spoke about the Ramones in German TV.
(Thanks of translating Jan Beddies).

16.12. Marky Ramone will release instructional drum DVD.

16.12. Julien Homer been doing and designing for many months Ramones fan page in French. Now he officially opened it. Gongralutions Julien.

15.12. Marky Ramone appears in the Spazzys video of the song called Hey Hey Baby.
(1-2-3-4 Chemo)

6.12. Die Toten Hosen's singer Campino will introduce the Ramones Museum on German TV on December 7th. There's also great New Year's event at the Museum etc.

3.12. Adele Holzman wrote well-detailed story of the signing event of the I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir book.
(Hugs Adele)

1.12. I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir is published today!


30.11. Marky announced more DJ show's in December.

30.11. Lot of Ramones tribute shows are coming up. I added infos of many shows.

24.11. Highest point of Max Cavalera's career with the Sepultura was the tour with the Ramones.

23.11. A limited edition free bag and poster is given when you buy I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir on book signing on December 1, 2009.

23.11. Marky has a show on New Year's Eve 2009 in New York. Also new date for October 2010.

20.11. CJ Ramone, Daniel Rey and Brant Bjork are going into the studio in January.

20.11. CJ Ramone will play shows in Japan also with Daniel Rey and Brant Bjork.

18.11. I added more comments of the Ramones playing Baby, I Love You at live.

15.11. CJ Ramone has three shows in Tokyo in February, 2010.

12.11. Read two reviews of the I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir book.

11.11. Marcus Padula sent me photo of Marky doing his DJ show in Sao Paulo few days ago.

10.11. Ramones Museum Berlin will celebrate Rock Classics - Ramones: The Magazine special issue.

6.11. Marky Ramone will have a DJ show also in Barcelona.

6.11. The Ramones did perform Baby, I Love You at their concert in 1980...
(Thanks of remembering Jeff Wallace).

3.11. I added link to the site, where you can see photo slideshow by Nick Schnelle of Uncle Monk's show in St. Louis.
(Thanks Nick Lucchesi)

3.11. For press use of Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives (interviews, reviews etc.) I added two more photos (Tommy, CJ and I + Linda, Barbara, Arturo and I).

2.11. Mickey Leigh and Legs McNeil will do book signing etc. also in Hamilton, Canada.


28.10. Slam Zine released Rock Classics: Ramones special issue, it has lot interviews, 132 pages etc. It can be ordered worldwide.

28.10. The Proud Galleries (United Kingdom) has collection of limited edition Ramones prints.

24.10. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will take their show also to Orlando, FL in November.

22.10. Hey Is Dee Dee Home was re-released with another name and some bonus material.

22.10. Mickey Leigh and Legs McNeil will have a book signing on December 1st, it is release date of I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir.

21.10. Around fifteen years ago the Ramones had huge show in Curitiba, Brazil. This show will be remembered in a cool event on November 12, 2009.

20.10. Rockaway Beach Boys -> Beach Boys songs played in a Ramones style.

14.10. Tommy's and Claudia's tour (Uncle Monk) begin tomorrow. They has 11 shows in October.

14.10. is one of the coolest punk net stores. They has now more copies of every book written by me.

12.10. Television channel E!'s "That Morning Show" had an interview with Johnny's wife Linda and actress Rose McGowan. See it now on-line.

11.10. See photos and some comments of event in a memory of Johnny Ramone on Saturday October 3rd, 2009.

7.10. Marky Ramone's first shows in 2010 are confirmed.

6.10. Children Of Bodom's cover album has Somebody Put Something In My Drink.


26.9. Marky Ramone has a show in California on October 24, 2009.

26.9. Gongralutions Lynne of getting your Marky Ramone fan site back. I added link to it.

26.9. I added information of more than 20 upcoming Ramones tribute shows around the world.

21.9. Yeah, now I had time and chance to finish two parts of my report of CJ Ramone's tours in 2009.

21.9. Live broadcast of the Johnny Ramone's memory event will be at 98,7FM, Complete Control Radio.

16.9. Monte Melnick has 2 signing session in Spain because of Spanish edition of On The Road With The Ramones.

14.9. I added information what shows Brian Costanza did play with CJ, Daniel and Brant in July-August.

11.9. New Skinny Bones And The Gonedaddys album will be released soon. It has one song Skinny wrote together with Dee Dee Ramone.

9.9. You can pre-order I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir from and

7.9. Mickey Leigh has posted to his MySpace site cover of I Slept With Joey Ramone: A Family Memoir.

5.9. I added link to new CJ Ramone's official and personal homepage.

4.9. I had time to add to my site already some photos I took of CJ's show in Leipzig, Germany. Enjoy....

4.9. I got more infos of Ramones tribute CD released in Czech Republic.
(Thanks of sending infos Martin Rajchl)

3.9. Johnny Ramone is #11 in Greatest Electric Guitar Players listing.

2.9. Joey Ramone gave signed Ramones single to Andy Warhol... There were some strange treasures in Warhol's collection...

2.9. There is released new Ramones tribute CD in Czech Republic. More infos soon.


25.8. Release date of third pressing of Dee Dee Ramone's book Poison Heart: Surviving The Ramones is delayed. Book should come out in early October.

22.8. Now you can order my new book also through, using Visa etc.

22.8. Spanish edition of On The Road With The Ramones will be published.

21.8. Order my new book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives before August 25, and I will ask for it from CJ an dedicated autograph for you.

21.8. Tommy Ramone wrote me, Uncle Monk (Tommy and Claudia) hope to finish new record by Winter.

20.8. There will be 1st Annual Joey Ramone's Rock To Cure Cancer benefit event Farmingdale, NY on August 28-29, 2009.

19.8. The special Johnny Ramone and Ramones outdoor event presented by Linda Ramone is again in Los Angeles.

19.8. See set list and read some comments of CJ Ramone's show last night in London.
(1-2-3-4 Paul Mitchell)

15.8. CJ Ramone played at least Strength To Endure with Die Toten Hosen in Germany on August 12, 2009.
(Thanks Jan Beddies)

14.8. New Ramones Museum Berlin has first anniversary event on October 16-17, 2009. It is Dee Dee Ramone special with guests.

12.8. Uncle Monk has two shows in August.

11.8. CJ Ramone will sign also copies of my books at Ramones Museum Berlin in Berlin, Germany on August 28, 2009.

4.8. I added promo photo about Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives featuring The Misfits members and I.

3.8. The Ramones are prominently featured in MasterCard's new Legends campaign.

JULY 2009

26.7. Two more comments added of the Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives book.

23.7. False Alarm Records released two albums in one CD: False Alarm album and Youth Gone Mad Featuring Dee Dee Ramone album.

21.7. There will be a Joey Ramone Place store in Rio De Janiero in Brazil.

17.7. I added some comments of the Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives book by people who has read it.

15.7. Read review and see photos of CJ Ramone playing in Brazil three days ago.
(1-2-3-4 to Helio Volpato and Raphael Anselmo.)

15.7. I added links for four interview Marky has done in this year.

10.7. Marcus Padula sent me great photos of CJ Ramone's, Daniel Rey's etc. first show in South America.

9.7. Mickey Leigh E-mailed me and told, I Slept With Joey Ramone book will be coming out on December 1, 2009.

3.7. One show in Belgium also confirmed for CJ Ramone.

2.7. Arturo Vega has joined again famous Warped Tour in the USA and Canada.

1.7. I finished now really long report of my trip to Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2009. I also visited in San Diego, Los Angeles and Costa Rica.

JUNE 2009

30.6. CJ Ramone will have an signing session at Ramones Museum Berlin at 1PM on August 28, 2009.

30.6. CJ Ramone's show on August 27, 2009, is backed by an exclusive slide-show with never before seen photos from CJ's career with the Ramones.

28.6. CJ Ramone has shows also in Buenos Aires, San Diego, Tijuana and Victorville.

26.6. Tommy's and Claudia's band Uncle Monk will have some shows also in July.

25.6. I added normal size photo and promo size photo of Volbeat and I to info page of my third book Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives.

25.6. Vera Boldis (Vera Ramone King) was guest in Marky Ramone's radio show. I wrote some infos of that program.

24.6. Few venues (festivals) got confirmed in CJ Ramone's upcoming tours. Also added info of show in West Hollywood on July 17, 2009.

23.6. I added infos of around 25 upcoming Ramones tribute shows around the world.

16.6. CJ Ramone wrote "thanks letter" for people who supported support Walk Now For Autism.

13.6. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg has a show in Mount Pleasant in October.

11.6. CJ Ramone passed his fundraising goal for Walk Now For Autism event.

10.6. More confirmed dates for CJ Ramone's tour in Europe.

8.6. CJ Ramone will play also in Brazil in July. Also added few new dates in California.

8.6. Crawdaddy! magazine posted an longer article taking a look back at the Ramones' Acid Eaters album.

5.6. Martin Nunez wrote nice review of Bad Chopper's show in Chile. Bad Chopper had a private party hosted by Converse.

1.6. Poisoned Heart: I Married Dee Dee Ramone (The Ramones Years) is now released.

1.6. You can read little story of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash at

1.6. Marky Ramone announced more dates in July-August, 2009.

MAY 2009

29.5. You can buy Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives book also from

28.5. I added more infos of CJ Ramone's shows in South-America, USA, Mexico and Europe.

24.5. I added promo photo of me, Mickey Leigh and Tommy Ramone, and two photos, to the section of my third book.

24.5. I added six photos taken by me from the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash in 2009. Story etc. of the night later.

23.5. Help CJ Ramone support Walk Now For Autism event.

23.5. site is rocking now on Internet.

20.5. Vera Boldis/ Vera Ramone King has a book signing in New York on June 8, 2009. She is also guest in Marky's radio show.

20.5. One of the shows CJ Ramone has in August in Europe is in Hamburg on August 25, 2009.

18.5. Uncle Monk has shows also on June 10 and June 21, 2009.

17.5. Mark Bannister wrote nice story of his trip from UK to New York for event where Joey Ramone's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame award was re-presented.

16.5. There is an live chat, "CBGB's Presents Remembering Joey Ramone", on May 18, 2009.


15.5. Bebe Buell's upcoming album has a song for Joey.

15.5. Updated listing of performers at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19, 2009.

12.5. Joey Ramone's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame award will be given and re-presented on May 14. Tommy Ramone and Mickey Leigh accept it behalf of our Joey.

10.5. My third book will be published in May, 2009. It is titled: Ramones: Soundtrack Of Our Lives. More infos in a few days.

8.5. New date for Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg show at the Vive Festival in Mexico is on June 27, 2009.

APRIL 2009

30.4. Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators will also be on stage at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

28.4. 92YTribeca has a screening of End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramone. Directors in person for post-screening Q&A.

28.4. There are two bands who does use name Death. I linked right one to the listing of performers at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

23.4. Added infos of three new Uncle Monk show.

22.4. Walter Lure, Jean Beauvoir, Al Maddy, Ivan Julian, George Tabb, Death band... will also perform at Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

21.4. I corrected few minor infos and I also added more of my thoughs, to news piece concerning Vera's book of Dee Dee.
16.4. Richie Ramone will play with symphony orchestra on May 16, 2009.
16.4. Dee Dee Ramone's estate has gone to court to stop publication of book by Dee Dee's ex-wife Vera.
15.4. April 2009 issue of SPIN Magazine (UK) has nice Ramones feature about cover and tribute albums.
15.4. Joey Ramone became angel eight years ago...
12.4. I added tracklisting of Osaka Popstar's CDEP called Rock'Em O-Sock'Em Live.
10.4. Fishbone will also attend Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.
9.4. Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg had fun in Japan. Also check out cover of Rolling Stone's Japan issue!

8.4. Uncle Monk have a show also on June 30th.

7.4. Nicotine Records just released False Alarm's full length CD. This is different than upcoming CD single/ EP, of which you can see infos below.

3.4. There is coming an split CD single/ EP of Youth Gone Mad featuring Dee Dee Ramone and False Alarm featuring Cheetah Chrome.

2.4. Covers of Morrissey's new single has taken next to Johnny Ramone statue.
(Thanks Jan Beddies)

1.4. Celine Moray sent me some nice photos from Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg show in last Friday.

1.4. Timo Pullinen has biggest or one of the biggest Ramones record collections. Gongralutions Timo, now you has already 1 200 different Ramones CD's/vinyls/cassettes/8-tracks etc.

MARCH 2009

29.3. Now can announce first names, Richie Ramone, Uncle Monk (Tommy Ramone and Claudia Tienan), Bebe Buell and Supersuckers are among of Joey Ramone Birthday Bash performers in this year.

28.3. There is going to be at least TWO Ramones members at Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19.

26.3. CJ's shows in Europe in August will be more like "CJ and friends shows.", not Bad Chopper shows.

26.3. On The Cover 2 album by MxPx has Ramones cover.

20.3. CJ Ramone will play shows in Europe in August. He is support act for Die Toten Hosen etc.

18.3. Uncle Monk will play a show in Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival.

16.3. Book by Dee Dee's ex-wife Vera will be published in June, 2009. I added lot new information of it to my news.

9.3. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg had to cancel show because of an dangerous situation.

9.3. There is going to perform at least one Ramones member at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

9.3. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will play in Vive Latino Festival in May.

5.3. Paul Kostabi has an exhibition at The Outside In Piermont in New York from March 8 to April 19, 2009.

4.3. I asked David Divine to write background of it why he is not singing anymore in Marky Ramone's line-up, as I knew things are well between him and Marky. Thanks David.

4.3. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg cancelled two of their shows in (St. Petersburg, Florida and Tampa, Florida) and venue changed in Sydney.


26.2. You can buy now tickets for the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2009. I also added infos how to get to the venue.

25.2. Infos of around 25 new Ramones tribute shows in eight different countries are added to my tribute show section...

24.2. War Child: Heroes is an new album to benefit children affected by war. Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover on it Ramones song Sheena Is A Punk Rocker.

23.2. There is released Ramones tribute album also in Colombia.

21.2. You will find Ramones related things on BreakThruRadio net radio and Mexican Marvin magazine.
(1-2-3-4 Murray Ramone and Ralph)

20.2. Andy Hilfiger and his Billy brother were with Marky Ramone also in King Flux band founded by Richie Stotts.

18.2. Two venues of Marky's shows in Mexico were changed (March 7 and 8, 2009). I also added poster of show on March 8, 2009.
(Thanks Ralph)

17.2. Mickey Leigh just wrote to me and confirmed that there is also this year going to be Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19, 2009.

17.2. Little Steven's Underground Garage Christmas A Go-Go has Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight).

16.2. I added Marky Ramone's comments of his new clothing collection. The Marky Ramone Rock Scene Collection can be found at prices ranging from 40-595 US dollars...

11.2. Tommy Ramone will be Marky Ramone's guest Marky Ramone's Punk Rock Blitzkrieg radio show.

11.2. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will make an fan meeting in New York (+ show) on March 27, 2009.

7.2. I added poster and more information of St. Patrick's Day Festival where Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will play on March 17, 2009.

7.2. Marky told his memory of "myth" concerning Ramones' recording session with the Phil Spector.

6.2. Lux Interior and Alex Crank are passed away. RIP.
(Thanks Helio Volpato and Maria Montoya-Kaye)


28.1. Uncle Monk is still working with their second album.

27.1. Fifteen new dates of Ramones tribute shows added...

23.1. Uncle Monk has four shows at the annual and international Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis, USA.

23.1. Read interview where Marky Ramone tells about fashion and Hilfiger Denim...

22.1. Marky Ramone and Hilfiger Denim released now their Rock Scene spring 2009 collection designed by Marky.

20.1. New book called Ramones: Interviews is compiled and edited by John D. Luerssen. I wrote extensive way of it also my feelings.
(Thanks Ashley/Brad)

18.1. Gary Kurfist passed away on January 13, 2009.

14.1. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg line-up will play in March few shows in USA and go to Australia in April.

13.1. Now is finally released as a DVD Final Rinse movie, featuring Joey Ramone in his final film role.

12.1. Escape From New York - The Best Of NY Scene event is in New York on February 5, 2009.

11.1. Manfred Meyer passed away. He was one main security chief to the Ramones on their European tours. RIP.

7.1. Again I moved older news of the Ramones and Ramones members to my news archives. There are news since 1996...

6.1. Tim Opper has wrote long story of his trip for Johnny Ramone's memorial event in LA in last August. I added 2 photos by Tim and link to his story for my section of this event.

5.1. I did interview with Mariano Asch of The Family Tree compilation.

3.1. Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg will play shows in Mexico in March and in Japan in April.


30.12. See rare photo of recordings of Substitute video. Charles Schneider sent photo for me, Charles was one main actor on it.

26.12. Mickey Leigh wrote advance tracklisting of Joey Ramone's second album. Tommy Ramone, Ed Stasium and Jean Beauvoir are producers.

23.12. I got an confirmation that The Family Tree album is an official release.

22.12. Maurizio "Nodus" Nodari released Ramones fan book in Italian.

22.12. There is coming lot Ramones tribute shows. I added infos of 25 new shows in January-February, 2009.

22.12. Yeah, Joey Ramone's second album should be released in 2009.

21.12. Tommy Ramone and Daniel Rey also attended opening event of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Annex NYC.

20.12. I am not sure if Ramones: The Family Tree is released officially or if it is an bootleg. I will probably get an confirmation soon.

19.12. Marky Ramone had to cancel his shows in Central America in this weekend.

18.12. Do pre-order of Jenny Lens eBook before December 21, 2008. By ordering you help Jenny to release her photo archives of the Ramones and other artists...

14.12. Bad Chopper was touring in South America in August, 2008 and John Evicci wrote extensive tour story of it.

12.12. Jenny Lens composed photo Ebook of more than 100 cool and mostly never published photos of the Ramones in 1976.

12.12. CJ, Arturo, Linda etc. attended opening event of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Annex NYC on December 2, 2008.
OBS, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fames are different than The Long Island Music Hall Of Fame.

11.12. Kitty Kowalski and Jesse Malin have teamed up once again, in a spirit of Coney Island High.

10.12. Ramones Museum Berlin will screen Ramones and It's Alive material in December.

8.12. Bad Chopper's show in Buenos Aires was recorded for potential release on CD or DVD.

7.12. CBGB is making an comeback, Hilly Kristal's immediate family and long-time employees are also behind of it...


30.11. New live CD by Walter Lure was released few weeks ago.

28.11. Marky Ramone will do a documentary of himself and of his career.

27.11. Marky Ramone will play also some shows in Central America in December.

24.11. Uncle Monk will be performing on The Vince Vincent Jukebox Jamboree in this Friday.

15.11. I wrote a longer story of Tommy Ramone's and Seymour Stein's visit in Finland in October, 2008.

11.11. Marky Ramone does four DJ sets in this week.

10.11. I collected all news on my site related to the Ramones Museum Berlin for invidual section.

8.11. Release date of Too Tough To Die: A Tribute To Johnny Ramone DVD was November 4, 2008.

7.11. Christie's auction has many rare Ramones items in New York on November 24, 2008.
(Thanks Tamas Kovacs)

7.11. The Long Island Music Hall Of Fame had induction award ceremony was success.

5.11. I added links to the venues of the Uncle Monk shows in November and December.

4.11. There is cool Osaka Popstar charity The Devil Dog Art Show in New York.

1.11. Tommy Ramone's interviews were published/ shown at least in four publication or TV program in Finland. Tommy and Seymour Stein visited also in London.

1.11. Eileen took photo of new Joey Ramone Place sign.
(Also Joey thanks you Eileen)


30.10. Joey Ramone book by Mickey Leigh and Legs McNeil comes out in the fall of 2009.

29.10. There is going to be lot Ramones tribute shows also in late 2008.

29.10. Teenage Head's lead singer Frank Kerr aka Frankie Venom has passed away. RIP.

26.10. Tommy Ramone's and Seymour Stein's interview will be shown in Finnish TV.

22.10. Uncle Monk does play at least four shows in November.

21.10. Joey Ramone Place sign is now back!

20.10. Tommy Ramone is a special guest in charity single by a musical collaboration Save Nuta.

20.10. Added link to the page of Ramones photo slide show by Marcos Garcia.

17.10. Ramones will be inducted into the Long Island Music Hall Of Fame at the Garden City Hotel on on October 30th.

16.10. Tommy Ramone's and Seymour Stein's interview in Finland is on October 25, 2008.

15.10. You can now find from my news also information of book written of Johnny's early girlfriend Roxy (Cynthia Whitney). I also added really great and before unreleased photo of Johnny and Joey Ramone, Roxy and Linda.
(Thanks Roxy and Robert)

15.10. You can buy now new models of official T-shirts of CJ's current band Bad Chopper and of his old band Los Gusanos.

14.10. You can buy and download Bad Chopper album also from Itunes.

8.10. Johnny and CJ has birthday today. You can listen now at Johnny's site his interview with Steve Jones in 2004...

7.10. Marky Ramone plans to release new Ramones DVD in 2009.

3.10. Florian Hayler just wrote that Arturo Vega will be a special guest in Ramones Museum Berlin in October 8-11.

3.10. Dead Boys DVD contains little introduction speak by Joey Ramone.

2.10. Ramones Museum Berlin will be open again on October 8, 2008.


29.9. Joey Ramone Place sign bandit was caught!

28.9. Nicotine Records released Hamburg Ramönes' second album Long Black Hair.

28.9. I will attend Ramones tribute night in Fredrikstad, Norway. See you soon Norwegian Ramones fans.

26.9. Bossa N' Ramones tribute album does offer Latin feelings and rhythms...

23.9. Here did happen tragedy in my city Kauhajoki, Finland today (eleven people died) and it was in news widely in a world. Tragedy did happen in my old school where I do still visit regularly. Many of you are asked that I, my relatives etc. are OK. We are. Thanks of asking. R.I.P and condolences for other people.

12.9. Tommy Ramone wrote to me of few new Uncle Monk show dates.

10.9. Marky Ramone will do some shows also in October.

10.9. Marky Ramone recorded a song called Stop Thinking with his friend Bluesman.

9.9. Line-up of special Ramones tribute party in Norway got confirmed. I also updated tribute shows by some Ramones tribute bands.

9.9. The Independents is releasing their new CD on October 14, 2008.

4.9. I added few comments by Mariano Asch of the Bad Chopper tour. Report by Mariano comes later.

4.9. The Long Island Music Hall Of Fame has induction award ceremony on October 30, 2008.

3.9. Ramones Museum Berlin will be open again on October 8, 2008


29.8. I added to my Bad Chopper live shows section photos by Marcus Padula from the Bad Chopper show in Sao Paulu, Brazil.

28.8. Uncle Monk will do at least five shows in September-October.

27.8. Also Jonathan Poneman will attend Musiikki & Media music trade fair in Finland.

25.8. I added to my site latest memory texts of Joey, and Dee Dee and Johnny written by you fans...

24.8. Second Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame museum will be opened in Soho, New York, USA.

14.8. Check out review of the Bad Chopper show in Brazil on August 9, 2008.
(Receive many thanks Helio Volpato).

13.8. Tommy Ramone and Seymour Stein will come to Finland in October!

12.8. Check out examples of songs that CJ Ramone and his Bad Chopper are played in South American tour now.

11.8. Monte Melnick also wrote of his feelings of the Johnny Ramone memory event (I added it to page 2).

9.8. There is great Ramones tribute party in Fredrikstad, Norway on October 4, 2008. I will attend this event also.

8.8. Bad Chopper's tour in South-America start today.

5.8. Bobby London wrote a bit more of his feelings of Johnny Ramone memorial event in LA.

4.8. I added story and photos of Johnny Ramone memorial event in Los Angeles.
(Thanks Bobby London and Gaston and Jorge Sanchez)

1.8. Marky Ramone will play in Spain and Greece also in August-September.

JULY 2008

31.7. You can listen Ramones interviews from 1980 and 1981 in Shredding Radio homepage.

29.7. I finally got chance to finish part 2 of report of my trip to North-America in May, 2008. You can find now photos of the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, and from Joey's resting place. Also sad news concerning Diane Hatcher.

29.7. Linda Ramone will make an TV interview in advance of the Johnny Ramone tribute night in LA.

25.7. Bad Chopper made an promotional video of their song Do It To Me.

24.7. Bad Chopper will play in New York one show before Bad Chopper tour in South-America. One venue was changed in their South-American tour.
(Thanks Mariano Asch)

24.7. CJ Ramone will join Boston's Street Dogs onstage for a couple on July 26, 2008.

23.7. I added more details of upcoming event in LA on August 1, 2008. Tommy, Marky and CJ Ramone will be there etc.

23.7. Hurley clothing company has organised some Joey Ramone related events.

18.7. Marky will probably do some appearances in Europe also in August.

18.7. 3 weeks and Bad Chopper tour begin in South-America. I added to my site poster of the show in Cascavel.
(Thanks Helio Volpato)

14.7. I added infos of the upcoming Ramones tribute shows in China, UK, Holland, Germany, USA...

9.7. Venues in Sao Paolo and Bariloche got confirmed in the Bad Chopper tour.

8.7. Theresa Kereakes has an photo exhibition entitled Unguarded Moments Backstage And Beyond.

5.7. I added info of Ramones Nesting Dolls and more info of cool Ramones figures etc. by Alison "Ali" Boyd.

1.7. I finished first part of report of my latest USA trip. Soon comes part two where is about the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

1.7. There is an cool photo exhibition by Paul Zone in Los Angeles on July 12 - August 31, 2008.

JUNE 2008

30.6. Four new venues got confirmed in the Bad Chopper tour. I also confirmed their tour line-up.

30.6. EBTM UK has sale. You can buy there for example with 50% discount Ramones shot glasses, hoodie bag, hoodie shirt, hat and MP3 player case.

30.6. Cristian Martucci is playing now in Black President.

25.6. CJ Ramone played I Believe In Miracles with Pearl Jam in New York.

25.6. I just heard that Bad Chopper will do extensive tour in South America.

24.6. Tommy Ramone, Marky Ramone and CJ Ramone will attend Johnny Ramone's memorial event.

24.6. Tommy Ramone will play at the event of Hungarian TV channel with the Ramones tribute band Hungarian Ramones Mania.
(Thanks Tamas Kovacs)

24.6. Bad Chopper will play in Argentina in August. The Ramones tribute band The Ramonos will also play then.

23.6. Marky Ramone announced few new European festival dates, like one in Serbia.

18.6. I got new photo of CJ's band Bad Chopper. I also confirmed situation of current line-up.

18.6. Fans sorry, I (Jari-Pekka) still not got chance to write and add to my page long report concerning my trip to the USA and Mexico. My report will contain lot material from the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash 2008 etc. Please wait with patient.

6.6. I wrote more details of the Ramones book titled Los Ramones: Demasiado Duros Para Morir.

MAY 2008

28.5. Marky Ramone confirmed summer festival shows in Slovenia, Italy and more in Spain.

27.5. I added new infos and poster concerning Arturo Vega going to the Warped Tour.

19.5. Lovely birthday Joey Ramone. You are today 57 years young and I (Jari-Pekka) 30 years old.

16.5. Uncle Monk will play lot shows in June.

16.5. I updated next Ramones tribute shows by the Romones and Havana Affair Plays Ramones.

12.5. Do you wanna hear country, rockabilly etc. influenced and sentimental version of the Ramones song Poison Heart?.

10.5. David Divine confirmed for me that he will singer also in next Marky Ramone shows.

9.5. New live album by The Queers is recorded at the CBGB's, and it starts with Rockaway Beach.

8.5. I updated infos concerning next Joey Ramone Birthday Bash...

8.5. Marky Ramone just informed of two radio shows.

8.5. Marky had to cancel one show in Mexico. I added infos of four of his performances in June and July.

6.5. Release date of Marky Ramone's and Teenage Head's album in the USA is June 10th.

6.5. The Alturos and 70-Luvun Vihannekset released new CD's.

3.5. I got time to list lot upcoming Ramones tribute shows in the USA, UK, Holland, Argentina etc.

2.5. Richard Lloyd And The SufiMonkeys will be doing a 20 minute set in honor of Joey.
(Thanks: Murray Ramone)

2.5. I added explanation why the Ramones show got cancelled in Porto Alegre in their last South American tour in 1996.
(Thanks: Rodrigo Borges)

APRIL 2008

28.4. Manitoba's Wild Kingdom, Mary Weiss etc. will rock at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19, 2008.

28.4. George DuBose will be releasing the Ramones book in Spanish in June.

24.4. Richie Ramone has lost a lawsuit...

24.4. Arturo Vega will join again famous Warped Tour in the USA and Canada.

15.4. Joey Ramone became an angel seven years ago...

14.4. Finally Marky Ramone's and Teenage Head's album will see a daylight!
(Cheers: Doug Cawker)

14.4. Marky Ramone will be at the opening of the CBGB room at the Orlando.

12.4. The Official Punk Rock Book Of Lists contains also material by the Ramones members.

9.4. Osaka Popstar will release an new live CDEP called Rock'Em O-Sock'Em Live! on May 20, 2008.

9.4. I added more infos of Marky Ramone's show in Tijuana on May 15.

8.4. I added 2 nice drawings by Pablo Sanchez R. to my site, of Joey to Joey Ramone tribute section and of Johnny to Johnny Ramone tribute section.

2.4. You can read review of the Bad Chopper CD by Ricky Flake (aka Lobotommy).

2.4. George DuBose has a exhibition in the record fair in Holland.

2.4. Jesse Malin's cover album contains an Ramones cover.

1.4. Tommy Ramone confirmed for me that he or Uncle Monk doesn't play this year at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

MARCH 2008

26.3. Ramones DVD Raw sold gold also in Spain.

25.3. Uncle Monk will play in Friday in New York. In April they will be heading to Ontario Canada for their first Canadian tour.

25.3. Marky Ramone will do DJ set appearances in Mexico in April.

19.3. Marky Ramone has at least five shows in Mexico in May.

18.3. I added new Ramones tribute shows by four band.

18.3. Marky had a great show in Dubai.

10.3. CJ Ramone and other Bad Chopper members just autographed LP versions of their new album.

10.3 I Slept With Joey Ramone book will be coming out in 2009!

5.3. Marky Ramone will play in Mexico in May...

3.3. Richie Ramone will play at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19, 2008.


28.2. UP Magazine issue #44 contains also a portrait of Joey Ramone.

28.2. The Spinner staff made a list of the best band logos of all time.

26.2. Marky Ramone will play in Canary Islands in this weekend.

24.2. Bram van Schaik did an nice interview with CJ Ramone concerning new Bad Chopper album.

24.2. Vinyl version of the Bad Chopper album is out now!

21.2. Ali Boyd has made Ramones doll set and Joey and Johnny Ramone magnets.

21.2. Next Ramones tribute shows by Ramoones - Tribute To The Ramones and Animal Boys are updated.

14.2. Marky Ramone has unveiled a signature series of safer sex kits.

11.2. I added some new basic infos of Marcelo Gobello's third Ramones book.

9.2. The Rawmones is doing five shows in February-March, 2008.

4.2. Vinyl version of the Bad Chopper album will be released in this month.

4.2. I added infos of the next Ramones tribute shows by the Ramoniacs and Sheenas.

3.2. New The 69 Eyes live album contains Ramones cover I Just Want To Have Something To Do.

1.2. Marcelo Gobello has released his third Ramones book.


31.1. You can attend an East Village punk walking tour in NYC.

28.1. Radio Taxi is a new band of Barbara Zampini.
(1-2-3-4 Mariano Asch)

22.1. Dead Boys DVD will come out on March 18, 2008. Show on it starts with an introduction by Joey Ramone.

20.1. You can now buy tickets to the Joey Ramone's 57th birthday celebration in New York!

15.1. I did own section for Ramones dolls, figures etc. for this my page.

15.1. Bill Webb (Australia) sent me photos of resin model kits that he has made of Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny.

15.1. The King Of Punk documentary contains interview with Marky Ramone.

13.1. Uncle Monk is getting ready to start work on their second album.

13.1. Uncle Monk has a show in next Saturday. I also added infos of show in February.

5.1. Marky Ramone's show venue in Thessaloniki, Greece will be Mylos.

5.1. Marky Ramone was invited to the birthday/ Christmas party of Phil Spector.


23.12. I wanna wish you lovely Christmas. And feel around of you the Ramoniac spirit. I am sure that many of you does send also Christmas greetings for Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny.

23.12. Action figure 2-pack set of Joey and Johnny Ramone will be released in February.

22.12. I added infos of new show dates by the five different Ramones tribute bands.

11.12. There did happen few small changes concerning ordering infos of Bad Chopper album.

10.12. I added new Marky Ramone dates. Marky has DJ show in Toronto in this week. He will has regular live shows in January.

10.12. What about ordering for you or for your friend as a Christmas gift my books: Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone and/or Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone or Ramones shirts, wallets clocks, beanies etc. from EBTM.

7.12. See tracklisting of the The Bad Chopper album. I also added more infos of it.

7.12. I heard today that Ramones doll figures are homemade, which Alfredo, Anna and Helena sent for me. So they are not factory made.

5.12. The Bad Chopper CD is out now!

4.12. I added infos of the Ramones doll figures of the Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy.
(Thanks of the Christmas gift Alfredo, Anna and Helena)

3.12. Christmas release by Ne LuuPojat Surf will come out on December 12, 2007.

1.12. There is also now Ramones page in Hungarian, it is by Tamas Kovacs and his brother.


30.11. Ramoones - Tribute To The Ramones has few shows in December.

28.11. Ramone-a-thon is organised again in Brisbane, Australia. I also added infos of Ramones tribute show in Halden, Norway.

21.11. There is now released updated edition of the On The Road With The Ramones book.

14.11. Uncle Monk will play two shows in this weekend.

7.11. Ramones Museum Berlin have to move it's location...

7.11. I updated my Ramones tribute show section. I did additions/changes of the shows by Ramoones, Animal Boys and Ramones Clones.

4.11. There is a Plaza The Ramones place in La Plata, Argentina now.
(Thanks Mariano Asch)

4.11. I added info of Marky's line-up in shows in Argentina in October.

1.11. Linda Stein was found murdered...


28.10. I added mention of the large Ramones article in Doll magazine in Japan.
(Thanks: Ayumi)

26.10. Finally I got time to add to my page picture-story report of my trip to New York, San Diego, Los Angeles and Tijuana... I was for example at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash again, and I visited Joey's and Dee Dee's resting places and Johnny's statue.

24.10. Marky Ramone will still do many DJ shows in this year.

24.10. I added infos of more than ten new Ramones tribute shows by five different groups.

21.10. Marky Ramone will do a DJ set in Italy, also he does there some interviews etc.
(Hey Ho Let's Go: Usbe)

21.10. I added infos of new Marky Ramone show in Spain.

20.10. I added some new details of next Uncle Monk shows.

18.10. Arturo Vega will visit Ramones Museum Berlin in this weekend! Read also latest news concerning the museum.

18.10. End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones document will be shown in Joensuu, Finland and Michael Gramaglia will be there too.

18.10. I and Tamas Kovacs were thinking how cool it would be to get older this way... (Link goes to YouTube video)

15.10. Marky will play in Texas in November.

12.10. It is easy to claim to be someone else on internet. I added example of someone claiming to be Tommy Ramone.

12.10. I added Marky's comments and feelings of his festival show in China.

9.10. New Ramones book is released in Japan.

5.10. Raw DVD sold gold in Australia!

4.10. I added more infos concerning theatrical premieres of It's Alive 1974-1996 DVD.

3.10. Gao Yang wrote story of Marky Ramone's show which he saw in China.
(Thanks Gao)

1.10. It's Alive 1974-1996 is released in some countries now.


29.9. Uncle Monk will play two shows at the Knitting Factory in New York in November.

21.9. Check out three photos from Marky Ramone's show in China. I also added two new Marky Ramone dates in Spain in November.
(Thanks Gao Yang)

21.9. I added to the end of Bad Chopper info site chords for Real Bad Time song.
(1-2-3-4 TJ Porter)

20.9. There are also digital cinema theatrical premieres of It's Alive DVD.

19.9. Richie will be touring with symphony and pops orchestras also in 2009.

19.9. Richie Ramone opened his official site. Check it out.

19.9. Homer Simpson is singing variation of Spiderman song with a Ramones melody.
(Thanks Marjan)

19.9. I added four dates of Ramones tribute band Ramones Clones.

15.9. ...It is today three years when Johnny Ramone passed away...

13.9. You can watch trailer of the It's Alive DVD at the front page of

12.9. Help George Tabb! Vol. 1 album was released yesterday.

12.9. Uncle Monk shows in UK were postponed.

11.9. More Uncle Monk shows were announced, like one new show is in next Sunday.

8.9. Vote Blitzkrieg Bop to be played at the games of Norwich City football team.

5.9. Ramoones - Tribute To The Ramones announced their next shows.

2.9. I added article of Hilly Kristal from NY Daily News newspaper.


30.8. I also added official statement concerning Hilly Kristal's death. And also Marky Ramone's comments of Hilly.

29.8. Hilly Kristal has passed away...

28.8. Marky Ramone will play in September/ October also in Bahamas, USA and Spain.

24.8. Starz Cinema TV channel presents Too Tough To Die: A Tribute To Johnny Ramone document.

21.8. You can watch one news clip concerning Richie Ramone's performances in last weekend.

17.8. Read Richie Ramone's interview in LA Weekly in August 15.

17.8. I added more infos of the venues etc. of next Uncle Monk shows. and also names of Marky's two venues in Argentina.

16.8. Check out how cool is going to be It's Alive 1974-1996 DVD. I added tracklisting of that double DVD. It is not released yet, but soon...
(Thanks of the help Jan B.)

16.8. Marky Ramone will be playing in Argentina in October.

15.8. No Balls Records released interesting Ramones Solo Performances single.

15.8. I added infos of the Cherry Bomb song which Marky Ramone recorded with Cherie Currie and Wayne Kramer.

12.8. Richie Ramone has three shows in next week.

11.8. Richie Ramone has today birthday, he is today 50 years young. You can also write for him a gongralution here.

10.8. Teenage Lobotomies is playing their next Ramones tribute show in Northern Ireland in August 16. Animal Boys show in tomorrow got cancelled.

9.8. I added infos of the Freddy Got Fingered and Getting There soundtracks and The Brooklyn Boys movie to my Ramones movie and soundtrack appearances listing.

9.8. Tommy Ramone wrote to me that he may postpone UK shows of the Uncle Monk.

7.8. There was released in some countries new Ramones collection titled Essential.

7.8. I added some new show dates by Uncle Monk.

2.8. I added new dates of the Ramones tribute shows by the Rämouns (Germany), the Ramoniacs (USA) and Ramonesmania (Peru).

1.8. There is a photo exhibition by John Nikolai in Boston, USA.

JULY 2007

30.7. Joel Gausten's upcoming book contains also chapter of the Ramones album Brain Drain.
(Thanks Lynne Cameron)

30.7. I added infos of Rob Femur's punk rock show on 107.7 TheEnd called Gabba Gabba Hey.

23.7. Marky Ramone is playing in China in September.

19.7. Read more infos of the Ramones edition of the Converse shoes.

19.7. I added lyrics for the Ramones B-side maxi single song Can't Say Anything Nice.
(1-2-3-4 thanks Rafael Ostos Tapia)

17.7. Read special interview with CJ Ramone. This was published in New Mexican by Wes Smalling on July 13, 2007.

12.7. I added picture story report of the Too Tough To Die documentary preview in LA.
(Thanks Gaston and Javier Sanchez, Carlos Anguiano and Gil)

12.7. Tomorrow comes out cool Osaka Popstar vinyl picture disc.

3.7. I added some new infos concerning It's Alive 1974 - 1996 release.

2.7. Japan version of Osaka Popstar was released on June 27, 2007.

2.7. Joe Queer of The Queers confirmed for me their touring with Marky Ramone.

JUNE 2007

30.6. George DuBose also has an exhibition in Spain in July.

30.6. I added infos of new four shows of Marky Ramone in Europe and one in Taiwan.

29.6. George DuBose released his book I Speak Music - Ramones. DuBose photographed/ designed 8 album covers for the Ramones etc.

29.6. I added three new show dates of Uncle Monk.

25.6. Remember that too Tough To Die documentary etc. will be shown at the Hollywood Forever cemetery in Los Angeles on June 29th, 2007.

22.6. There is now also song by Mickey Leigh's band Stop in a homepage of Stay Thirsty.

14.6. Do you wanna have your photos to be used in a Ramones DVD It's Alive; 1976 - 1996...?

14.6. I added information of next shows by The Rämouns, Ramoniacs, Animal Boys and Ramoones - Tribute To The Ramones.

12.6. The Ramones show at the Provinssirock festival in Finland in 1988 will be shown on Finnish TV.

5.6. Thirsty magazine has review of the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash, interview with Mickey Leigh etc.

5.6. Marky's few DJ set appearances were cancelled, but there was announced also new DJ appearance dates.

1.6. Sadly shows in Holland, Germany, Denmark etc. by Marky Ramone + Joe and Dave (The Queers) + Sebastian (The Expulsados) got cancelled. But there was announced many more shows in Italy, Spain etc.

MAY 2007

26.5. Gaston Sanchez opened his great site with a new style.

25.5. Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio? is included in the soundtrack of the new Shrek3 movie.
(Thanks Alan Giff)

17.5. Now I got chance to finish picture-story report of my trip to Berlin.

16.5. Ramones Museum Berlin will throw a two day party for Joey's 56th birthday.

16.5. Album recorded by Marky Ramone and Teenage Head will be released late summer or early fall in 2007.

16.5. I added infos of the Ramones tribute nights in Tartu, Estonia and in Kuusamo, Finland.

14.5. Too Tough To Die documentary etc. will be shown in Los Angeles on June 29th, 2007.

10.5. Sad news. Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, Richie Ramone will be unable to appear at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash....

10.5. More infos of the raffle concerning the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

10.5. The new issue #20 of legendary Punk magazine is now available.

10.5. I added new Ramones tribute show dates by the Ramones Clones and Rockit To Russia.

8.5. Tommy Ramone wrote to me more infos of the show at the HighLine Ballroom, NYC on May 23.

5.5. Do you want to have the Ramones' version of Spiderman in the movie Spiderman 4?

5.5. New Modern Drummer magazine includes a 5-page spread on Marky Ramone.

4.5. It's Alive is now scheduled for release on September 24, 2007.
(1-2-3-4: Lynne Cameron)

4.5. Here in Finland is the Ramones week on May 12 - May 18, 2007!

3.5. Official Ramones store has a contest.

APRIL 2007

30.4. You can listen one song in Teenage Head homepage where Marky Ramone plays drums.
(Thanks Karl Cuthbert)

29.4. Great news, Tommy's band Uncle Monk is playing lot shows in this summer! I added to my site many new dates. Also infos of benefit show on May 23 (which Tommy attend).

29.4. Uncle Monk has also some radio performances etc.

24.4. I added new tour dates of Marky Ramone in Austria, Germany, Holland, Spain, Denmark, Portugal and Italy in July-August.

22.4. There's a Joey Ramone tribute night in Chile on April 28, 2007.

18.4. Mickey Leigh announced more infos of the performers at the seventh Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

18.4. Marky does lot DJ shows in next months. I added many new dates.

14.4. New York Dolls are playing at the seventh Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

14.4. I added some new dates of Marky's DJ shows.

11.4. Ronnie Spector thanked Joey in her Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame acceptance speech.

10.4. Marky Ramone has still plans to do an album together with Joe Queer and Ben Weasel.

10.4. Marky Ramone will be touring in Europe with Joe and Dave of The Queers in July.

9.4. I added link to the site of the Gabba Gabba Book. Also Lynne Cameron started her Marky Ramone site again.

7.4. Tommy Ramone wrote his feelings of latest shows etc.

2.4. I added more infos of the Walter Lure's tour with the Dee Jaywalker etc. Also some changes in dates.

MARCH 2007

28.3. You can see many great rare photos on Natasha's site, Natasha is punk clothing designer.

28.3. Joey's Memory Birthday Bash is soon sold-out, get your tickets ASAP...

21.3. I added two interview photos of Marky Ramone in Lissabon, Portugal.
(Sweet thanks for you Sandra Nunes)

15.3. Rodney Bingenheimer received his star on the Walk Of Fame in Los Angeles on March 9, 2007.

14.3. I added infos of the next shows by Havana A Go Go and The Blitzkrieg Boys.

6.3. There is released three Ramones stamps in Tuva in 2002.

5.3. Walter Lure will tour in Europe with Dee Jaywalker etc.


26.2. I added some information of Daniel Rey's band The Martinets.

25.2. Marky Ramone will play at the Hodokvas Festival in Slovakia on June 7, 2007.

15.2. Read Marky Ramone's latest letter.

15.2. Marky has a show in Modesto, California in March. I also added more infos of his festival show with Tequila Baby in Brazil.

14.2. You can play for your kids now also real lullaby versions of the Ramones classics.

8.2. The Independents are touring in Europe. Go to the shows and feel Joey's spirit...

7.2. I updated informations concerning Uncle Monk shows.

2.2. Bad Chopper has finished recording their album.


29.1. and 30.1. I added infos of next Ramones tribute shows by Curse Of The Ramones, Havana A Go Go, Rämouns, Ramoones and Melones.

29.1. Joey's mother Charlotte Lesher has passed away.... Rest In Peace Charlotte, together with Joey.

29.1. I added infos of many new Uncle Monk (Tommy's band) shows. Uncle Monk also has fourth show at the International Folk Alliance Conference Showcase.

26.1. The Ramones debut album get The Grammy Hall Of Fame Award.

25.1. Joey Ramone Memory Birthday Bash is at Irving Plaza, NYC on May 19, 2006! Tickets are on sale now.

25.1. Next Marky Ramone And Friends shows are in April.

25.1. Burning Helmets' single contains tribute song to Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny.

18.1. Los Gattos CD is now out! It contains Downhill which Dee Dee co-wrote with the Los Gattos etc. etc.

18.1. I added more details of the Brats On The Beat: Ramones For Kids tribute album.

16.1. Tony Hawk's Project 8 and Shrek3 contains Ramones songs.

16.1. There is a Ramones night in Umea, Sweden on Saturday 20, and in Ashton under Lyne, UK on February 24.

14.1. Uncle Monk has three shows at the International Folk Alliance Conference Showcase.

7.1. Next The 69 Eyes single contains Ramones cover I Just Want To Have Something To Do.

6.1. Ramoones - Tribute To The Ramones is playing their next show on January 10, 2007.

6.1. I added to my site latest memory texts of Joey, and Dee Dee and Johnny written by you fans...

5.1. The Ramones footage is also shortly included in a new U2 video Window In The Skies.


29.12. You'll also see Pinhead song on video from It's Alive show at the Ramones Museum in this weekend.

29.12. There's tomorrow the last show of the Rampe4 festival.

28.12. Ramones documentary can be seen in many countries of Eastern and Northern Europe on January 5, 2007.
(Hey Ho, Let's Go: Kovacs Tamas)

28.12. Marky Ramone And Friends are touring in South America in March.

27.12. Ramones Museum invite you to special It's Alive weekend event.

19.12. I updated infos concerning Richie's plans in next summer, he'll play then special shows etc.

14.12. Marky Ramone will play show also on December 24, it's a benefit performance. Some changes in dates, like one show is in Portugal.

13.12. I added infos of the releases by The Morons and the Trinity.

13.12. I added infos of two Ramones tribute shows (in Indonesia and Switzerland).

13.12. What about ordering for you or for your friend as a Christmas gift my books: Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone and/or Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone or Ramones shirts, wallets clocks, beanies etc. from EBTM.

9.12. The first anniversary party of the Ramones Museum was successful.

4.12. Tommy Ramone's band Uncle Monk announced more shows.

4.12. Ramones 30th Anniversary Jacket is available in Japan.

3.12. Tomorrow is a special screening - featuring Rock And Roll High School - in Los Angeles.

1.12. I added to my site latest memory texts of Joey, and Dee Dee and Johnny written by you fans...


29.11. Rampe4 festival has started well.

27.11. Double DVD is now scheduled for release in August of 2007.

24.11. Tom Waits has recorded two Ramones covers.
(Thanks: Alfredo and Anna)

22.11. Spongebob Squarepants: The Best Day Ever CD contains one song featuring Tommy Ramone.

22.11. More dates for Marky Ramone in Spain in December/January.

21.11. New Mean Idols single contains Ramones cover Poison Heart.

21.11. I added infos of the two Ramones tribute shows in Northern Ireland, one in Norway and one in Finland.

15.11. Tommy Ramone is in a listing of a Hungarian Matula Magazine...
(Thanks: Kovacs Tamas)

14.11. Finnish translation of Everett True's book is now out. It's translated by Pauliina Klemola.

14.11. The new issue of legendary Punk magazine contains a bunch of rare photographs of the Ramones.

9. and 10.11. I added lot more infos concerning Rampe4 festival in Augsburg, Germany.

9.11. Osaka Popstar's Insects video is number 5 on MTV.COM's "Hottest Indie Music Videos".

8.11. Los Gattos CD is released soon by Art Monkey Records!

7.11. Ramones Museum Berlin has first anniversary party on November 17, 2006.

6.11. I added four new dates of Tommy's band Uncle Monk.

1.11. I added tracklisting of the Marky Ramone & Tequila Baby CD and DVD.

1.11. Some cancellations and new dates in Marky's tour with the Antiproduct in December in Spain.

1.11. Rampe4 is organised in Germany from November 17 to December 31, 2006.


31.10. CBGB is been closed now 2 weeks.... Our memories never dies.

30.10. Some comments and feelings by Maria Montoya-Kaye of the 7th annual Dia De Los Muertos Festival.

23.10. There's also movie going to be made of the Joey Ramone. Yes!!!

23.10. Marky Ramone will tour in Spain with the Antiproduct.

21.10. There were some changes in Fiend Fest 06 dates. Also new dates added.


19.10. Go-Kart Records (USA) will release a 12 track Ramones cover album aimed specifically at kids.

13.10. I added extensive diary of my trip to see Osaka Popstar and Misfits shows in UK in September. Diary also includes many photos.

13.10. You can read Lynne Cameron's review of the Osaka Popstar/ Misfits show in Edinburgh.

11.10. Eagle Vision UK released collectors' edition of We're Outta Here.

11.10. Marky's and Tequila Baby's CD and DVD are out now in Brazil and soon in Argentina.

5.10. Read really great Richie Ramone news.

5.10. I added new four dates of Uncle Monk. Their next show is in New York in next Monday.

4.10. You can see now info of Marky's star in a listing of Celebrity Stars by International Star Registry.

3.10. Dee Dee's wife Barbara is doing well in Argentina.

2.10. Walter Lure commented how they chose to play the Rolling Stones song on September 17, 2006.

1.10. I did collect together some infos of CJ Ramone's early band Axe Attack.

1.10. I added some infos of the night at The Continental on September 17, 2006.


29.9. False Alarm's CD cover is painting by Dee Dee Ramone and Paul Kostabi.

26.9. Marky Ramone will attend Raindance Film Festival, there's a world premiere screening of Too Tough To Die: A Tribute To Johnny Ramone documentary.

19.9. I added infos of the next six shows by the Ramones tribute band The Ramoniacs.

18.9. Dear Dee Dee, have a lovely birthday today. You're in our hearts.

18.9. I added Ramones related infos concerning movies The Wicker Man and Cars.

18.9. There's also in this year Ramone-a-thon in Brisbane, Australia.

18.9. Marky Ramone is touring in Osaka Popstar line-up (+ Misfits) in UK and Scotland in this and next week.

8.9. I added more infos of the show at The Continental on September 17, 2006. Also I just heard about the show there in tomorrow.

5.9.2006 CJ will play at The Continental on September 17, 2006.

5.9. The Continental will close it's doors...


29.8. I added some comments how was the Ramones convention in Liverpool.

24.8. Uncle Monk show begin in tomorrow already at 9:00PM

24.8. Fast Remedy is playing first Ramones album at live in Eurajoki, Finland on September 26, 2006. As well I added infos of next Rämouns shows in Germany.

21.8. I added Tommy Ramone's comments of my second book Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone. You can order it for example through PayPal or send money in letter.

21.8. Marky Ramone and Osaka Popstar will play in UK and Scotland in September.
(Thanks Bram van Schaik)

21.8. Mala Difusion Records released new Ramones tribute album.
(1-2-3-4 again to Enzo Jose Sciaini)

19.8. Pauliina Klemola has been doing translation of Everett True's book in Finnish .

19.8. New Rolling Stone magazine in South-America has special material concerning Ramones.
(Thanks Enzo Jose Sciaini)

17.8. I added review of the Marky's show with Tequila Baby and The Queers in Brazil.
(Thanks Helio Volpato)

16.8. Marky is also playing in Fiend Fest 2006! tour.

16.8. Ramonas is playing their next show on August 25, 2006. A percentage of the profits will go to cancer research.

16.8. There's an 3 page long article of Osaka Popstar in Hustler Magazine.

15.8. Ramoones - Tribute To The Ramones are playing their next show on August 19, 2006.

11.8. Los Gattos finished recording their upcoming CD produced by Paul Kostabi.

9.8. Marky is touring in South America and I added link to the photos by William of the Sao Paulo night.
(Thanks William)

6.8. The Ramones played their final concert ten years ago...

4.8. Read Marky's latest news and feelings. I also added new photo.

4.8. There's again going to be in Augsburg, Germany Ramones event.

JULY 2006

28.7. I added some infos and 2 photos from LA event on July 3.

28.7. You can read Lynne Cameron's report of the Marky's show on July 19.

27.7. Check out David Kenyon's new photos of Marky Ramone & Friends show.

20.7. Tequila Baby is band with whom Marky plays again in Brazil in August.

17.7. Curse Of The Ramones has 3 shows now in July.

14.7. There's a Ramones Farewell Show Lottery in Ramones Museum Berlin.

8.7. Tommy wrote to me that Uncle Monk show begin at 9:00PM in July 10.

7.7. Marky plays in Spain on July 22 and 23.

7.7. Karen O'Neill was winner of Lynne Cameron's competion. He won Marky's new compilation CD.

3.7. London production of the Gabba Gabba Hey! musical has been cancelled.

2.7. Three new Uncle Monk show dates added.

2.7. Uncle Monk record is available for digital download (to buy).

2.7. Marky's interview is in LA Weekly homepage.

2.7. I added some new infos of Osaka Popstar release. It's really great.

1.7. More infos of the event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary in Los Angeles on July 3.

1.7. You can play I Wanna Be Sedated on Playstation2 game Guitar Hero.

JUNE 2006

28.6. More news of Los Gattos recording song they co-wrote together with the Dee Dee.

28.6. I added Marky Ramone's new DJ and show dates: 2 DJ set in USA, three shows in Scotland and seven new shows in South America.

27.6. US Vs. UK Punk compilation CD contains Ramones song Beat On The Brat.

23.6. Gabba Gabba Hey! musical arrives to London, UK on July 31, 2006.

22.6. There's Ramones event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary in LA.

22.6. Date and venue of Marky's show in Las Vegas has changed.

20.6. I finished my diary of my trip to New York in May. I hope you enjoy reading of it.

20.6. Rolling Stone magazine has photo of Johnny together with Eddie Vedder.

16.6. You can listen clip of Marky's and John Cafiero's interview on internet.

15.6. I added more infos and one review of Osaka Popstar debut album.

14.6. I added some new infos of Ronnie Spector's new CD and what she wrote of the Joey to the CD booklet.

14.6. George Tabb need help.

8.6. Read first part of my trip diary to New York to the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash... Include many photos.

7.6. Uncle Monk has show also on July 10, 2006. As well I added new Uncle Monk photo taken by me.

6.6. Greatest Hits compilation was released today....

6.6. Arturo Vega bring Ramones memorabilia exhibition with him to The Warped Tour.

6.6. Ronnie Spector released in May her new record and ....

3.6. It will be 4 years since Dee Dee passed away on June 5, 2006. Write your feelings and/or memories of our angel...

2.6. Drum And Bass program did mention the Ramones nicely.

2.6. Pinhead tribute band has a show in Dublin in July.

1.6. CJ Ramone is still working with Bad Chopper album.

MAY 2006

30.5. Gabba Gabba Hey! musical as a movie in Berlin in June 2!

29.5. Ramones memorabilia introduced on Antiques Roadshow TV program.
(Thanks Gil)

29.5. Announced some new Marky Ramone shows in USA in June/July.

28.5. May issue of The Rolling Stone magazine in Argentina has full size cover of Joey and Johnny.
(Thanks Enzo Sciaini)

(I was travelling 2 weeks in New York etc. and I couldn't update my homepage there)

11.5. Three new Uncle Monk live dates in June and July!

10.5. There's going to be in May 19 Joey Ramone pilgrimage in New York + also show at CBGB's Gallery.

10.5. At CBGB's Gallery photograph exhibition will start at 7.

10.5. Tracy Thornton (Pan For Punks) will also do performance at Joey Ramone Birthday Bash on May 19.

9.5. Marky Ramone has been invited for the opening act of Pablo Echaurren's exibition.

9.5. Broken Dreams 2 contains Blitzkrieg Bop.

4.5. Los Gattos will record in this week song they did with Dee Dee.

1.5. I added Marky's comments of the Start Of The Century 2CD.

1.5. Adele also liked of the Too Tough To Die: A Tribute To Johnny Ramone document.

1.5. Lynne has new competion on his site. You can win Marky's Start Of The Century CD.

APRIL 2006

29.4. Marky Ramone is touring in North America in June. Also two new Italy festival dates in July.

29.4. Marky Ramone has now his own star (thanks to Lynne Cameron).

28.4. Too Tough To Die: A Tribute To Johnny Ramone document premier was in Wednesday.

26.4. Marky Ramone interview is on Johnny Thunders release.

25.4. Added three more Uncle Monk show dates.

25.4. I also added infos of next Ram?nes shows. And infos with link of Ramones tribute show in Peru in January 2005.

24.4. There's in Germany also Joey Ramone celebration show on May 19, 2006.

24.4. Lynne Cameron wrote review of the Marky's and Antiproduct's show on April 15, 2006.
(Gabba thanks Lynne)

21.4. Marky has shows in Brazil in May and August. More dates later.

18.4. There's big exhibition of photographs of The Ramones from 27th April through to 4th June 2006 at Proud Galleries in London.

17.4. More infos of photograph exhibit/sales concerning Joey Ramone Birthday Bash.

17.4. Next Ramoones - Tribute To The Ramones show is on April 21, 2006.

15.4. Today, it's five years since Joey got a call from heaven... We always love you Joey.

15.4. Richie Ramone will be attending Joey Ramone Birthday Bash!

14.4. Marky Ramone will not be attending Joey's Birthday Bash in this year.

11.4. Ramones debut album was released on April 23rd, 1976!, soon 30 years ago!

8.4. Osaka Popstar And The American Legends Of Punk will be released in May.

8.4. Remember that Too Tough To Die document will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.

5.4. Worn Free is doing Joey Ramone related T-shirts...
(Thanks Gregory Nicoll aka Concorde)

4.4. Lynne Cameron wanted to do an interview with me.

3.4. Richie Ramone wanted me to tell for you of seal hunting.

3.4. In UK you can get Ramones Toxic Teddies from the Forbidden Planet.

2.4. TV2 will be showing End Of The Century movie on April 5, 2006 in Finland.

2.4. RAW dvd is now #3 in Finnish DVD chart..., last week it was #4 and week before #3.

MARCH 2006

31.3. You can now get both Marky Ramone And The Intruders albums and Marky's live show from 2005 in same release.

31.3. You can read now nice review of the Marky Ramone's show in Manresa, Spain in last week.
(Gabba thanks David Saltiveri)

30.3. Marky Ramone commented his shows in Spain.

28.3. You can now listen worldwide Rodney On The Roq by Rodney Bingenheimer.

28.3. Apulanta's new DVD contains Blitzkrieg Bop.

24.3. Uncle Monk CD is back in stock again.

24.3. I added infos of 3 new tribute shows (Animal Boys, The Gabba Gabba Heys and night of 6 bands).

21.3. Ramoniac journalist got the Hungarian Pulitzer-award.
(Hey Ho, thanks Kovacs Tamas)

21.3. New The Strokes single contains Life's A Gas cover.
(Thanks Andy McAuley)

21.3. I added (to the bottom of the page) link to the not-so-great-quality videos of the Ramones 30th Anniversary Party in LA.

16.3. Tommy Ramone's and Claudia Tienan's band Uncle Monk has released their CD now.

16.3. Uncle Monk is going to have their premier performance on March 18.

16.3. The Bones 10"/MCD starts with the Ramones cover I Wanna Be Sedated.

15.3. Lynne Cameron is doing new contest.

14.3. Dee Jaywalker's solo album comes out in April.

14.3. Ramonettes is playing in Japan and then doing tour in Europe. Also Curse Of The Ramones has new show coming on.

13.3. James Greene Jr does his special thing, it's called The Great Star Wars Synchronicity Project...

9.3. Too Tough To Die document will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in April/ May, 2006.

(No updates for 2 weeks because I was travelling in late February and early March, 2006)


22.2. Photo book Flashback! - Muistikuvia Rockvuosilta 1975-1985 has Ramones material.

22.2. Marky Ramone will be touring in March in Spain and in April in UK.

21.2. Tommy Ramone wrote to me that it will take few weeks more that Uncle Monk CD is ready.

21.2. Read Marky's interview by Tim Krysko.

17.2. New Dee Dee song (he co-wrote it) is seeing a daylight...

17.2. The Continental club on St. Marks Place in New York will no longer offer live music.
(Thanks Ritchie M)

16.2. There's in in Tom Hearn's photo exhibition also an closing reception on February 26.

15.2. The Ramones is one of the greatest American rock band..., like we know, or greatest.

14.2. Remember to buy again your ticket for Joey Ramone Birthday Bash...

14.2. Marky Ramone had to cancel upcoming tour in Europe...

11.2. Annual Grammy Awards was held on Wednesday, Feb. 8...

11.2. Curse Of The Ramones has two gigs coming up in Belfast.

9.2. End of the Century will be broadcasted in The Netherlands.
(Gabba Hey Bram van Schaik)

8.2. Marky's interview is included in a radio series program in the UK.
(1-2-3-4 Lynne Cameron)

8.2. I added to my main page cool b/w photo concening Tom Hearn's photo exhibition.

3.2. There's a cool photo exhibition in Cheshire, CT, USA on February 4 through 28, 2006.
(Thanks: Tom Andrukevich)

2.2. Tommy Ramone wrote to me few new things of the Uncle Monk CD.

1.2. I did a lottery among of buyers of my first book Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone.


30.1. Tommy Ramone E-mailed me that Uncle Monk CD is soon available.

30.1. How many of younger fans knows of the Remains/ Ramainz?, I updated infos of that special group... So many memories.

26.1. Also rap people gives respect for our angels...
(R'R Tamas)

22.1. Marky Ramone is on HDNet TV in this and next week.

20.1. Read newspaper article of Marky's tour in Japan.

19.1. New Ramones story DVD is coming out soon...

16.1. Marky Ramone is touring again also in Europe (in February).

16.1. Lynne added for her site photos from Marky's shows in South America.

15.1. Marky Ramone plays at Club Vuenos on January 17, 2005 (venue changed) and also first show in summer 2006 is confirmed.

6.1. I updated some infos concerning Argentina tribute albums Hoy Los Ramones Manana El Mundo and Tocando Ramones.

6.1. I'll finally do a lottery concerning my first book on February 1, 2006...

5.1. You can read now the Ramones book also in very old language called Eusquera.
(Thanks of the Christmas gift Alfredo, Anna and Helena Cordeiro)

4.1. Swedish National TV will be showing End Of The Century movie.
(Thanks Marcus Gustafsson)

1.1.2006 2005 changed to the 2006 in the Netherlands with a singing by our Joey!
(1-2-3-4 Roel Minnema)


31.12. New version of Rock And Roll High School DVD has lot extras.

If you wish, Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny are also in your spirits during new year's eve. Gabba Gabba Hey shout goes also then 1-2-3-4 way! Have a cool new year's eve!

31.12. You'll get 15% discount now at EBTM store, you'll find there many great Ramones products.

23.12. The Osaka Popstar album will be released in 2006. Marky plays drums on it. Listen now one song free (Christmas gift).

23.12. Remember, (In a spirit of) Joey Ramone's annual Christmas show is on December 30.

23.12. Now we have to hope that Bad Chopper album comes out in early 2006....

12.12. Nominations for the 48th Annual Grammy Awards were announced....

12.12. Ram?nes just released an DVD..

11.12. Infos of Ramoneskidz: Russian DIY Tribute To The Ramones....

11.12. Richie Ramone speaking about animal rights.

10.12. (In a spirit of) Joey Ramone's annual Christmas show is on December 30.

10.12. Tommy just wrote to me that Uncle Monk record should be ready soon.

10.12. Ramones Museum Berlin is open in December from Tuesday till Sunday between 12:00 and 18:00 hours. Museum is closed on Mondays and in December 24, 25, 26 and in January 1.

7.12. Marky played with Pearl Jam in Brazil.
(Thanks William Alves de S?)

7.12. I added 2 photos by Maggie St. Thomas from day when The Ramones fans were celebrating in Mexican style.

7.12. Maggie St. Thomas has a solo exhibit in next week.

2.12. In commemorating Max's Kansas City 40th anniversary, they're having live/silent auction etc. Tommy will be there.
(R'R thanks: Thomas G.)

2.12. Ramones tribute band is playing in Norway on December 10, 2005. .

2.12. EBTM added to their site exclusive vintage range of new Ramones T-shirts.

1.12. Jessica Moore from the USA is lucky winner of Lynne Cameron's contest.


30.11. I wrote a bit wider way of Leaving Home - A Norwegian Tribute To The Ramones tribute album.

29.11. Tickets are now on sale for the 2006 Joey Ramone Memory Birthday Bash!

28.11. Cool exhibition in NYC...

28.11. Marky Ramone tours in Japan in January.

28.11. Release date of God Save The Queen - A Punk Rock Anthology -DVD changed.

22.11. Marky's back up band in Mexico shows is ACIDA.

19.11. Updates concerning Ramones Museum Berlin.

19.11. 2 more GTA games are featuring Ramoniac spirit...
(R'R Matheus Milane)

19.11. Marky's show is on December 19, 2005 at Hard Rock Live (Mexico).

17.11. News about Jeff Salen. Tommy Ramone plays lead guitar on his solo album!
(Thanks Thomas G.)

16.11. God Save The Queen - A Punk Rock Anthology -DVD is featuring Marky Ramone.

16.11. Eddie Vedder has a permanent home at Johnny's house...

15.11. Lynne Cameron has new contest in her site.

11.11. Joey is on game GTA Liberty City Stories...
(Thanks of the info Mirco van de Water)

11.11. Here's link to the EBTM's Ramones section, like they now have Ramones gear for babies also.

11.11. Pan For Punks... A Steelpan Tribute To The Ramones out now in the USA.

10.11. Some of you fans are asked from me if The Ramones Toxic Teddies are official Ramones product, yeah they're.

9.11. Marky Ramone recorded song with Wayne Kramer etc.

9.11. Marky Ramone announced new dates in Argentina and Chile.

6.11. Have you already ordered your Ramones bears???

4.11. I added link to Alan Perry's site, you can see there many Ramones photos from 1977.

3.11. Fans in Mexico wanted Marky quickly back, to play 2 shows more there.

1.11. Hey ho, let's go, check out nice interview with John Holmstrom.


27.10. I added lyrics of song Go Home Ann.
(Enzo Jose Sciaini, thanks)

26.10. Mexican style Ramones party in LA on October 29, 2005.

25.10. Marky Ramone and Tequila Baby are playing again together.

25.10. Pleasant Dreams DVD is a rip-off release. Buyer beware!

25.10. More info of the latest Mojo magazine...

19.10 Rämouns is playing three shows in Argentina.

19.10 Marky confirmed that he'll playing on October 29, 2005 in LA.

18.10. Richard Hell collection contains also 5 tracks where Marky is playing.

17.10. Read Marky's latest letter...

17.10. I added Johnny Ramone tribute texts by Ben Weasel and Goldblade.
(Thanks of reminding Julio Aleman)

15.10. Read little story of Marky's show with Antiproduct some months ago.
(Thanks smily Lynne Cameron)

13.10. Infos of 3 new mags featuring the Ramones.

6.10. Hamburg Ramönes knows how to keep real spirit alive. CD is now out!

6.10. The lucky winner of Lynne Cameron's latest contest is Henrik Sprock (Germany). He won Weird Tales Of The Ramones box and T-shirt. Lynne is doing next competition next month. Visit Lynne Cameron's site

6.10. A rockabilly tribute to the Ramones was released few weeks ago. Tracklisting is same than I wrote before etc.

5.10. Tamas Kovacs translated article of Tommy's special appearance...
(Thanks of nice translation Tamas)

5.10. Walter Lure wrote to me more infos of him singing with The Ramones Street Fighting Man.

4.10. Joey Ramone was honored with the first Lifetime Achievement Award...

4.10. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers release contains Walter Lure singing with The Ramones Street Fighting Man.

4.10. Marky Ramone plays also in Mexico in October.


30.9. Norwegian Ramones tribute album comes out on October 25, 2005.

28.9. Marky's radio show is also repeated weekly.
(Thanks Lynne Cameron)

28.9. There was a Ramones tribute concert by Hungarian ambassador to the USA...
(Thanks Tamas)

28.9. Marky is playing some shows in October.

27.9. Joy, Dee, Honey and Marquee..., action figures...
(Usbe found also those)

24.9. It's Alive tour in Italy has now 4 shows.
(R'R: Usbe).

22.9. So CJ was going to play shows with Daniel Rey and Vom of Die Toten Hosen.

21.9. CJ Ramone was going to play 4 shows in South-America, but tour had to cancel.... I was going to be there as well.

17.9. A cool Ramones related documentary on internet...

17.9. Marky is starting his own radio show on October 4.

15.9. Can you hear it?, Johnny playing for us with his unique downstroke playing style! It's one year today since Johnny passed away. Write your feelings...

12.9. More infos of the Weird Tales Of The Ramones signing in LA 2 days ago.

9.9. I used many many hours to collect for one place different kind of Ramones tribute shows. There's also shows coming in Australia, Italy, Norway etc.

8.9. Ramones museum open doors in Berlin on September 15, 2005...

8.9. Latest news concerning a rockabilly tribute to the Ramones.

6.9. Our heroes were remembered this time by Mike Ness of Social Distortion.
(Thanks Usbe)

6.9. Punk: Attitude punk rock documentary was released today in USA.

5.9. HIM single contains Poison Heart.

5.9. Popular 1 have decided to do the well-deserved homage to the Ramones.

5.9. Lynne Cameron has a contest in his site, you'll win Weird Tales Of The Ramones box and T-shirt.

2.9. Muzzy Rosenblatt is going to burn in hell, read article from yesterday's Village Voice and you know why!

1.9. Guitarist of Marky's band confirmed for me that all shows in USA in August were cancelled...

1.9. I added to my site latest memory texts of Joey, and Dee Dee and Johnny written by you fans...


30.8. Tomorrow is great Save CBGB's art auction in NYC and in Northern Ireland The Lobotomies is headlining night on September 1.

29.8. I added few links to photos and articles/reviews of Marky's latest shows.

25.8. Ramones members are/were genius, like as well you fans, like Howard Trevor Jacobs!
(Article was found by: Julio Aleman)

24.8. Rhino Records created a Ramones Painting program...

23.8. Article of CBGB's by Trent McMartin...

22.8. Heideroosjes is doing another Ramoniac tour!
(Thanks: Willy-Jan van Gemert)

19.8. I wrote story of my trip to see Marky Ramone and the Ramone$ Mania in Wacken Open Air festival.

19.8. You can buy nice and official merchandises also (Ramones, Mot?rhead, CBGBs...) from EBTM!

18.8. 16 new chances to see in Germany and Switzerland Gabba Gabba Hey! musical!

18.8. What Joey Would Do? Sign a petition to get Mot?rhead to the Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame!
(1-2-3-4 Andreas)

17.8. Sire Records is celebrating soon its 40th anniversary.

16.8. Weird Tales Of The Ramones comes out today....

15.8. A rockabilly tribute to the Ramones comes out on September 13. Use special code and get a 20% discout of it.

15.8. Photo of Tommy Ramone etc. from "Save CBGB's" press conference.

14.8. More information of the Gabba Gabba Book + photo of the cover.

14.8. Marky's book comes out in 2006.

9.8. CBGB's is still in danger.... Save CBGB's festival month is started!

9.8. Marky's show in Sacramento is now on October 8, 2005.

1.8. Live At Continental: Best of NYC, Volume 1 is out now.

1.8. Marky is going to play in August also in Dallas and Houston.

JULY 2005

29.7. You can order my second book also from

29.7. Punk: Attitude documentary has interview with Tommy Ramone.

28.7. Photos from the screening of Rock'N'Roll High School movie etc. in July.
(R'R hugs to: Maggie St. Thomas)

28.7. See cover of Weird Tales Of The Ramones.

26.7. Dee from the former Marky Ramone And The SpeedKings is been busy as a solo artist.

26.7. Marky's show on August 14, 2005 changed back to The Forum Waterford.

19.7. Announced new Marky Ramone concert dates in Manchester, Saugus and Sacramento.

18.7. Mucchio Selvaggio is an Italian music magazine and it's latest special mag is dedicated to the Ramones.
(Gabba thanks Usbe)

14.7. There's Dee Dee's paintings in a two-part group exhibition organised by John Nikolai. And also works by many many more artists...

13.7. Latest UP Magazine has 4 Ramones related reviews.

7.7. You can now pre-order Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Marky Ramone Toxic Teddies!

7.7. I added link to the online review of a CD MAIN MAN: A Tribute To Dee Dee Ramone.

6.7. The Portuguese version of Dee Dee's biography is out!
(Thanks: Alfred Bilyk)

JUNE 2005

28.6. Marky Ramone's venue in Belfast changed to bigger one (Limelight) on August 10, 2005 + San Antonio show added.

25.6. On July 8th, there's an exclusive screening of clips from the unveiling ceremony of Johnny's statue etc.

25.6. Latest issue of a Spanish magazine Efe Eme contains a Ramones book.
(Thanks Alfredo Cordeiro + Anna and Helena)

23.6. Gabba Gabba Hey radio show airs every Saturday.

23.6. Pan For Punks... A Steelpan Tribute To The Ramones!?

23.6. The attitude and spirit lives on with the music of the Hamburg Ramones.

22.6. Release date of The Weird Tales Of The Ramones compilation postponed + more infos of it.

17.6.You know, Marky is not playing with the Misfits

16.6. Sign the petition to get the New York Dolls also into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame! Click here.

16.6. Check out picture-story report of my trip in NYC and Toronto in May, 2005
(Thanks for every friendly people whom I met!)

16.6. Together with a first pressing of my second book comes again a CD MAIN MAN: A Tribute To Dee Dee Ramone!! Order book and CD now!

14.6. Marky plays in Austin on August 23, 2005.

13.6. I added 2 links to the photos, here you find link to the photos of Joey's Birthday Bash and here to the photos of Marky's show in Brazil!
(R'R: Josie Montserrat and William Alves de S?)

10.6. 2 photos: Marky signing autographs in Brazil today, few hours ago!
(Thanks to Matheus Ramone, Coinha Ramone and Xico Ramone)

10.6. New Ramones book is out in Italian language!
(Thanks Kamanzy)

8.6. Marky Ramone plays at Lomas De Zamora in Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 12, 2005.

7.6. Bram van Schaik was lucky to see Gabba Gabba Hey musical! He also did review of it with photos.
(1-2-3-4-t-h-a-n-k-s Bram)

5.6. Dee Dee, It's Not For Me Easy To Remember All Lovely Memories Concerning You. It's Now 3 Years Since You Passed Away...

4.6. I was travelling 3 weeks (New York, Toronto etc.) and I came back today. I'll do update soon with extra cool pics...

4.6. Marky plays in August also in Milton Keynes and London.

MAY 2005

26.5. Marky plays in Brazil in June 10!
(R'R again Erik Pietz)

22.5. Here's link to the Interpunk store where you can also get my second book Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone.

21.5. Few new dates to the Marky's tour. Give before the shows plenty of Hey Ho Let's Go chants!

20.5. Marky played with Lisa Marie Presley etc. on May 19, 2005.

17.5. is also in future site of the fans!

11.5. More details of Joey Ramone's 54th birthday celebration. Event is now sold-out!

11.5. The Joey Ramone Birthday Bash Art Extravaganza is between May 14th - June 3rd.

8.5. Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Marky Ramone are making their way to Bearsville...

6.5. The Marky Ramone show was cancelled yesterday.
(Thanks Bob Mala)

6.5. I added more Ramones related information of new Metallica DVD.

6.5. 8 new dates of Marky Ramone - 2 in USA and 6 in Ireland.

6.5. Only 13 days and we celebrate Joey's birthday again...

5.5. An exhibition of paintings by Dee Dee Ramone, Paul Kostabi etc. take place from June 11th until June 21st, 2005 in Paris!!!

5.5. Issue 44 of Black Velvet Zine is out now!

5.5. Ramones oriented night in Augsburg, Germany on May 12, 2005.

Marky wrote more for me his thoughs...

4.5. Marky Ramone plays with his friends some shows also in June.

1.5. You can support site to win fight against WEA. Click here.

APRIL 2005

30.4. Doll magazine in Japan did again interview with Marky Ramone. Japan fans contact me, if you can get me this issue.

30.4. Marky, CJ Gunn, Aaron and David is line-up of USA tour...

28.4. "Andy "Dots" Doherty has left his earthly body, but his spirit has been released to soar forever, in perfect peace..."

28.4. Small changes concerning dates of Marky's tour in USA.

27.4. New promo pic concerning Tarja of Nightwish.
Thanks of the surprise Mariano Asch and your wife.

23.4. Again new compilation by Rhino Records... Weird Tales Of The Ramones.

23.4. I collected Gabba Gabba Hey! musical details under one page. USA shows in spring 2006. Only few weeks to Berlin dates...

22.4. I added big amount of new Johnny Ramone memory texts by you fans...

21.4. I did search many different release dates of the End Of The Century DVD...

20.4. Marky is at the Knitting Factory in New York City on Tuesday, May 10.

19.4. Lynne Cameron did started Marky Ramone homepage. You can also send for her your Marky stories.

19.4. A while daylight saw Guitar Tribute To The Ramones CD.

15.4. You can write a protesting E-mail to try to save Read details here!

14.4. New Metallica DVD is a lot praised.

13.4. Marky confirmed that we won't be on the next European tour of the Misfits.

13.4. WEA/ Warner is against Fansite Can you believe, read story I posted to Joey's message board. What Joey would think of this situation!?!

12.4. Russian Ramones fans, I just heard this and I wanna inform you: Tarakany (who toured with Marky Ramone), Zuname, Ulji etc. plays tomorrow at Sexton in Moscow (April 13, 18:00 ->) a charity show for a guy who is in coma etc. after 15-20 nazi-bastards beat up him and 10 other punks to the hospital with crushed skulls and bones... And there's another charity concert of several hardcore bands on April 17.

11.4. Todos Somos Ramones listening party was success.

8.4. Lisa Marie Presley's album contains cover of the Ramones song Here Today, Gone Tomorrow etc.

7.4. Marky Ramone tour in USA in May, 2005.

6.4. Tomorrow is release part of All Good Cretins Go To Heaven - A Tribute To The Ramones CD in Munchen, I added timetable details etc.

5.4. Johnny Ramone obituary writing by Donna Gaines added.
(Hey Ho Thanks Donna)

4.4. RAW got one award in 1st Ever Music DVD Awards.

4.4. Click here to see the funny video for Somebody Put Something in my Drink in a Cary Grant's site.
(Thanks Craig)

3.4. Some of my feelings and comments concerning Todos Somos Ramones...

3.4. There's listening party of Todos Somos Ramones doubleCD in NYC.

MARCH 2005

30.3. Marky confirmed that he quit playing with Jerry and Dez.....

30.3. Marky had fun with Tony Hawk.

25.3. Sign the petition concerning CBGB's etc.!
(Thanks Lynne Cameron again)

21.3. I added infos concerning subtitles of End Of The Century DVD etc.

21.3. All Good Cretins Go To Heaven - A Tribute To The Ramones is released today!

20.3. Infos of few new interesting magazine/fanzine releases.

17.3. You can order now also my second book from Really cool store, what is been supporting bands and "punk scene" with cool attitude. Respect.
(Thanks Nick P and staff)

15.3. Fans, Johnny passed away exactly 6 months ago. Write your feelings of it to my next book...

14.3. Continuum International Publishing Group published Ramones book by Nicholas Rombes.
(Thanks David Barker)

11.3. Misfits plays also in April in Mexico.

11.3. Second live release party of All Good Cretins Go To Heaven - A Tribute To The Ramones CD is in Hamburg.

11.3. Marky will play with Ramones$ Mania also more than 2 shows in August.

10.3. Marky's latest letter with exciting news.

8.3. There's a live release party of All Good Cretins Go To Heaven - A Tribute To The Ramones CD.

8.3. RAW sold gold also in the UK!
(R'R Lynne Cameron)

8.3. Green Day dedicated Wake Me Up When September Ends to Johnny Ramone.
(Gabba thanks Vic Leilua)

4.3. So, End Of The Century DVD comes out in USA on March 15, 2005! I added latest infos like what extras DVD contains etc.

4.3. Mariano Asch wrote manysided report of Marky's, Mickey's etc. tour in South-America.
(1-2-3-4 goes to writer and photographer: Mariano Asch).

3.3. Some Sweden related news.

2.3. New Die Toten Hosen single contains Rockaway Beach!
(Cheers Thorsten Schaar)

2.3. Carlos A Claudio from Brazil won RAW DVD in a competion by Lynne.

1.3. I think you wanna see Ramones pictures taken at the Rainbow Theatre, UK on New Year's Eve, 1977...
(Thanks Mark Bannister)


23.2. Chip Dayton compiled first photo book of The Ramones.

20.2. Also Marky wrote his feelings of the tour in South America.

19.2. Read Mickey Leigh's great and cool story of his and Marky's tour in South-America...
(Thanks Mickey of permission to use this).

18.2. Added link to George DuBose's site, the photographer who was responsible for many Ramones promotional photos in 1990's, and several covers too. Also sell photos as "fine art" signed and dated prints.

17.2. CBGB's... WHAT! ...Hilly really doesn't deserve that.

17.2. George DuBose said few comments of All Good Cretins Go To Heaven - A Tribute To The Ramones CD.

15.2. Read nice interview with Marky.

15.2. Gabba Gabba Hey! musical is being staged in Germany this spring 2005 and at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland this summer 2005.

15.2. The Ramones into Alternative Press' Hall of Fame.

15.2. I got time to add next set of Johnny Ramone memory texts by you fans...

14.2. Release date of All Good Cretins Go To Heaven - A Tribute To The Ramones is now on 21 March, 2005!

10.2. Misfits announced 3 new dates around NYC.

8.2. Finally, I got time to finish picture-story of my trip with to Marky Ramone's and Tarakany's shows in Sweden. Enjoy!!!

6.2. Closing date to a funny caption contest by Lynne Cameron is now February 28, 2005. Try your luck!

2.2. Homepage of the All Good Cretins Go To Heaven - A Tribute To The Ramones album is open now!

1.2. Continuum will be publishing a new book about Ramones: Ramones album.


31.1. I updated Marky's and Mickey's South-America and Mexico dates + added more info.

31.1. The Misfits & Marky Ramone plans to play some summer festivals in Europe.

28.1. ...I just returned from Marky Ramone and Tarakany! tour. Pics and story comes soon to my page (+ I get chance to start answering your E-mails on January 30). Everything was perfect and soon you'll for example find a pic when Backyard Babies got honour to play together with Marky... Enjoy last dates of the tour

22.1. Greetings from tour of Marky Ramone and Tarakany! from Sweden. Marky just wanted to write a text to the front page of my site for you fans!

22.1. Marky's & Tarakany's showdate of V?steras is changed and show in Borl?nge, Sweden is cancelled!

20.1. So many of you are asked more infos of Todos Somos Ramones doubleCD. ENJOY READING AND ORDER!

20.1. Marky's and Tarakany's show at Doornroosje in Nijmegen just ended, and Bram van Schaik already sent this photo... He's so quick, that don't believe when Bram says his age ;) ...and 2 hours later famous photographer, and Bram's friend, Willy-Jan van Gemert wrote to me some songs they heard...

20.1. I added 6 nice photos from Johnny's statue ceremony by Gaston Sanchez and Maggie St. Thomas (Thanks you cool people). + one to front page.

20.1. More information concerning End Of The Century movie dates in Japan.
(Thanks Atsuko)

19.1. Marky Ramone, Jerry Only and Dez Cadena will return to Tokyo...

17.1. Gothenburg show of Marky & Tarakany! is re-scheduled.

17.1. Marky Ramone was just at a Conshohocken recording studio laying down the classic I Wanna Be Sedated.

17.1. I added Yahoo! News article of Johnny's statue + link Getty Images page.
(Cretin dance to Lynne Cameron)

16.1. Finally, Ramonez '77 album is here!

15.1. See pic of Johnny's statue and Linda from LA Times.

12.1. "Johnny statue" ceremony will take place from 3 PM to 5PM.

10.1. I added an article from the Los Angeles Times newspaper concerning Johnny Ramone statue.
(Thanks of sending article: Annie McCormick)

10.1. I got translation of Japan language concerning End Of The Century dates in Japan.
(Obeisance Atsuko)

9.1. Some changes and additions concerning Marky Ramone's and Tarakany!'s tour!

8.1. I got more details of Johnny Ramone statue...

8.1. End Of The Century mania goes on in North America, UK and Japan...

7.1. Gabber Gabber Hey CD is a loud and fast accelerated tribute to The Ramones.

7.1. Remember that Marky Ramone is touring together with Tarakany! on January 13-30. I go to see some shows in Sweden.

6.1. Read Tommy's interview from Guardian newspaper.

6.1. Johnny Ramone statue...

6.1. The street date of End Of The Century DVD changed in UK. USA date is February 15.

6.1. Do you wanna win a copy of RAW DVD?

6.1. Lynne Cameron wrote review of Ramonas show!

5.1. I added tracklisting of really cool Ramones tribute album All Good Cretins Go To Heaven - A Tribute To The Ramones, it's coming out probably in March.

4.1. Paul Simonon of The Clash collected together CD and it contains Blitzkrieg Bop.
(Thanks Gavin Hilzbrich and Julio Alem?n)

4.1. Added this cool promo photo of me and HIM concerning my Rock In Peace: Dee Dee And Joey Ramone book.

4.1. Heideroosjes DVD contains nice Ramones tribute.

No updates in 2 weeks because first I was travelling 1 week in Estonia and then in Finland, like I was in Clash tribute show and having fun with my friends and 69 Eyes, HIM guys + enjoyed their shows etc. And love goes to Denise (Kentucky, USA).


19.12. Yeah, finally, Ramones tribute album Todos Somos Ramones by Rockaway Records is coming out next week!

19.12. Netherlands mags in a Ramoniac wave again!

17.12. Read review of Misfits show in Germany, and see some video clips from Gerhard's site of the show.

17.12. Murray Ramone did again cool job, check out the interview etc.

17.12. In France the street date for the End Of The Century movie is on February 22, 2005.
(Cheers Thierry Layec)

16.12. Marky Ramone & Joey's brother Mickey Leigh perform together Joey's and Ramones songs in South-America.

16.12. More infos concerning (In a spirit of) Joey Ramone's annual Christmas show on Dec. 30.

Sorry, my site was down 3,5 days. Hard disk of server got broken. My site was up again on December 16, 2004.

10.12. Erkko from Hairikot can do now more well his "Mosrite copy" Esrite's. Check out details.

9.12. Marky plays with Ramone$ Mania 3 festival shows in Germany in summer.

8.12. Tartan Films announced release date of End Of The Century movie.
(Thanks Murray and Lynne)

5.12. Wow, Marky again in road... Marky Ramone has again teamed up with Russia's best-known punk band, Tarakany! for a 16 date European tour.

5.12. End Of The Century is shown in Argentina on December 6-8.

5.12. *Sniff* Again Ramones fans lost something really important from New York - Wowsville from East Village. WOWSVILLE RECORDS going-away bash was on Dec. 2, 2004. Alberto and Sonia has decided to close up shop and move the store back to Valencia, Spain. All the best for them.

4.12. Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone book costs now 18 euros/ 20US$.

2.12. Check out Woimasointu's 3-year Birthday Competition!

1.12. I added new promo photo of me and Alexi Laiho concerning my second book.

1.12. Ramonas girl group played Johnny Ramone tribute.


30.11. Marky and John Cafiero does new instore signing on Dec. 10.

30.11. Psycho Therapy video a clich??, don't see a dream, it's cool.

26.11. Fraebbblarnir and Grolschbusters released new albums.

25.11. There was some total asshole in audience at Knust in Hamburg.

24.11. Raw DVD sold gold in USA.

22.11. More than 800 000!!! visitors in my page, thanks you best of the best fans: "You're the best, most loyalist, and that's for sure When life gets oh so frustrating You make it all worthwhile."

22.11. Independets survived bad car accident alive, tour postponed.

22.11. You can suggest questions to the Marky Ramone.

18.11. My news page contains now only news from Janury 2003 to the present time. I stored news between 2002-2000 also to the "older news section". It's good to read them sometimes and remember when I was for example informing of Joey's shows or Johnny performing first time after Ramones retired. Count how many days I've been running my page, all the time without any real break!
Thanks to Jon Mamum who recently supported my work really nicely.

18.11. Independents is touring now in Europe.

18.11. New York Rocks compilation see daylight early next year.
(Thanks sweet Lynne Cameron)

18.11. I updated Johnny tributes... It's more than 60 days of teardrops...

17.11. Three new End Of The Century movie dates in Amsterdam. I also updated latest USA/ Canada dates.

15.11. The Knuckle Sandwiches will be playing the Ramones' entire Leave Home album.

13.11. CJ Ramone & Bad Chopper are in Russian collection CD.

11.11. Shortly before his death Johnny Ramone decided to share with fans his passion for old movies.

10.11. OBS, people who are going to Misfits show tomorrow in Montreal, venue is changed, now it is taking place at Salle A Berry, Montreal.

6.11. Three new End Of The Century movie dates in Denmark and one in Northern Ireland.
(Thanks Niels Markussen and Andy McAuley)

6.11. Let your feelings and all the memories fly while reading new set of Johnny Ramone memory texts by you fans...

3.11. Misfits confirmed date of their annual New York christmas show.

2.11. New edition of The Johnny Thunders tribute album was released on October 28.

2.11. I updated tributes to the Johnny section.

1.11. Dates of the End Of The Century film in Stockholm International Film Festival are announced.


30.10. Ramone-a-thon is organised also this year in Australia

29.10. I added more infos of The Beautiful South's Blitzkrieg Bop cover version.

28.10. Marky and John Cafiero gave me right of use to use great picture of Marky. Thanks.

28.10. Read interview about Ramones Raw from October 13, 2004 issue of East Coast Rocker.

26.10. Marky asked me to add great chart position news etc. concerning RAW.

26.10. There's no coming Scandinavia tour for Misfits...

23.10. End Of The Century movie is shown in Stockholm International Film Festival.
(R'R Juki Lehtola)

23.10. Number 1 selling band in the UK covered Blitzkrieg Bop.
(I got info first from Dean Roderick, thanks)

15.10. See report with 16 photos by Maggie St. Thomas of the October 8, 2004 show...

15.10. New link concerning Pinhead Radio Website.

13.10. Rock in nice Ramones related party in Friday in Berlin, Germany.

13.10. I got finally again chance to add lot new Johnny memory texts by you fans, and I also added one pic of Johnny from 2002....

12.10. Tomorrow Marky and John Cafiero will be in Sirius Satellite radio.

8.10. Latest Up Magazine is featuring many Ramones related releases.

8.10. I added links to Maggie's, David's and Sherry's pics of the Los Angeles 30th Anniversary Party.

7.10. Loudmouth! parties are back!.

7.10. Gerhard "General" Seckler organise in his homepage Ramoniac draw.

6.10. Marky and John Cafiero are on WFMU radio.
(Gabba thanks to Heiko Gerdes)

5.10. I added some quotes from reviewers about the Raw DVD.

5.10. John Cafiero wrote about Johnny...

4.10. I added more infos concerning New York party on October 8.

1.10. End Of The Century got also extra screening at the 12th annual Raindance Film Festival in London.

1.10. I asked about Richie's current situation...


30.9. I used again long time to add huge, huge amount of Johnny memory texts by you to my site.

30.9. I added Johnny memories/ statements by Rob Zombie, Henry Rollins and Kirk Hammett of Metallica.

30.9. Rhino Records is releasing a definitive Ramones boxed set.

29.9. I added 2 Johnny obituaries from newspapers...
(Thanks Roger Boyd)

28.9. Timo Pullinen opened his homepage of his Ramones collection.

24.9. I got chance to add next set of Johnny Ramone memory texts by you fans.

23.9. Ramonettes will be touring in Europe now... Check out the dates from their site.

23.9. I got now chance to do picture-story report of my trip to Los Angeles on September 6-16, it contains many pics from The Ramones 30th Anniversary Show etc.

22.9. More infos of the New York party on October 8th, 2004...

22.9. Infos of 2 more tributes for Johnny added...

22.9. I added three pictures featuring Johnny, thanks Maggie St. Thomas, Lothar Felkel and Kenny Cretins.

21.9. I got time to add lot Johnny Ramone memory texts by you dear fans.

21.9. Henry Rollins writes in his book Broken Summers for example of Dee Dee and me...

20.9. I added Johnny Ramone statement from Marky Ramone

20.9. On October 2, fans in the U.K. will have the chance to see RAMONES RAW on the big screen...

19.9. I'm still travelling, but got chance to add more informations concerning Johnny tributes...

16.9. I added first set of Johnny Ramone memory texts by fans, when I was still in LA, just before my flight back to Finland...

16.9. Tommy Ramone will be a call in guest on Howard Stern on September 17....


15.9. The Strokes and Blondie are headlining show in NYC on October 8th.

14.9. Marky and John Cafiero will be meeting fans and signing autographs on September 29th.


13.9. Misfits cancelled the show in St. Petersburg, Russia.

10.9. There will be also a benefit party in NYC, USA...

10.9. Devo will be on stage also on Sunday. You'll also buy my books on this event.

6.9. Monte wrote some more infos concerning signing on Sep 11....

3.9. Remember to visit book signing at Tower Records on September 11th..., Tommy etc. attends it.

3.9. I added 5 new Misfits dates (in Mexico, Canada and USA).

2.9. Tommy Ramone confirmed for me that he also attend Ramones 30th Anniversary Party.

2.9. Phillippe Derouck was winner in Lynne Cameron's contest.

1.9. Boogie's music shop is dedicated to Joey...


31.8. I added review of End Of The Century movie by Linda Iorio.

29.8. Tommy Ramone asked me to add to my site his latest feelings concerning Gabba Gabba Hey! musical.

28.8. Check out some nice pics in DJ Strip's site.

27.8. I added 2 reviews of the Gabba Gabba Hey! musical.
(Thanks William Ferrier)

27.8. Marky asked me to add info that the show in Los Angeles will be a Ramones production.

26.8. I added 10 new Misfits dates, like one in Mexico etc.
(Send a "thanks" rose to: Lynne Cameron)

25.8. I added comments by William Ferrier concerning Gabba Gabba Hey! musical...

25.8. Big Ramones tribute party in Germany in November.

18.8. Misfits announced 6 German dates in November. Also dates changed concerning Russian shows (one day changes).
(Hugs Lynne Cameron)

17.8. Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam will also appear on September 12...

16.8. The Ramones 30th Anniversary Party got sold-out in a few minutes, and it's probably show for 21 and over...

16.8. Read interview concerning RAW DVD.

16.8. Marky Ramone plays drums on Osaka Popstar's debut album.

10.8. Lot more details of the RAW DVD, it's gonna be really great.

9.8. Wow, what are these news of the Ramones 30th Anniversary Party.

4.8. List of the songs everyone played at the book/cd release show in Hamilton...
(Thanks Pete Ellery)

3.8. I added some new Misfits concert dates (in Russia etc.)

1.8. I added new press photo where I'm together with Andy McCoy of Hanoi Rocks. Andy was seen my book already, Lemmy from Motorhead was shown it to him :)

JULY 2004

29.7. ...latest news concerning release date of We're Outta Here -DVD...

24.7. I added more screening dates of the End Of The Century - The Story Of The Ramones movie.

22.7. You can pre-order RAW DVD now.

21.7. I added schedule of the book/CD release party in Hamilton, Canada.

21.7. Lynne Cameron sent review of The Misfits show in Brighton on July 16.
(Cheers Lynne)

16.7. I added more info of the book/CD release party in Hamilton, Canada.

15.7. New Ramones live DVD comes out on December 31.
(Thanks Julio Alem?n)

13.7. Misfits returns to road tomorrow. Also some changes/ additions on tour.

13.7. Lynne Cameron is organising again a contest, check out more infos.

8.7. Pearl Jam recorded acoustic live cover of I Believe In Miracles for their album.
(1-2-3-4 Bram van Schaik again)

6.7. I added link to Ramones Concert Retrospective site

5.7. Tommy Ramone is musical director of a new Gabba Gabba Hey! musical.

1.7. We are doing a book/CD release party at the Underground in Hamilton, Canada on July 23!!!

JUNE 2004

30.6. MAIN MAN: A Tribute To Dee Dee Ramone is out now!!! Three cheers for Larry Retard, main man behind the CD.

30.6. More info of the Captain Oi!'s re-releases of the 4 Ramones albums in the UK.

28.6. Marky's Spoken Word was cancelled yesterday because technical problems. I added also Marky's explanation letter.

27.6. End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones movie will be seen in theatres in USA in August!

27.6. New The Boys collection contains Joey's old article of that great band. I also added some Ramones related stories of The Boys.

24.6. Now is released new tribute album called Sniffin' Glue: A Las Vegas Tribute To The Ramones.
(Thanks Julio Alem?n)

23.6. Marky Ramone will perform on stage with Electric Frankenstein in memorial to Dee Dee Ramone, Joey Ramone and Robert Quine.

23.6. Johnny got out of the hospital on June 22.

21.6. Marky asked me to issue the statement (concerning Johnny) from him.

17.6.-18.6. News worldwide of the Johnny's condition are too dark, he's getting better.

18.6. Blitzkrieg Bop is in a new football compilation CD in UK.
(Cheers: Dean Roderick)

15.6. News about Johnny's condition are true, but he's not dying....

15.6. The Tip Toppers released great Subterranean Jungle -cover album.

14.6. Collider has released interesting CD titled WCYF.

13.6. Wild At Heart (club) collection contains Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings song.

10.6. Misfits announced new dates in July and September.

10.6. Robert Quine passed away...
(Thanks Jeescy Pouliot and Deborah Olin)

6.6. As well check out really great photos of the Joey Ramone's Birthday Bash and of the Misfits show by Josie Montserrat.

5.6. Dear Dee Dee, you will be forever loved. We remember you always. It's today 2 years since you became angel...

3.6. See John Nikolai's photos from Joey Ramone's Birthday Bash and info of his exhibitions.

3.6. Captain Oi! is re-releasing 4 Ramones albums with bonus songs in the UK in June 2004.
(Gabba thanks again Mariano Asch)

2.6. I added info why Bad Chopper had to cancel show in May 21.

MAY 2004

30.5. I added some new pics of my trip to New York, also 4 pics by Mike Breschard and photo of Lynne Cameron's brand new Marky tattoo.
(Thanks Mike and Lynne)

28.5. Now I got chance to do and add picture-story-report of my latest trip to New York. Thanks for all lovely people I met, I miss you...

28.5. I added 2 press photos concerning my second book.

After mid May I was in New York at Joey's memory birthday party and doing release party of my second book in NY.

15.5. I added infos of my second book, I hope you're surprised of the list of people on it, this book is also full of love for what Dee Dee and Joey Ramone and the rest of the Ramones family did for all of us.

15.5. Joey Ramone's 53rd Birthday Bash is sold-out!

15.5. There's in Estonia Joey Ramone tribute show on May 20.

13.5. I added info of the new The Best Of The Ramones collection.

13.5. I added schedule of the Joey Ramone's 53rd Birthday Bash.

12.5. Live NYC 1978 live album is out now also as a double vinyl.
(Thanks Pete Trenholm)

11.5. I added few Misfits dates in USA and one Bad Chopper date. Good dates/news if you arrive to NYC for Joey's Birthday Bash.

11.5. End Of The Century - The Story Of The Ramones will be shown twice at 51st Sydney Film Festival.
(Thanks Heiko Gerdes)

10.5. More news concerning exhibition of Dee Dee's paintings etc. at the gallery 84 GHz in Munich, Germany. It begin on May 14, 2004.

10.5. B-side of new Danko Jones single is The Return Of Jackie And Judy.

APRIL 2004

28.4. Some changes in Marky's Spoken Word shows in Australia. Also added one New York date.

26.4. I added article concerning End Of The Century movie from the New York Times by Bill Werde.
(Cheers Randy Wisebrod)

22.4. Reminder that Marky plays with Misfits in this week in Holland and Belgium.

20.4. I added nice collage of the Joey by Paola Thompson to my Joey memory page, this one which you see first...
(Thanks, it's beautiful collage Paola)

16.4. Read nice review of Marky's Spoken Word show at the Edinburgh.
(Hugs of the review Lynne Cameron)

16.4. Dee Dee's etc. many paintings are now at the exhibition in Munich, Germany.

15.4. Joey died three years ago. He lives through us forever...

10.4. Movies End Of The Century - The Story Of The Ramones and Hey is Dee Dee Home will be shown at film festival in Argentina.
(Thanks Mariano Asch)

9.4. Joey's brother Mickey informed more names who will be at the Joey Ramone's 53nd birthday celebration in New York...

9.4. Ramonez '77 from Germany release tribute single and they has Joey tribute show etc.
(Thanks Heiko)

1.4. Marky's Spoken word tour started again some days ago.

1.4. MSNBC listed the 10 best rock bands ever.

MARCH 2004


27.3. The Bowery Electric, A Tribute To Joey Ramone EP was released by label No Tomorrow in Spain.
(Big cheers again to Alfredo Cordeiro)

23.3. There's next Saturday first Ramones tribute show in Estonia ever!

20.3. Fans, if you know current E-mail address of Michael Schmidt (who lives/ was living in New York area), please ask him to Email me or send me his Email.

20.3. Johnny gave interview to The Washington Times.
(Thanks Sanna)

17.3. Marky plays more shows with Misfits.
(Hugs to Lynne Cameron)

16.3. Marky asked me to post his latest letter also to my site.
(Thanks Marky)

14.3. TODAY IS THE DAY, first official infos of my second book. I need your help to make it happen.

14.3. Does your band want to write and record a song about Dee Dee Ramone or the Ramones?

13.3. Joey's brother Mickey informed who will be performing in Joey's next birthday memory party. Great surprises...

11.3. Directors of End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones -movie needs your help.

10.3. I collected infos together concerning End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones -movie

9.3. Daniel Rey did a nice appearance with Tequila Baby, and produce their next album again.
(Thanks Rudah Billig)

9.3. Ramones screenings and parties were success in Tampere International Film Festival.

8.3. Woimasointu is releasing in future winyl version of Dee Dee live...

3.3. I got extensive list of Marky's Spoken Tour.

1.3. I added more Marky's Spoken Word dates in Europe.
(Thanks Murray Ramone and Andy McAuley)


29.2. Dutch TV channel VPRO will re-broadcast their cool Joey Ramone tribute.
(Heiko thanks, even you're not Dutch ;) )

28.2. There's released in Japan new Ramones tribute album called Something To Believe In...
(1-2-3-4 to Julio Alem?n)

27.2. Ramones song I Wanna Be Sedated is played in movie Daddy Day Care.
(This DVD was rented by Bram van Schaik's daughter Lucia, thanks of the info)

27.2. I added seven Marky Ramone/ Misfits photos taken by Josie Maidrin.
(Thanks Josie)

26.2. I added infos of some new cool releases with Ramones covers (Manges and Moottorin Jyrinää).

23.2. There's also 2 Ramoniac parties in March 3 after End Of The Century - The Story Of The Ramones movie in Tampere.

19.2. Some of you fans are asked from me if there's still tickets left to Tampere International Film Festival's Ramones movies, yeah there's!

19.2. If you go to Backyard Babies show, don't be surprised when as intro comes Do You Remember Rock'N'Roll Radio?, even it's Kiss version. Tomorrow I do Ramones interview with BB guitarist Dregen to my next Ramones books.

15.2. is (was) down some days, but will be on a newer, faster server by the first of the week.

12.2. I added some shops/ websites/ mailorders etc. where you can order my first book.

11.2. UK release date of Live NYC 1978 CD is February 23.

6.2. New movie called School Of Rock contais Bonzo Goes To Bitburg.
(Thanks Dean Roderick)

4.2. Marky wrote for me his latest news, I'm sure you enjoy reading them, even one show was cancelled.

4.2. There was some changes about Marky's dates with Misfits in Europe.

4.2. Marky does again some Spoken Word shows, here's first date I got., and sadly I found info that Marky's performance at Don Hill's in Feb 8 is Closed Private Party.
(Gabba Hey to sweet rock'N'rollers: Adele and Lynne)

3.2. I added my opinions and more info in general concerning Hey is Dee Dee Home movie/document.

3.2. Lech Kowalski also comes to Tampere International Film Festival. I also added more infos concerning "Ramoniacs" screenings.


29.1. Marky will do a live performance at Don Hill's in NYC in February 8.
(Gabba Randy Wisebrod)

29.1. I added screening dates in Berlin for End Of The Century movie.

29.1. Heiko Gerdes asked me to add this following info:
" is offline in the moment because they are changing the provider, but the website will be online again in early February. Heiko can be contacted - you can email him if you want to meet with the gang at the weekend in Berlin and also with director Jim Fields."

28.1. Yeah, End Of The Century movie will be shown also at Tampere Film Festival, Finland in March, as well Hey Is Dee Dee Home..

22.1. Marky wanted to thank all the friends and fans who came to 2 shows he did recently etc.

22.1. Gord Lewis of Teenage Head informed me that album which band recorded with Marky Ramone and Daniel Rey comes out in this spring.

18.1. I added confirmed Misfits European dates....

18.1. Marky will play with Misfits also yet in Europe....

18.1. End Of The Century movie will have it's european premiere at Berlin filmfestival.
(Thanks of the info Heiko)

13.1. There will be no next SpeedKings tour until the new album comes out...

13.1. I added link to site of Ramones Fan Club Norway

11.1. The Janice Long Programme on BBC Radio 2, UK has Ramones special in this week.

11.1. Marky wrote for me more things concerning his future plans and new video etc.

9.1. Marky plays two shows of Ramones songs (Detroit and Cleveland) in this month.

8.1. I added some infos and picture concerning Marky's 3 shows in Russia on last April.

7.1. Now it can officially announce that Marky is back with the SpeedKings and they're setting up a new European Tour!

4.1. Marky is also still writing his book... I also added dates of those last 3 shows.


2.1. Marky's California tour is cancelled because guitarist became ill...

2.1. I added Deborah Olin's collage of pictures from Joey Ramone Place cerenomy.
(Cheers Deborah)

1.1. Marky Ramone tours now in California! Sadly Marky missed Dec 30 show at Continental, NYC because due to a prior commitment.


31.12. Rodney Bingenheimer played at his Christmas show for the last ? hour the best live cuts from Joey's very last full length concert....
(Roses to Maria Montoya-Kaye)

23.12. Check out new interview with Tommy Ramone.
(Thanks Mark Prindle)

18.12. This year here's no Joey Ramone's Christmas Tribute (in spirit of Joey's christmas bashes), but you can write for me your christmas letter/ greetings to Joey and/or Dee Dee, and I include it to my next book(s)... Click here to write it.

17.12. and 18.12. Now is being published in the UK book named Ramones: The Complete Twisted History.

14.12. Marky Ramone is playing special show at Club Live in Las Vegas, New Years Eve December 31, 2003.

14.12. Dee Dee's wife Barbara is doing debut show with her new band Fuck You at Buenos Aires in Argentina!

14.12. You can download free Joey Ramone song by The Grolschbusters.

11.12. Dr. Donna Gaines also sent to my site her article concerning Joey Ramone Place cerenomy.
(Thanks also of that Dr. Donna Gaines)

11.12. Dr. Donna Gaines sent to my site her Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Essay for The Ramones.

9.12. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Radio Sunnydale -soundtrack contains Joey's solo track Stop Thinking About It.

9.12. Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt played Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) to Joey!
(Linda Iorio pogoed this performance at live!)

5.12. I added more info of the Joey Ramone Place cerenomy day and lot pics by Dean Roderick.
(Gabba Way thanks Dean)

2.12. Finally was day - November 30, 2003, our dear Joey Ramone got his way!!!


28.11. You'll see Dee Dee's, Paul Kostabi's etc. paintings at Augsburg, Germany in December 10-21.

28.11. Starlet Mofos is a second band of Nick and Glen of Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings...
(Gabba to Sniper)

25.11. Joey Ramone Way...., not Joey Ramone Place. See what Mickey informed.

24.11. Johnny Ramone played I Wanna Be Well with Red Hot Chili Peppers... + sad surprise news...

22.11. Rolling Stone listed 500 greatest albums of all time.
(Thanks to one of greatest in BeNeLux, Bram van Schaik)

19.11. Discovery Network's The Travel Channel features The Temples Of Rock program, which include Johnny, CBGB's etc.

19.11. There's big Ramones tribute in French on November 28.

19.11. There comes signing session of Monte's book, there will be some of Ramones members also.

14.11. You can order your copies already of Monte's book On The Road With The Ramones.
(Thanks Adele)

14.11. New Backyard Babies album contains Friends, which is probably Joey's last work with another band.....

14.11. Also this year Continental organise annual holiday tribute to Joey Ramone on Dec 30, 2003.


10.11. Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings single by Bootleg Booze is soon soldout...

5.11. Seems that there's coming up second Dee Dee tribute show in Los Angeles....


28.10. Dee Dee Ramone's/ Paul Kostabi's and Joe Raimond's paintings are shown in Berlin.
(Gerhard Seckler rocks)

28.10. The Manges dedicated song Barrage Of Hate to Dee Dee.

28.10. Roman Sokal sent picture he took of Marky Ramone, Daniel Rey and Teenage Head, when they were recording together.
(Thanks Roman Sokal)

27.10. Rodney Bingenheimer talked in his show of my book Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone.

27.10. Joey's next Birthday Bash is at Irving Plaza on Wednesday May 19, 2004.

27.10. Do you wanna read really cool rock book? My good friend Lisa Reed released Sabra's Soul, it's wonderful. Lisa is right at the centre of Californian rock, she's married with Dizzy Reed of Guns n? Roses etc.

23.10. Misfits will be filming Toronto show for an upcoming video....

17.10. Check out latest Misfits dates in North-America.

17.10. I added link to Monte's interview at Murray's site, concerning Monte's Ramones book.

14.10. Following text is in Finnish concerning my next book in Finnish: Tätä seuraavaa asiaa en ole suuresti mainostanut, enkä aiokaan. Nyt voit lähettää minulle suomenkielisen Joey/ Dee Dee -muistotekstin ja/tai yleisen Ramones-muistelun. Voit tehdä sen vapaamuotoisesti. Saapuneista valitsen osan sitten suomenkieliseen Ramones-kirjaani, joka ilmestyy Like Kustannuksen kautta. E-mailissa pitää olla koko nimi, asuinkunta ja ikä. Tekstin voit lähettää osoitteeseen:

13.10 New Blondie album The Curse Of Blondie contains tribute song to Joey Ramone.

8.10. 1-2-3-4 and Happy Birthday Johnny and CJ!

8.10. Ramones Mania have played some nice tribute shows to Joey in Israel.

7.10. Release date of Monte Melnick's book On The Road With The Ramones is November 3, 2003.

7.10. Movie Stranded features short cameo appearance from Johnny Ramone.
(Second R'R to Spain of the picture, thanks Bussy Ramone)

4.10. I added picture and some infos of another Joey Ramone figure.
(R'R to Spain, thanks Bussy Ramone)

1.10. Woimasointu is released many Ramones related records. New URL to Woimasointu site is


29.9. Rodney Bingenheimer played a great Dee Dee Ramone set last night...
(*Hugs* to Maria Montoya-Kaye)

27.9. Do You Wanna Dance, because this Sunday, 28th September, at 1:00pm the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham will be screening 'Rock'n'Roll High School' in celebration of Scotty and his wife's Jenni's 5th wedding anniversary, and in memory of Joey & Dee Dee Ramone!!!

26.9. I updated Dee Dee's and Joey's memory texts. NOTE, these additions are different than Dee Dee's Birthday Memory Texts, which you've got chance to write now...

26.9. I added link to Mark Prindle's page, it contains lot reviews of Ramones, Joey and Dee Dee etc. records.

25.9. I added picture-story-report from my Ramoniac trip to Los Angeles.

23.9. Misfits dedicated Here Today, Gone Tomorrow to Dee Dee on his birthday.


17.9. Latest infos concerning Dee Dee memory birthday party in LA...

15.9. I and Doug met with Ramones Pinhead and saw Ramones handprints....

14.9. Greetings from Los Angeles on September 14...

12.9. Latest infos concerning Dee Dee's memory birthday party in LA.... See you there.

12.9. Today was released Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings: Good Cop Bad Cop -single.

10.9. See Misfits/ Marky Ramone tour dates in South-America.

10.9. Next Sunday Captain Sensible from Damned will be singing a few Ramones tunes with Marky.

9.9. I collected infos, some screenings and two reviews etc. together concerning Hey Is Dee Dee Home -movie....


6.9. The fourth annual Ramones-A-Thon contains 16 Ramoniac bands in 8 hours in Australia.

5.9. New Rolling Stone magazine listed 100 best guitar players, and Johnny Ramone was number 16.


27.8. Check out latest Bad Chopper gigs.

25.8. End Of The Century movie will be shown at the Toronto Film Festival.

25.8. Arturo Vega is organising Dee Dee's birthday memory party.

24.8. Seems that release date of Ramones: We're Outta Here -DVD is changed AGAIN...

22.8. Now is released Bikini Bandits the theme, on CD format by Dee Dee Ramone.
(Thanks again Jeescy Pouliot)

20.8. The Ramones version of My Back Pages appears in the new Bob Dylan movie.
(Rock to Ryan Major)

18.8. You can download Dee Dee tribute song from Romeros homepage.

18.8. Tomorrow comes out this new Ramones live CD: Live NYC. You get 27 times shock treatment with it.

17.8. Misfits does 2 signing appearance

17.8. I added some chart positions of Misfits Project 1950 -CD.

13.8. Marky does Spoken word tour in UK, as he wrote on my page before. Check dates and details.

8.8. Sorry, I forgot to add info that latest liveCD by Independents contains Cretin Hop and Blitzkrieg Bop.

2.8. I added tracklisting of Misfits Side-Project showcasing punk covers of 1950's.

1.8. A while ago was released liveCD - called Too Tough To Die Live - of Dee Dee's last advertised New York City show.

1.8. Also Morrissey (Smiths) has covered Ramones.
(Thanks Julio Aleman)

JULY 2003

30.7. Misfits Side-Project showcasing punk covers of 1950's era classics is out now!!

30.7. Some changes in a Misfits/ Project 1950 tour dates.

30.7. Ramones Addicts Ramones tribute album is out now!

29.7. New Groovie Ghoulies album Monster Club contains Pet Sematary.

23.7. Sonic Dolls released a cool new '7 similar to first Ramones single.
(Alfredo Cordeiro knew again Gabba Hey way)

22.7. Henry Rollins played 4 Ramones songs in Finland.

21.7. King Biscuit release Ramones live CD: Live NYC 1978 on August 19. It contains show from the Palladium, New York, January 7, 1978.
(Thanks: Jeescy Pouliot)

15.7. Happy Birthday Marky

15.7 I added list of songs which Marky played with Daniel Rey etc. at Rock'N'roll Hall Of Fame party on June.
(Thanks Tommy Teabagger)

10.7. Henry Rollins plays in his "Black Flag tour" also Ramones songs.
(Rockaway Beach to: Willy-Jan van Gemert)

4.7. Bootleg Booze releases Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings single.

3.7. Joey's version of What A Wonderful World will appear in Disney's comedy movie Freaky Friday.

3.7. Metallica released many singles/ maxiCD, 7inch with Ramones outtakes.

3.7. Ramones Addicts is new French Ramones tribute album. It contains 29 tracks.
(Gabba summer thanks to: Thierry Layec)

2.7. Notice: If you plan to buy UK version of Rock'N'Roll Highschool -DVD. At least first pressing contains mistake, that there's no sound during 5 minutes when Ramones play on stage.

2.7. Second Marky Ramone And The SpeedKings album should come out on late September/ October.

2.7. Glen Meyer (Marky Ramone And The SpeedKings) wrote more info of his side project Revenge 88.

JUNE 2003

29.6. Marky Ramone wrote his third letter to me/ my site, ENJOY with Gabba Hey!

29.6. Misfits M25 line-up does next tour in USA on July-August and 4 shows in South-America on September.

25.6. Marky wrote some additions to his second letter.


20.6. Marky Ramone played with Sylvain Sylvain. David Kelly saw it.
(Thanks of the review David, it's tight as....)



6.6) De la fae Records is releasing Ramones tribute album.
(Hey ho Alfredo Cordeiro)

6.6) In this month's Mojo Magazine, they give away a CD with a Ramones song.
(Let's go Alfredo Cordeiro)

5.6) More info concerning Ramones book by their road manager Monte Melnick.
(Thanks to WildNDefiant)

5.6) I added tracklisting of USA/Canada version of Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings debut album.

5.6) Marky confirmed for me that he will tour in future with SpeedKings.

4.6) JUNE 5....

4.6) I added more Dee Dee Ramone memory texts....

I was travelling couple of weeks in New York after May 15: Joey Ramone's 52nd Birthday Celebration etc. Lot updates and cool pics coming in a few days.

MAY 2003

16.5. You can see End Of The Century -movie on Thursday May 29, 7:30 PM at the Egyptian Theatre - 6712 Hollywood Blvd, LA.

12.5 We're Outta Here -DVD should come out on August 4, 2003.

12.5. Hanson Brothers has made lot nice Joey Ramone tributes....
(R'R to Juki)

11.5 You can get your tickets to Joey Ramone's 52nd birthday celebration also from Wowsville records in NYC.

10.5. Now I also accept payments via PAYPAL, when you order my book Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone.

10.5. Woimasointu released Speedfinns-7' EP, which contains demo version of Marky Ramone & The Speedkings: Girls & Gasoline + 3 Finnish bands.

10.5. Tommy Ramone also attend Joey Ramone's 52nd birthday celebration in New York on May 16, 2003.
(Thanks dear Sheena)

8.5. Have you been confused of the Ramones mention concerning reports of Murderdoll's final USA gigs of this year.

8.5. Joey's song Maria Bartiromo appears in the New TNN's television program.

6.5. There's nice Ramones tribute in Roma, Italy on May 17.

6.5. Marky Ramone and Daniel Rey recorded with Teenage Head old Teenage Head tunes.
(Thanks K&T Cuthbert)

4.5. You can purchase your tickets online to Joey Ramone's 52nd birthday party....

APRIL 2003

27.4. If you are using address and you tried to email me between April 15-26. Your email got returned because my Internet provider was blocked all emails which contains Now there's no this limit, so you can email me normally from address.

Joey Ramone and his apartment on 9TH Street is featured on East Village Pictorial Map and Walking Tour Guide.

26.4. Fattijons also did great video of their Joey tribute song Hey Ho Joey Ramone.

26.4. There's a tribute show for Joey at Engine Room in Houston on May 19, 2003.

25.4. I updated lot more Dee Dee Ramone memory texts by you fans.....

24.4. Different kind of Ramones tribute party at The Bowery Poetry Club on Wednesday April 30...

23.4 Marky Ramone will be visiting Canada to step into the recording studios with Teenage Head.

22.4 More info concerning Joey Ramone's 52nd birthday celebration in New York on May 16, 2003...

15.4 Misfits with Marky are touring the UK and Ireland in May.

15.4 Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings will release next album and they will tour to promote it....

15.4 APRIL 15....

14.4 There's a Ramones party concerning We're A Happy Family -tribute album at Bar 13 in NYC on April 16.
(Thanks Katherine Chun)

14.4 Wanker Fanzine #11 by Nick Wanker is out NOW!

No updates between March 26 - April 12, because I was travelling, in example I did enjoy fabulous Ramones exhibition in Augsburg, Germany. INFOS HERE

MARCH 2003

25.3 I added 4 cool pics from Rampe3 - Ramones exhibition in Augsburg, Germany. Don't miss it!!!

25.3 Listen Heidi Brenke's interview with Marky in Internet-radio


15.3 Marky will be playing March 19th at Don Hills in New York City.

13.3 So sad news with tears: Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings have announced today that the band has split up....

13.3 From you fans, I got often comments of the Finnish Ramopunk pioneer band Pojat. They just released new album: Palaa. If you wanna order it, mail to:

11.3 Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings show at Augsburg is CANCELLED! More infos later.
(Thanks Heiko Gerdes)

11.3 Unverified is band from Albuquerque, NM, USA and they're releasing Joey Ramone tribute CD.

7.3 Great review of Marky's show by Linda Iorio contains lines: I may not have a job, I may not have alot of money in the bank, I may not have a boyfriend, but tonite, I have the drumstick of a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer!

6.3 More infos of the Ramones exhibition: Rampe3 in Augsburg and also program by English.

5.3 Nick Cooper told reason why Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings Canada tour was cancelled...

5.3 There's really cool and special Ramones exhibition in Augsburg, Germany: March 21 - April 5, 2003.

4.3 Even Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings Canada tour was cancelled, Marky played 2 shows.

4.3 Woimasointu released new H?irik?t-CDEP. This EP has 3 songs, first is called Joey Ja Dee Dee (Joey And Dee Dee).

4.3 Hockey Night in Finland -collectionCD contains Blitzkrieg Bop
(First of that CD informed Timo Pullinen)

1.3 Sad to inform that Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings Canada tour is CANCELLED.... Sorry fans.

1.3 Dee Jaywalker doesn't play anymore in Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings


25.2 Latest Tattoo Japan is a tribute issue to Dee Dee Ramone.
(Gabba thanks KF)

25.2 We're a Happy Family entered the US Billboard album charts at #43.

24.2 I added 3 reviews of We're A Happy Family tribute album.

20.2 Enquiry on Bad Taste Records homepage: "Which dead rockstar do you miss the most?" Joey is there choice (no Dee Dee listed...)...

17.2 Spoiled Rotten released new CD Guitarded and it contains a tribute song for Dee Dee.

12.2 Youth Gone Mad featuring Dee Dee Ramone s/t CD available now from Trend Is Dead! records.

10.2 is open now!

9.2 Vote Ramones: Don't Come Close to be shown on BBC's Top Of The Pops 2.

7.2 Johnny Ramone, Rob Zombie and Pete Yorn will do an in-store signing appearance at Tower Records in Los Angeles on Tuesday Feb. 11.
(Thanks Arturo Vega)

6.2 Johnny Ramone, Rob Zombie, Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Paul Stanley (KISS) etc. are doing an MTV2 interview concerning We're A Happy Family tribute.

4.2 NY Rock just did interview with Marky, he tell some comments pretty honestly and straight.... also there was one really "positive shock treatment"...

2.2 YES, YES!!! Arturo Vega informed: The city of New York took one more step towards renaming the corner of 2nd Street and the Bowery JOEY RAMONE PLACE.


30.1 Easy link to my page is: and before it didn't worked with begin www. Now it works, so you can also use it with this form:
(Thanks my friend Markku Yli-Pentilä. Markku is blind, but real genius and professional with all kind of computer systems. He works as a programmer and did that www-addition).

29.1 There's confirmed 9 new Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings dates in North-America.

27.1 There's new contest at Yahoo's Marky Ramone & the SpeedKings groups.

26.1 It's so cool that Joey's official message board is so active. But there's always bastards also in paradise. I wanna inform you that there is/was some guy on Joey's site who is posted comments as Jari-Pekka LATINO Ramone/ Lazio Ramone. Also same guy appeared later on message board. THAT IT'S NOT ME (I'M JARI-PEKKA LAITIO-RAMONE). THIS OTHER IS IDIOT, WHO IS JUST USING REALLY SIMILAR NAME TO ME. HE'S NOT MEMBER OF OUR HAPPY RAMONES FAMILY!

22.1 Joey Ramone's What A Wonderful World is featured at the end credits of a movie called Bowling For Colombine.
(Hey ho for one punkbook master: Randy Wisebrod)

22.1 ...I added more Dee Dee memory texts by you fans...., it really helps with pain, when you read those texts and you see Dee Dee smiling in heaven...

21.1 Dee Dee's guitar and leather jacket are among the items on display at The Hard Rock Vault in Orlando.

21.1 I did some updates for Ramones movie and soundtrack appearances -section: Bikini Bandits -movie, Jackass: The Movie -soundtrack and Go Simsonic With The Simpsons... -soundtrack

(Hey Ho, Let's Go: MsSheena)

15.1 Also John Frusciante plays in Rob Zombie's/ Johnny's Ramones tribute album. More infos also added.
(Thanks Arturo/ Zombie's homepage)

15.1 There was released a special 2CD Joey Ramone release with a special cover in Spain. Limited to 3000 copies.
(Ramoniacs thanks: Alfredo Cordeiro)

15.1 We and Record Collector magazine know it = first Ramones album is the greatest punk album ever made.
(Thanks of the mag info Timo Pullinen)

14.1 Complete list of Misfits featuring Marky Ramone tour in Europe.
(Thanks Henrik Sprock)

14.1 Marky Ramone, Jerry Only, Dez Cadena etc. release Misfits Side-Project showcasing punk covers of 1950's...

12.1 Marky does a signing session in Anaheim before Marky Ramone And The SpeedKings head for San Diego in January 17

12.1 Read Marky's comments of Dee Dee's new book Legend Of A Rock Star.

12.1 Marky Ramone is also writing a book.

8.1 There's contest at Yahoo's Marky Ramone's Wrecking Crew, you can win free tickets...
(Hugs Lynne, Sheena and Celine)

8.1 I got 4 Italy dates of the Misfits featuring Marky Ramone tour in Europe.
(Thanks Usbe, and enjoy those shows)

3.1 First confirmed date of Misfits featuring Marky Ramone tour in Europe.
(Thanks again Bram van Schaik)

3.1 Are you interested of a guitar similar to Johnny Ramone's Mosrite?

2.1 Dee Dee's new book Legend Of A Rock Star is out now!!!!!!


23.12 Ramoniac party feature cool Ramones draw in Helsinki, Finland on December 28.

20.12 The Bikini Bandits Experience airs on MTV 2 UK on Christmas day. It features Dee Dee Ramone as the Pope.

19.12 I wish I would be there.. Today is "Joey Ramone's Christmas Tribute" at Continental, NYC and tomorrow Marky plays at Don Hill's, NYC.

13.12 Added and changed some days in Marky Ramone And The SpeedKings West Coast tour in USA.

13.12 Enjoy Marky Ramone And The SpeedKings news in their homepage, and specially enjoy the new look of the site, cheers!

12.12 ChinMusic's most recent issue contains a very amusing - baseball based - interview with Johnny Ramone.

11.12 Release date of the Rob Zombie's and Johnny's Ramones tribute album is February 11, 2003. I added also pic of the album cover.
(Thanks Randy Wisebrod, yes, he's that gentleman who helped with Diane Hatcher me most with my Joey Ramone memory book, and man who's gonna see Marky with Misfits at live this Friday. Randy have a 1-2-3-4 gig with Shazz.)

10.12 2 example of the latest/updated tributes for our heros, by bands: Fattijons and Foo Fighters.
(Hey Ho to Fattijons/ ?gg Tapes & Records and Paul Young)

4.12 December 19, 2002 is "Joey Ramone's Christmas Tribute", featuring Marky, Jerry, Andy Shernoff, Daniel Rey etc. etc.
(Info forwarded by Bram van Schaik, coolest +30 punkrocker in Netherlands)

4.12 AMP Records signed Independents, they'll release a live CD.

4.12 Updated dates of the Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings West Coast Tour.

3.12 Now is out also Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings: Rawk Over Scandinavia! -EP and I?ve Got Dee Dee On My Mind -7'.

3.12 Oh, they got today, more quickly than they waited, this Youth Gone Mad Featuring Dee Dee album (see below)

2.12 Check out on Wanker Records homepage a complete mp3 - Yellow - of the coming Youth Gone Mad album featuring Dee Dee. Also other interesting updates of the Wanker Records
(Punk Nick Wanker)

2.12 Wanker Fanzine #11 comes out in January.


25.11 Joey Ramone's new Christmas Spirit... In My House -EP comes out: December 10.
(Rocky thanks for Alfredo Cordeiro and Otto1000)

21.11 Jason Ringenberg (of Jason & The Scorchers) ended all his shows in Holland with I Wanna Be Sedated
(Rock to Peter Bruyn)

20.11 Now is re-released - on USA, November 19th, 2002 - Joey's album Don't Worry About Me in DVD with extras.

20.11 You can win Ramones skateboard autographed by Johnny Ramone.
(Thanks Arska)

12.11 Nick Cooper sent for me dates of the Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings West coast tour in USA.

8.11 First dates of the Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings West coast tour in USA.

8.11 Sanctuary has re-released Ramainz: Live In N.Y.C. -album.

6.11 Everett True has wrote extensive Ramones book - 350 pages - called Hey Ho Let's Go.

2.11 More infos of Bad Chopper's single by Woimasointu. I also added picture of the cover.


25.10 10th Raindance Film Festival is in London, UK on October 23 - November 1, 2002. There's a few films featuring Dee Dee and Joey and The Ramones.

25.10 Marky's playing in Don Hill's, December 20, 2002. This is confirmed info.
(Ms Sheena - punkrocker - thanks)

24.10 Wanker Fanzine #11 comes out and contains lot cool stuff!
(Thanks Nick Wanker)

24.10 Ramones exhibition in Augsburg, Germany is now confirmed. Yes!

22.10 Added tracklisting and infos of The Chrysalis Years (3CD) -compilation.

20.10 Woimasointu release Bad Chopper 7' single in mid November. It contains songs Real Bad Time and Diabla.

20.10 Tomorrow comes out DVD version of the We're Outta Here.
(Thanks Freddy Ramone)

17.10 Nick sent through their Newsletter lot news of Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings, like you can preorder now new single: I?ve Got Dee Dee On My Mind etc.
(Jala-Jombaaa Nick)

16.10 Hell, I've seen 2 different release date. Last week was informed that release date of the Ramones-tribute album We're A Happy Family is February, 2003, but now it was again December 24...

14.10 Also now has came out this new Senzabenza '7 (by Woimasointu) featuring non-album track from the sessions mixed by Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey in 1996.

14.10 The Nomads: Showdown 2 - The 90's contains The King Of Night Train, on that song Joey sing backvocals...

13.10 TV-advertisements in Italy and French contains Joey's What A Wonderful World...
(Thanks Usbe and Thierry Layec)

11.10 Infos of new compilation: Loud, Fast, Ramones: Their Toughest Hits.

8.10 1-2-3-4 and Happy Birthday CJ and Johnny!

8.10 Bad Chopper plays 4 gigs in Japan: October 11-14. Arturo Vega goes with them.

8.10 In another SMS Nick informed that Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings debut album comes out in USA/ Canada on October 22. US-tour (West Coast) starts in December 27.
(Gabba: Nick)

4.10 Nick sent me SMS that they (Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings) will play today in Pisa and tomorrow in Brescia (Italy). Soon they will do tours in USA and Japan.

2.10 Yeah, now, Hannu got masters of the Marky Ramone And The Speedkings: RAWK OVER SCANDINAVIA! -EP. It comes out in late October/ November
(Positive Ramoshock thanks to Hannu)

2.10 I forgot to inform before, that finally came out Marky Ramone And The Speedkings live 10"/CD in mid September.


29.9 I added some new fan comments of my book Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone. Don't miss your chance to order it!

28.9 In Pollstar is informed about Marky's gig in Don Hill's, NYC, December 20, 2002. MARKY JUST TOLD, IT'S NOT TRUE, HE'S NOT PLAYING THEN!
(Thanks Sheena)

25.9 "Kun Luulit Unohtaneesi" is new book by Leena Lehtolainen and it contains 15-20 Ramones mentions etc.

25.9 New Ramones tribute from Japan.
(Thanks Orlando Oliveira)

24.9 There's coming Ramones exhibition in Germany and possibly you can also help etc.

22.9 New Children Of Bodom single You're Better Off Dead! contains Ramones cover Somebody Put Something In My Drink.

18.9... Dee Dee's 50th birthday... today...

9.9 ...Release date of Dee Dee's book changed again, now it's January 2003.
(Thanks Adele)

6.9 Today was released Johnny's new interview, it's really cool and extensive, like comes new info and Johnny's comments of new re-issues.
( Murray Ramone found again quickly this interview)

5.9 More Dee Dee memory texts... You can still write your own text, Dee Dee lives in our Poison Hearts forever!

4.9 Masters Of Reality play Ramones song Cretin Hop as last song on their brandnew live album.
(Hey ho: Bram van Schaik)


29.8 Johnny Ramone is supposed to be interviewed tomorrow in AMC channel (USA).
(R'R to Linda Iorio)

23.8 Where to get cool Ramones posters? From Also lot more goodies, like "special" frisbies etc.

23.8 I added more info, what you've to tell in a bank, when you order my Joey Ramone memory book with VISA

23.8 Rob Zombie's and (Johnny Ramone's) tribute album comes out in November. Here's final? tracklisting. Sleevenotes are by Stephen King.
(Thanks: Timo Isoaho/ Soneraplaza's Kaista)

20.8 Expanded and remastered versions of the albums: End Of The Century, Pleasant Dreams, Subterranean Jungle and Too Tough To Die, out today!!!

20.8 I added tracklisting and infos of the Do You Remember Rock'N'Roll High School? - Adios Joey Ramone!! -tribute album.
(Thanks: Komata Toshiharu)

19.8 Senzabenza's 7' by Woimasointu comes out in August 30, it contains song mixed by Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey from 1996.

19.8 Latest Fat City Magazine features lot cool Ramones stuff, like their allstar tribute to the Ramones.
(Thanks Jay)

15.8 Finally I got chance to add even little bit more Dee Dee memory texts, lot more comes soon. Thanks of the patience.

15.8 Today comes out from SubTV (Finland) my interview in program called Sessions, time 20.55 (8.55PM)

14.8 Marky said on interview that in October comes out Ramainz live album...
(Punk: Murray Ramone)

9.8 New release date for Dee Dee's third book Legend Of A Rock Star is November, 2002.

8.8 Total Guitar magazine listed best guitarists ever..., but...

7.8 I added to links section a link to page which contains great Ramones photos, see it here.

6.8 I added some mentions of the reviews/ interviews of the book

6.8 There was 1,5 month chance for you to get your name printed on the sleeve of the Dee Dee Ramone/ Terrorgruppe split. Deadline was yesterday.

2.8 Today is out HDPRecords' compilation 10' called: "A Collection Of Great Dance Tunes - Vol 3". It contains Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings "ScumFucks-R-Us (Live From The Gutter)".
(Thanks Jocke)

1.8 Updated Marky Ramone And The SpeedKings tours in South-Europe and Japan

1.8 Marky Ramone And The Speedkings recorded already their second album. South-America version of first album, No If's, And's Or But's, contains 3 bonus song.

1.8 I met with Everett True in Marky's house on May. Everett is writing book of the Ramones and it comes out later in this year.

JULY 2002


10.7 ISLPR did again a great press release, I added their text of the Dee Dee's memory concert at Continental in July 2.
(Thanks ISLPR and Ida)

10.7 The Independents and The Queers does splitEP. CJ Ramone will be making a guest appearance with The Independents.

9.7 HDPRecords release compilation 10' in early August, it contains Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings song.

9.7 I added some fan comments of my book Heaven Needed A Lead Singer: Fans Remember Joey Ramone

8.7 Hopefully in August comes out this DVD release of the Joey's 50th Birthday Party called "Life's a Gas" in May 19, 2001.

8.7 New Raimundos album "Kavookavala" contains tribute song for Joey Ramone called Joey.
(1-2-3-4 again for Erik Pietz)

8.7 Added fifth promo photo of the book, I with The 69 Eyes.

7.7 Long report of the Dee Dee's tribute concert at Continental in July 2, 2002 by Marky, CJ, Tommy etc. etc.
(Review by: Linda Iorio)

1.7 I updated infos of the Dee Dee's tribute concert at Continental, TOMORROW!! Also link to the interesting Dee Dee self interview at Wanker Fanzine homepage

JUNE 2002

28.6 I added 2 photo (also as press photos): I + book with Hellacopters and Campino (Die Toten Hosen). Also I changed one info if you order book with Visa.

28.6 Now I added 30 more Dee Dee memory texts and some new infos, like about Keith Green's Dee Dee photo.

27.6 Johnny comments bonus songs of the coming releases and Dee Dee... at Rolling Stone interview
(Paris Kills (= The 69 Eyes album name) thanks to Matthieu)

Picture of the new Marky Ramone & The Speedkings line-up.
(Pic by Bram van Schaik, thanks)

26.6 Confirmed release dates of the Chrysalis' Ramones Anthology and 4 more expanded and remastered versions of the Ramones studio albums.
(Infos found by: Erik Pietz)

25.6 Updated: Marky Ramone called for me and said that at Continental is on July 2 tribute concert for Dee Dee. I added also many other Dee Dee news...

25.6 Updated: You will get your name on the inside printed to the split 10'/CD: Dee Dee Ramone/ Terrorgruppe.
(Rock to: Erik Pietz)

20.6 I added first 30 Dee Dee Ramone memory text by you

20.6 You can also now order with VISA my HEAVEN NEEDED A LEAD SINGER: FANS REMEMBER JOEY RAMONE book

18.6 Dee Dee's guitarist Christian Black wrote for me message about Dee Dee. I also added info of Dee Dee tribute in London on June 21 etc.
(Thanks Christian and Erik)

15.6 Dee Dee lottery is cancelled

11.6 Now I started to update lot Dee Dee special notes etc...
(Thanks to Linda Iorio, Erik Pietz, David Kelly...)

5-9.6 Dee Dee is an angel now...

1.6 Today first release party of my Joey Ramone book HEAVEN NEEDED A LEAD SINGER: FANS REMEMBER JOEY RAMONE

1.6 Senzabenza 7' by Woimasointu comes out in June or July. B-side will be non-album track from the sessions mixed by Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey in 1996.

1.6 Lot Ramones in Brazil MTV on this week...

1.6 Lot Dee Dee related news by Wanker Records...
(Gabbas to Erik Pietz and Nick Wanker)

MAY 2002

31.5 Dutch broadcastcorporation VPRO presents on June 17 a TV-documentary about Joey Ramone.
(Rock to Bram van Schaik)

31.5 New live album by Dee Dee comes out in fall. On it also plays Marky.
(Thanks Alfredo and Erik)


18.5 Latest news of the Rob Zombie's Ramones tribute album...
(Thanks Dan Herman)

18.5 I added 2 new Dee Dee Ramone concert date.

15.5 Lot infos added of Arturo's Joey Birthday Party at CBGB in May 19. There will be Marky, CJ, Tommy, Jerry Only etc. and I also included bands who are on The Bowery Electric -competion.


15.5 More info about Bikini Bandits movie. Dee Dee as the pope...
(Thanks Michael Alan)

14.5 Arturo Vega informed that you can now listen The Bowery Electric song at his site.

12.5 Sanctuary is releasing DVD of Joey's 50th Birthday Bash.
(Thanks Heiko Gerdes)

12.5 Joey's album comes out in Brazil by Zomba Records on May 30 and Marky Ramone & The Speedkings by Fogon Musica on June.
(Rock to Mariano Asch)

10.5 Charlotte's and Mickey's Joey Ramone 51th birthday celebration is now open to 18 and over.

10.5 May 19, 2002 Joey Ramone tribute show at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, featuring 20 local bands.
(Punk: Randy Wisebrod)

9.5 HDPrecords from Sweden are gonna put out also Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings 7'.
(Thanks Mikael Dahl)

6.5 Be aware, special Marky Ramone & The SpeedKings tour in Holland on June. Also other dates added.

6.5 Dee Dee will have also an exibition in Costa Mesa, CA, USA.
(Info by Erik Pietz)

1.5 Dee Dee and Arturo are showing their paintings at the CBGB Gallery.

APRIL 2002

30.4 Nice Joey tribute in Spanish magazine Ruta 66. Also about NME..
(R'R infos by Alfredo Cordeiro and Lynne)

28.4 Now is out this Misfits/ Balzac -split single. Misfits track features Marky Ramone on drums.
(Thanks Erik Pietz)

26.4 Marky Ramone appears on new Richard Hell: Time (2CD), release contains previously unreleased live gigs from London 1977 and CBGB, NYC 1978 (Marky on drums). etc.
(Info by Thierry Layec)

25.4 I added links and infos how to get tickets to Joey Ramone events in New York on May 19...
(Thanks Linda Iorio)

25.4 Dee Dee's guitarist Christian Black wrote for me and told their latest greetings. I also added 4 new concert date of Dee Dee.
(Thanks Christian)

24.4 You can now watch Joey's What A Wonderful World video in

21.4 A documentary film based on the life of Ramones friend, famous DJ etc. Rodney Bingenheimer is coming out in summer.
(Punk points to Erik Pietz)

20.4 Dee Dee will be doing 3 special appearances....
(Thanks Heiko Gerdes)


19.4 Concert additions: for Dee Dee (May 25) and for Bad Chopper (May 30).

18.4 Woimasointu will release a new 7" from Italian band Senzabenza and B-side will be non-album track from the sessions mixed by Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey.

13.4 I updated infos of Mickey's/ Charlotte's and Arturo's Joey Ramone memorial events in May 19...

10.4 Information of Joey Ramone's Life's A Gas tour with The Grolschbusters & The Vietcongs, in Spain May 16-19, 2002.
(1-2-3-4 Winny Kas)

10.4 Bad Chopper plays at Continental, NYC in April 20.


9.4 April 15 comes out this White Jazz tribute album by mighty White Jazz records. Tribute album contains artists/ bands like Nomads, Dictators, Sator, Hellactopers, Backyard Babies, Toilet Boys, Per Gessle, D.A.D., Jesse Malin.

4.4 The M25 lineup: Jerry Only, Marky Ramone and Dez Cadena are recording a album...
(1-2-3-4 to Erik Pietz again)

4.4 Also vinyl version of Joey's album is out now.
(Thanks Pete Trenholm)

4.4 There's in Sao Paolo 2 Joey's tribute show, April 12 and April 13. There will 10 bands on both days.
(Thanks Erik Pietz)

2.4 More information of Arturo's event at CBGB in May 19...

2.4 I added link to Robert Christgau's homepage. Robert has wrote really lot about Ramones since 1975.

2.4 There's no any cancellations on Marky Ramone & The Speedkings -tour. Only one bad rumour...

1.4 I found from info that Dee Dee is releasing his next book in June 2002.

1.4 Dee Dee is selling 3 of his guitars....
(Thanks of the note Erik Pietz)

1.4 EMI releases again Ramones compilation in UK.

MARCH 2002

(Thanks Mickey and Arturo)

28.3 You can also test your Ramones knowledge at and do your own questions.
(Advice by Andy Palmer)

28.3 In summer comes out following Wanker releases; split 7' of Dee Dee Ramone / Terrorgruppe and split-issue of Wanker Fanzine and Dee Dee's Taking Dope Fanzine.

27.3 Mickey wrote more news of the What A Wonderful World -video for me.

26.3 There's "surprise" at Hard Rock Cafe in Paris.....
(Thanks Joe Beurk)

23.3 Radical Records releases Ramones Forever tribute album on May 18.

20.3 Murray Ramone has got a competition going on his website to win the Independents: Back From The Grave -CD (featuring Joey, like you know) etc.

19.3 News of the Marky's and Tequila Baby's co-operation.
(1-2-3-4 Erik Pietz)

19.3 Information, what happened in Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame -cerenomy....
(Dan Herman, thanks of the New York Times article info)

18.3 I add new Joey tribute concerts with red letters.
April 15, 2002 (Joey's first day-of-death) "Remembering Joey Ramone Party" in Krefeld, Germany with the Rämouns playing etc.

16.3 Marky Ramone, Jerry Only (Misfits) and Dez (Black Flag) do an instore signing.
(News from

15.3 Small Joey Ramone memorial at Dusseldorf, Germany in March 21, 2002.
(Thanks of the info Thorsten Schaar)

14.3 Dee Dee Ramone's Hop Around vinyl LP and Born to Lose 7" are out now by Woimasointu.

14.3 Also, Dee Dee Ramone's 12' vinyl Do The Bikini Dance is out now by Wanker Records. Release include a free 24 page Taking Dope -fanzine etc.

11.3 Uncut Magazine has a free CD with a Joey Ramone: Maria Bartiromo track on it and Kerrang Magazine has an 8 page pullout celebrating the life of Joey.
(1-2-3-4 infos by Dean Roderick)

11.3 Eddie Vedder will induct the Ramones into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

10.3 Confirmed Marky Ramone & The Speedkings -dates in Scandinavia.

9.3 More infos of the photo essay by Keith Green titled DeeDee Ramone: Cold Turkey at the Chelsea Hotel.

7.3 I did this lottery, among people who took part and supported my Joey Ramone -book with 8$ or more! Check out the winners!

6.3 Bad Chopper plays at SXSW-festival, Austin, TX in March 14

5.3 I updated Marky Ramone & The Speedkings -infos, like infos of the album deals and added cover of the EP.

1.3 Thierry opened his great discography page again, check it out!


27.2 Joey did his final cameo movie appearance in the upcoming indie flick Final Rinse.
(Rock: Bram van Schaik)

27.2 More news of Zombie's tribute album
(1-2-3-4 Dan Herman)

27.2 What a hell... was Finland only country where Joey's album got chart position (25. in Finland).

26.2 Next Sunday comes out "Ramones-show" from Finnish national radiostation called Radiomafia
(Thanks Teemu Skinnari)

25.2 Marky Ramone And The Speedkings release also EP by Woimasointu

19.2 JOEY'S ALBUM - OFFICIALLY - OUT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


19.2 Here comes a special Ramones radioshow in Belgium, February 22.

17.2 Heiko Gerdes added for his site Marky's 8 minutes interview.

17.2 I added little review of the Loaded (Norway) for my "Some Ramones-influenced demobands" -section.

16.2 Sorry, but I can raffle these my prizes February 22.

15.2 There's a PRIVATE release party of the Joey's album at CBGB

11.2 Appr. one week and Dee Dee's limited special LP and single are out. You can still participate in a lottery for two test pressings and one autographed Speedkings 7"!

11.2 If you order Joey's CD from, you receive then Joey's CD with it's release cover PLUS you get the Arturo Vega designed cover that was not used FOR FREE.
(Thanks Arturo)

9.2 I added George Tabb's and Lem Oppenheimer's reviews of the Joey's album.
(Thanks: George, Lem, Mark E Manley and Ian Cohen)

8.2 If you order Joey's solo CD from, you receive then also a Joey poster and a limited-edition special CD booklet insert.

8.2 I added Celine Ramone's pics from Bad Chopper -concert, July 19, 2001
(*Hugs* Celine)

7.2 One week left, that you can take part in my Ramones-drawing and got a chance to win cool prizes.

6.2 Rhino Records informed that they release more expanded and remastered versions of the Ramones-albums.
(1-2-3-4 for Thierry Layec)

6.2 More info of the Johnny's and Rob Zombie's tribute album
(Thanks Dan Herman)

5.2 Pearl Jam and Anthrax releases Ramones-covers....

5.2 Next Misfits-release is a split single with Balzac. It contains Marky Ramone on drums.


30.1 Joseph B. Raimond (Empty Records) organized an exhibition of art work by Dee Dee, Paul Kostabi (with new collaboration paintings), and Joseph's own series of miniature paintings.
(Felkel Lothar)

29.1 Tommy Ramone's 53th birthday today! Happy birthday Tommy! (Sorry, I did a mistake yesterday with age...)

28.1 Joey's brother Mickey wrote for me of the plans to do a What A Wonderful World -video. Also Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) is sold out.
(Thanks Mickey)


25.1 DeeDee's Hop Around vinyl LP and Born to Lose 7" will be out appr. February 15th, by Woimasointu.

22.1 More info of the Dee Dee's coming 12' vinyl by Wanker Records. I added also painting of the cover.
(R'R to Nick Wanker)

20.1 Billy Rogers passed away August 7th, 2001. Billy Rogers played during the Subterranean Jungle sessions Time Has Come Today -song.
(Thanks Arthur, Brazil)

19.1 CJ is gonna release many specialities on this year. Just now he's recording Bad Chopper -album.



14.1 Ramones got what is deserved. Some days ago Spin-magazine named the 50 greatest bands and Ramones was number 2!

9.1 Really soon comes out spanish Ramones-tribute album Rock & Roll Radio, Vol. 1., on Munster Records.
(Thanks Mikel Biffs and Kike Turmix)

8.1 Something good of the Euro-currency...
(Thanks Riccardo Mala, Italy, who visited in Ireland)

7.1 Woimasointu decided to take second pressing of the Marky Ramone & The Speedkings -single Speedkings Ride Tonight

7.1 Q Magazine in the UK features a great account of the Ramones London debut in 1976.
(Thanks Dean Roderick)

6.1 Infos of the Marky's interview and contest at

5.1 I added Ra?l Pastor's Marky Ramone & The Speedkings photo from Valencia, Spain, on it Marky wear this Evil-shirt = also on Vito's drawing
(Thanks Ra?l)

4.1 I wrote extensive report of my trip and 24 hours with the Marky Ramone & The Speedkings, December 28-29, 2001, Stockholm, Sweden

4.1 I added Vito Jr Dagostini's (Marky Ramone & The Speedkings -member) drawing of the Marky for pretty top on my site, signed by Marky.

4.1 Added new concert date of the Bad Chopper.


23.12 January issue of a French Magazine called "ROCK & FOLK" is dedicated to the Ramones.
(Hey Ho to Thierry Layec and Captain Beurk)

22.12 CJ told, he will not be attending the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame -induction ceremony.

20.12 In summer Wanker Records release a 2-3 song Dee Dee Ramone 12' vinyl.

19.12 Joey's and Mickey's single came out yesterday. I also added pic of the single and Don't Worry About Me -album

17.12 Review of the, an evening of Ramones-songs in the spirit of "Joey Ramone's Annual Christmas Show".
(Thanks Linda Iorio)

15.12 Some Marky Ramone And The Speedkings -notes etc.
- Nick called for me today and Speedkings send tomorrow longer diary of the beginning of their European-tour to my homepage (Nick informed me later that he don't have found net-connection and tour is busy, that is hard to find time etc. But tour is rocking well!).
- They had to cancel gig at Wiesbaden because the snowstorm.
- Speedkings also does signing appearance at Stockholm.
- Speedkings-single sell really well, get your copy now!

14.12 Yeah, Ramones is now officially in Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

14.12 Remember, tomorrow is this an evening of Ramones-songs in the spirit of "Joey Ramone's Annual Christmas Show".

10.12 First Speedkings-tourreport by band comes soon, but here's already some feelings by journalist Bram van Schaik

7.12 More news of the Joey's album and remember to listen What A Wonderful World -song, but, you will cry, when you listen it, like I did some days ago when I got chance to listen it first time.
(Thanks Colin Devenish)

7.12 Heaven 4/2001 (came out late spring) contains small introduction of my Joey-tribute and also huge "OOR's Eerste Nederlandse Pop-encyclopedie 2002 13e Editie" contains infos of my site.

6.12 December-issue of the Uncut came out today and it contains Out Of Time covered by The Ramones.
(Thanks Dean Roderick)

5.12 VH1 choiced the "Top 50 Hard Rock Artists Of All Time" -listing. The Ramones were Number 17 on the list.
(Diane Hatcher checked the show)

5.12 Now I can release latest news of the Joey's album and promosingle etc. Don't Worry About Me comes out February 19, 2002.
(Thanks Mickey)

5.12 I wanna say public commendations for Speedkings and Empty Records. I was only for whom Empty Records gave (special) thanx on their Ramones/ New York Dolls splitrelease (saw-blade shaped CD and 7" vinyl) and Speedkings included me beginning on their thanks-listing at No If's, And's Or But's album.

4.12 Woimasointu send preorders of the Marky Ramone & The Speedkings -single December 7th. Single contains unreleased studio song Speedkings Ride Tonight and demo version of Hotrods-R-Us.

3.12 On that December 15 show plays Mickey Leigh And Friends and bands like Furious George, Bullys and Heap.

1.12 5 days and then R'R Punk comes to your city, Marky Ramone & The Speedkings -tour starts then and now I added to my site many Internet-addresses of the tourclubs.
(With big help by Sniper Ramone)


29.11 December 15, comes an evening of Ramones-songs in the spirit of "Joey Ramone?s Annual Christmas Show" at Continental.

28.11 Bad Chopper opened their official homepage. Next single comes out early 2002, together with Holly Golightly.

27.11 Small review and introduction of the Cretin Family -demo for my Some Ramones-influenced demobands -section

27.11 Johnny Ramone is doing and producing Ramones-tribute album with Rob Zombie.

26.11 Updated info, Marky Ramone & The Speedkings -tourdates in Europe. Additions like, gig in Stockholm, yeeaah!

25.11 Next Uncut-magazine contains Ramones-song, Street Fighting Man or Out Of Time. These songs Ramones has covered from Rolling Stones.
(Infos by Murray Ramone and Yannick Cl?ment)

23.11 I added mention why there was in Metallic KO -magazine (Ramones-special) stolen infos from my site.



(Thanks Arturo)

16.11 Stevey Jay decided to leave from Marky Ramone & The Speedkings


13.11 Second article of the Joey Ramone -street.
Article is number 29 on this Some Tributes For The Joey -listing, after first article.

13.11 On December 31st Marky Ramone & The Speedkings will record a live 10"/CD ...

8.11 Just came out these great saw-blade Ramones/ New York Dolls -splitsingles (CDs and 7') by Empty Records. I've informed of these before and many are really waited to get these to their own collections.

7.11 So here comes these Maggie's great interviews, which I promised to update after I added CJ's.
with Marky Ramone
and with Johnny Ramone.
(Take it Maggie St. Thomas)

7.11 Sorry, I was forgot to add infos of the Ne LuuPojat Surf: Henki Elaa -liveCD. Contains silence in a memory of Joey Ramone and Ramones-covers etc.

5.11 Really long interview with CJ Ramone by Maggie St. Thomas. You learn many new details of the CJ after this interview and also some not so positive things.
I'm adding in a few days also Maggie's interviews with Marky and Johnny. Thanks yet Maggie.

5.11 Marky Ramone & The Speedkings -tourdates updated.

4.11 Trend Is Dead! -records has also released Ramones tribute album called Ramones Maniacs. Tracklisting is same than on Ramones Mania -collection.

2.11 One of the first Joey-tribute songs was done by Fattijons, Sweden. I added more info of the song. (Number 13 at SOME TRIBUTES FOR THE JOEY -section).


30.10 Joey in our minds. Dead Men Walking (ex. Glen Matlock from Sex Pistols) ended set with Blitzkrieg Bop, dedicated to Joey and in Stockholm was small Joey-tribute.
(Infos by Murray Ramone and Freddy)

29.10 Dee Dee's long interview at Boston Phoenix.

29.10 Some of you already knows of these diamonds... Sorry that I can inform of them now, not before. You can listen Joey's solo version/songs MERRY CHRISTMAS (I DONT WANT TO FIGHT TONIGHT) and MARIA BARTIROMO at his site, what is still under construction. ENJOY!.

25.10 5 great pics of the Marky and Misfist 25th special show + from signing session.
(Pics by David Kelly)

25.10 NY Times -article by Denny Lee, October 21st, of the Joey Ramone -street.... You know where this street should be.... Article is number 29 on this Some Tributes For The Joey -listing.

22.10 Lot Marky Ramone & The Speedkings -infos added and some special ones coming soon...

18.10 Dee Dee didn't produced Mach Pelican -album at last, 'cause total budget of the album was going too high.

18.10 Surfin' Bird wrote his second review to my site from Dee Dee's Zonked/ Ain't It Fun -album

13.10 I added cover sleeve of the Woimasointu's Dee Dee Ramone -single. Single contains different version of the Born To Lose. Woimasointu is still waiting masters..

12.10 More Misfist 25th Anniversary (Marky on line-up) news, example there's coming home video and DVD from South-American gigs
(Erik Pietz punked also this info)

12.10 Many of us have heard already before that Johnny Heff, guitar player for The Bullys, was lost on this WTC-attack. Johnny's body was found at the WTC 1,5 week ago. You can read John Holmstrom's writing of the Johnny, click here. Remember to check also mighty Punk Magazine -homepage. There's also coming a gig at CBGB's, where Bully's are playing show to honor and say farewell to Johnny.

10.10 More news of the "Scrubs"-show and also Judy Is a Punk can be heard in the trailers for the upcoming film "The Royal Tenenbaums".
(Diane Hatcher sent this info, you can hear lot more of this special lady in future...)

10.10 Therapy?'s new album Shameless contains track Joey, what is dedicated to Joey Ramone.
(Thanks Hay Sharon)

9.10 More infos of the M25 -special guest line-up performance in Metro Channel.
(Informed lovely Celine)

8.10 Marky Ramone & The Speedkings -album comes out through White Jazz in Europe. Album news added and Marky's letter of this new release and of this year.

8.10 Misfits25 special guest line up (contains Marky) will collectively appear to perform and sign autographs at Tower Records, Chicago
(Take it Erik Pietz)

8.10 Best Of The Old Grey Whistle Test -DVD contains Ramones-performance Rock'N'Roll Highschool.

6.10 Links-updates. Marc has started good -linkcollection and vote. You found link and voteplace from main- and linkpage. Also I added some days ago link to Matthieu's Ramones-site

5.10 Misfits25 special guest line up = Marky Ramone, Jerry Only + Robo & Dez from Black Flag, were yesterday on radio AND TODAY ON METRO-TV, 5PM. If you copied these shows, please mail for me.

5.10 More infos of the Bad Chopper -concert in Brazil and also link to the pics.
(Info by William)

5.10 The Casualties recorded a nice tribute song to the Joey and Ramones, lyrics also added.
(1-2-3-4 singing to Erik Pietz)

5.10) Of the some strange reason Adios Amigos and Mondo Bizarro are currently out of stock.
(Ken Kuykendall told of the problem)

5.10 Also Rammstein did a Ramones-cover song, Pet Sematary...
(Bram van Schaik informed us)

4.10 Raimundos (Brazil) released an album, which contain 4 studio recording and 10 livetrack with Marky Ramone.
(Info by Erik Pietz again)

2.10) There's really cool contest at Bad Chopper's Yahoo group. You can win autographed copies of Skratch-magazine, it contains CJ's, Marky's and Johnny's interviews.

2.10) More order details and info of the great release party of the Belgian Ramones-tribute: 1,2,3,4


27.9 Great and pretty big bands are recorded again Ramones-covers.
(Thanks of the Therapy?-info to Chavaz Matthieu)

24.9 Bad Choppers does also an autograph session in Brazil.
(Thanks Anos)

24.9 Hey Ho, Let's Go , The British music magazine Mojo have done in their October issue the "Top 100 Punk singles of all time" -listing.
(Info first by Paul Clark)

21.9 Fans, you know: "The Song Ramones The Same"!!!! This is also title of the White Jazz -tribute, which comes out April 15, 2002 (You know, what is this date... *sniff*) and it contains bands like Hellacopters, Nomads, Backyard Babies, Wayne Kramer, Dictators, Toilet Boys, D.A.D., Sator....

21.9 Warm Jets changed their name some time ago to Bad Chopper. Added also promopic, lot more infos and great link to flash pop up windows to promote their shows at South-America
(Yeh abbaG to Flavio)

19.9 Ramones is nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.....
(1-2-3-4 to Murray Ramone and Arturo Vega)

17.9 More info of the Masters Of Rock -compilation

16.9 My Dutch friend Bram van Schaik did an interview with Independents-singer Evil Presly. Independents is a great band and Joey loved to promote them.... Interview with 3 pics by Sherry Globman's.
(Thanks Bram and Evil)

14.9 I organised again my news... Now old news of the Ramones and Ramones-members are on my archive and like before here's world's the most updated Ramones-news section. News only of this year 2001, expect I wanted to keep Joey's news since January 2000.... Also new style, every second news is with violet (one of the Joey's fav colors...) etc.

14.9 Added CJ's comments of the MTV Award 2001 and also the picture. CJ told that, at MTV's request they were told to say nothing because apparently Joey used to bash MTV....
(Gabba 1-2-3-4 to Babi and Rox)

13.9 Joey Ramone -tribute with host, Lenny Kaye, at the Two Boots Pioneer Theater, NY.
(Thanks Murray Ramone)


11.9 Double compilation Ramones-tribute album by B Track records called 1, 2, 3, 4. is out now.
(Thanks KPW)

11.9 Sept 15, tribute concert to the Joey and Ramones at Paris, France.

10.9 Joey's brother Mickey told to me really lot special infos of the Joey's album. Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) -single will come out before the christmas etc. All infos first on my site.

10.9 Small report of the MTV's Video Music Awards, where U2's Bono asked Johnny, Marky and CJ to the stage etc.

10.9 Check out a clip from an 1985 Dee Dee and Joey interview on BP Fallon's show.
(Thanks Barney)

7.9 Dee Dee as the pope on the film... yeah, really.
(Info first again by Erik Pietz)

6.9 Today night at the Video Music Awards, MTV will give the Ramones a special award.

6.9 Too Tough To Die! - A Tribute To The Ramones & Joey Ramone -concert at D?sseldorf, Germany. Live R?mouns etc.
(1-2-3-4 to Thorsten Schaar)


31.8 Next RAMONES feature is going up by this weekend at
(Thanks "Slick" Nick Smith)

28.8 Added Richard Hell's artist comment of the Joey.
(Greetings Richard Hell)

28.8 is up and running now.

27.8 Punk and enjoy 2 great reviews by David Kelly:
Marky Ramone with Jerry Only etc. (New Jersey, August 19, 2001) and
Dee Dee's book signing and show with Linda Iorio's pictures (New York, June 8, 2001)
(Thanks David and Linda)

26.8 Life's A Gas: A Tribute To Joey Ramone comes out really soon.... Updated with lot new infos
(Thanks Larry Retard and Darren Merrinuk)

(Thanks Nick, Marky....!!!!)

17.8 Information of the album called New Prohibition: A Musical History Of Hemp, which features Dee Dee Ramone.
(Thanks Jonathan Stuart)

16.8 REVIEW OF THE HOMENAJE A JOEY RAMONE: July Fri 27th and Sat 28th, Cemento venue, Buenos Aires, Argentina -concerts.
(Review by Mariano Asch, who has done many interviews with Ramones-members)

16.8 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker has been on Swedish-single chart many weeks....., but

15.8 Marky Ramone & The Speedkings got fourth member Dee Ranged. Also I added pictur without Dee...

13.8 Yeah, you're gonna get Dee Dee's one unreleased track and 3 unreleased versions on Woimasointu's Dee Dee Ramone special LP and single.. Latest news of the releases here.

13.8 Check from Arturo's site brand new Warm Jets -song: Real Bad Time.

11.8 New Ramones-compilation is coming out August 20 on Masters Of Rock -series...
(Advice of that by Murray Ramone)

10.8 Still fuckin' we remember... I did new style to every page on "Joey Ramone on the official releases" -links and updated/added infos of these releases:
Joey with Die Toten Hosen: Blitzkrieg Bop -song on album and EP (1991),
Godchildren Of Sould Featuring General Johnson And Joey Ramone - Rockaway Beach -single and album: Anyone Can Join (1994),
Joey on VA: In Their Own Words, Vol.1 -album (1994) and
Tribute song 1969 on album: We Will Fall: A Tribute To Iggy Pop (1997). Again so big job to update, but fans enjoy and fuck all stealers/copy-idiots, who takes infos straight from my page, too many times without asking...

10.8 Joey-comments from Rob Zombie and Talking Heads...
(Thanks Erik Pietz)

9.8 Johnny's interview on

9.8 Added infos of the Joey's last video appearance on Joan Jett -DVD.
(Thanks David Snowden)


7.8 Lot Marky Ramone & The Speedkings -information (Band changed name from the Marky Ramone Group), check them out and enjoy smell of gasoline...

7.8 I Wanna Be Sedated as background/theme music on Scrubs-advertisement...
(Info by Diane Hatcher)

7.8 More news of the Ramones double compilation tribute album by B Track Records..

6.8 Enjoy 3 Ramones-songs on Misfits-concert, featuring Joey and Marky Ramone.

JULY 2001

30.7 YEAH, First Warm Jets -concert review with 2 photos
(High quality review by: Sherry Globman)

27.7 New "Ramones-album"????? with Rob Zombie or Joe Strummer or....

26.7 Updated infos: of the CJ's, Marky's and Jerry Only's performance with Rammstein... and also added names of the 3 bonus tracks on Independents-album...
(Thanks of the Rammstein info Will Lynch)

25.7 Information of the Joey Ramone -night in Denmark.
(Thanks to Bad Afro's Lars Krogh)

21.7 CJ, Marky and Jerry Only on Rammstein-show.....
(Info Sherry)

20.7 More info and track listings of the Independents album and EP, which are produced by Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey + album contains our loved Joey...

20.7 Information of the Rock The Vote -promoCD which features Joey.....

19.7 Use services of my longtime sponsor They've got great new Joey Ramone - CBGB's New York 1992 -posters.

19.7 More information of the special Ramones-issue of the Metallic Ko -magazine...
(Thanks again Usbe)

18.7 Dickies did the following on concert: instead of 'a moments silence' for Joey, they turned the lights out and asked for 'a moment of noise'... (Added for Tribute mark number 23)
(Thanks Murray Ramone)

18.7 2 tribute-concert infos added: USA and Brazil, shows were already, but... example on USA-tribute was raised 1537$ for a local woman with cancer, all in the name of Joey Ramone!

9.7 AMP Records from Canada are currently in the final process of compiling CD " LIFE'S A GAS: A TRIBUTE TO JOEY RAMONE".

9.7 Some Joey-comments from artists added...
(Thanks of the advice Erik Pietz)

9.7 Now is two weeks time to send Joey Ramone -memory texts...

4.7 Enjoy nice story on National Public Radio... Jon Langford led a band called the Mekons, he does a search for his hero, Joey Ramone....
(Advice by Dan Herman)

3.7 Added links to Thierry Layec's and Winny Kas's Ramones-pages.

2.7 Seems that all of you're satisfied and happy of these great remastered first four album by Rhino Records. Remember to get all of them.

JUNE 2001

26.6 Johnny's interview from CLEVESCENE.COM. Contains also sad things....
(Thanks Murray Robertson and Jeff Niesel)

26.6 More Warm Jets -news, like they got another guitar player and new gig dates.

26.6 Marky does signing and instore performance in NYC with Misfits and I Added picture of me, David Kelly and Marky, on Marky's home.

25.6 Updated artist listing of the Helsinki's (Finland) Joey Ramone -memory party.

21.6 First answers from Marky's interview with me and David Kelly. Finally updated..

21.6 Argentina's musicians will play a long set of Ramones-songs, like a tribute to Joey. Contains famous bands like Attaque 77. Also possibly CJ will go...
(Thanks of the infos Mariano Asch)

13.6 Added texts and picture of the great honour to Joey from Congressman Gary L Ackerman. Be sure to read text and see proclamation.
(Thanks of the help to Jordan Goldes, Gary L Ackerman and Ida Langsham)

12.6 Check 35 Dee Dee -photos by Lars Weber, which he took when Matthias Gross did an interview with Dee Dee to OX Fanzine.

12.6 Added Scott Kempner's (Dictators) and Lux Interior's (Cramps) comments about Joey.

11.6 Dee Dee played one Chelsea Horror Hotel -book release party on NYC and another comes wednesday...
(Info by David Kelly, who writes reviews of the shows..)

11.6 Blackfire's debut album One Nation Under features Joey and CJ produced Blackfire's 5 song EP.

10.6 Date is confirmed for the Joey's tribute concert in Paraguay.

7.6 Italian magazine called Metallic Ko release a special issue tribute to Joey Ramone. Contains also a lot rare Ramones-information from Italy.
(Thanks of the info: Usbe)

7.6 Some more credits and media publicity about me...

6.6 Little story of the Joey's Birthday Party with 3 pictures.

6.6 Great Ramones-quote by Henry Rollins, from his Spoken Word show in MCV, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

5.6 Joey Ramone -memory page updates:
Big Joey-tribute in Helsinki, Finland with many famous musicians, July 4 and
Bye, Bye Baby: a Ramones Tribute Show! in Sputnik-restaurang, Homewood, Illinois.
(Sputnik-info searched by Christophe Pay)

MAY 2001

(Dates: 18.5 - 31.5, I was travelling in NYC).
17.5 Handsome Dick Manitoba's Joey-text link
(Thanks Murray Robertson)

17.5 I listed some pressed articles etc., which contained me...

16.5 Famous White Jazz is a really cool record-company and they're working on a Ramones Tribute album with the title "Highest Trails Above".

16.5 To Joey-page: Australian's The 2nd annual Ramone-A-Thon -happening, PJ Soles -memory text and NYRock-article..
(Thanks Kitten and Jonas)

16.5 Check out great zine These Boots! and it's good Ramones-article.

14.5 Added link to site, which feature really cool Joey/ Ramones-photos by Ed Perlstein and text by Travis of the Dickies.
(Thanks Ed and Christophe Pay)

12.5 More news of the Joey's birthday party and added Ronnie Spector's comments etc. etc.

11.5 May 21st will be broadcasted Dee Dee's interview/show on The Mutant Show.
(Show by Joe Beurk from Captain Beurk)

11.5 Captain Beurk has recorded a tribute song to Joey. First details of the Iceland-tribute to Joey also added.

10.5 Lot information who are gonna perform on Joey's 50th birthday party. Also DATE changed for Helsinki's Factory -tribute.

9.5 Tribute-concert info from Italy added and something is happening also in France...

8.5 Dee Dee's new book Chelsea Horror Hotel: A Novel comes out on May 10th, 2001. Published by Thunder`s Mouth Press.

7.5 You can also do advance orders of these 4 remastered Ramones-classic.

5.5 Some REALLY happy news on these REALLY SAD days. Rhino Records releases expanded and remastered versions Of Ramones' first four CD's June 19, 2001.
(Really early me informed Jeescy Pouliot and Dan Herman, thanks)

5.5 "Joey-memory" updates like tribute gigs in Japan and Brazil.

2.5) Many Joey-updates *Sniff*. 3 pictures by Sherry Globman and some text by Celine Ramone from CBGB memorial party etc. And I just done Joey memory -section more clear, I linked there main headlines...
(Gabba thanks from me and fans: Celine and Sherry)

APRIL 2001

30.4) Lot info of the tomorrow CBGB Joey memorial concert and also of the Joey's birthday party....

30.4 First Warm Jets gig date confirmed

26.4 Cool Ramones 3 hours special in Australia comes out today.
(Thanks of the infos: Kit)

25.4 Many additions for my Joey-memory page, like tribute gigs etc.

24.4 Please, use my sponsor SmartIt's services, they has got lot special electronic items; computers, digital cameras, multimedia.... Click in banner (left one) and that way you also help my page grow up...

23.4 New Independents-album is out now, procuded by Joey Ramone and Daniel Rey, also features Joey on vocals.

23.4 Hollywood's Rock Walk has placed a special shrine on the handprints and signatures of The Ramones.

23.4 Many Joey-updates, specially tribute-infos...

23.4 Dee Dee Ramone dates in North-America, May and June.

17-20.4 I updated Joey-news and your mails for our hero many times during the day....

18.4 Joey's solo album will be released later on this year....

16.4 Joey passed away yesterday.........MANY UPDATES

16.4 Added Marky Ramone Group -news of the album and updated gig infos.

15.4 Spin magazine are taking votes on who are the ultimate punks The Ramones or Sex Pistols...

12.4 Fifth and last listing of the Joey -greetings/wishes. Last informations of the Joey's health also updated. Thanks fan, I'm sure that Joey get power of these all!

12.4 HANNU GOT copyright letter of the Dee Dee's special releases, read more information.

12.4 Added cover of the Spin-magazine's punk-issue.

11.4 General information of the Dee Dee's touring

5.4 Fourth listing of Joey greetings/ wishes, last and fifth listing April 10th.

MARCH 2001

29.3 Now finally my report is ready from Dee Dee's tour 2000, lot infos, photos. Enjoy!!!!

29.3 Joey is in cover of the coming issue of Spin-magazine.

29.3 Dee Dee has released with Barbara and Paul Kostabi fifth Taking Dope -fanzine.

29.3 I added Joe Beurk's photo from Li?ge, Soundstation, from his interview with Dee Dee
(Thanks: Joe Beurk)

29.3 I was introduced as a Ramones-specialist on big finnish musicmagazine called Rumba

28.3 I got little problems with Dee Dee -tour travelling in Sweden.

28.3 Strength To Endure, third set of Joey Ramone -greetings/wishes.

28.3 I got 3 new Marky Ramone Group -gig date and some information of the South America -tour..

27.3 Yeah, here's the description of Chelsea Horror Hotel.
(Thanks of the info sending: Jeescy Pouliot, Canada)

26.3 Second listing of the greetings/ wishes for the Joey. Thanks.

26.3 Track listing and infos of this coming Ramones double compilation album by B Track Records
(Thanks: Kloot Per W)

26.3 There's Ramones-inspired photo exhibition in Helsinki (Finland) by Tea Stromsholm.

23.3 Thanks fans, here is the first set of greetings and wishes for the Joey. Next listing comes: monday 25th, March.


21.3 Small review of the Dee Dee Ramone -gig 17.3.2001 at Li?ge, Soundstation (Belgium)
(Review by: Patrice Verchere, France)

21.3 Finally more my Dee Dee Ramone -tour diary news, enjoy. On next week comes more, at sure..

20.3 Two great Rock'N'Roll Highschool -moviescene. Without seeing movie you get into it with these...
(Loaned with permission, thanks Christian, Germany)

19.3 Marky Ramone Group -infos and news added.

19.3 Wish best luck for Joey...

12.3 P.P.M has covered It's Alive -album word by word of the Ramones version, also other infos of the P.P.M added.
(Alfredo, Spain earns credits again)

12.3 I added some missing dates from last *sniff* Ramones-tour...

11.3 I added Detroit Rock City -soundtrack Ramones-mention and Christian sent infos of the Punk- and Highway 61 -movies, thanks.

9.3 Great and extensive review of the Dee Dee's Hop Around -album.
(Thanks Surfin' Bird)

7.3 I builded Warm Jets -section and I added lot new infos. Member to buy your own Warm Jets -single and Gabba it...

6.3 Finally more information of the Dee Dee Ramone: Hop Around -vinyl and -single special releases. THANKS OF YOUR PATIENCE!

6.3 4 photos from Dee Dee's US-tour
(Thanks of the pics Neil Motteram)

5.3 Finally all Dee Dee's European-gig dates.
(Thanks of the advice Usbe)

2.3 I added listing of the Ramones-line-ups

2.3 Dee Dee's new dates: Liege (Belgium) and Stockholm (Sweden)
(Thanks Freddy and Jvolont)


26.2 Live Usa -track listing (2CD).
(Thanks of the info Francisco Pel?ez)

21.2 Joey Ramone's one playlist info and link.

21.2 More news of the Dee Dee's and Paul Kostabi's exhibition on: Paul Kostabi's -interview and News-section.

15.2 In Horley Life -newspaper (Feb. 14th) was my little interview and also some Ramones-things.

13.2 I get Dee Dee -dates slowly, sorry. But now first UK-date (London) and support band is Suicide Milkshake. Also 1 new German-date.

7.2 Info about Spain-edition of the Anthology and it's massive press coverage there, Yeah, Ramones deserve it!
(Thanks: Alfredo)

5.2 3 Dee Dee date in Holland...
(Again Bram van Schaik nicely sent this info)


30.1 Paul Kostabi sent 3 paintings more by Dee Dee Ramone and you know, you`ve to check them out...

More Dee Dee Ramone -dates in USA and Germany

26.1 Paul Kostabi did great interview with me (and really fast answered..., thanks). He's doing exhibition together with Dee Dee and is his old friend. Also Paul plays on Youth Gone Mad...
(Gabba Thanks: Paul Kostabi)

25.1 Check out Travoltas cool comments and memories of the Marky (+ Intruders). Marky has produced some years ago Travoltas: The Modern World -CD.

24.1 Today (Wednesday Jan. 24th) comes on the FOX Network a show called "Grounded For Life", it contain many Ramones-happenings...
(Info by Brandon Judd)

23.1 Dee Dee on Smells Like Bleach - Tribute to Nirvana -album. Also he appears on tribute to Metallica -album.
(Thanks of the info: Orlando and Cablashi)

22.1 This months Mojo magazine feature ten Ramones-pages, also Ramones-cover.

18.1 Scorpio Music has released some time ago the first five Ramones albums on high quality 180 gram vinyl.

16.1 Joey Ramone produced new Independents EP Unholy Living Dead.

10.1 Added Joey-Independents -picture, from December 11 -show
(Thanks: RaretreatsKF)

9.1 Added three Dee Dee Ramone -picture for Glenn Shires' interview


6.1 Punks!!!!! Dee Dee Ramone -interview, really long and extensive, January 19, 2000. It's 1 year old, but it's so great!
(Thanks a lot: Glenn Shires

5.1 VH1 Counts Down The '100 Greatest Albums of Rock & Roll, including The Ramones

5.1 Marky is currently setting up a new band.

4.1 Dee Dee is touring in Japan and USA
(Thanks of the info for Toshiaki Nomura)


18.12 Beat On The Brat, 'cause Misfits-gig is cancelled...

19.12 You can check and enjoy Buffy's 2 great livereview with 5 PHOTO: JOEY RAMONE, INDEPENDENTS ETC. AT THE CONTINENTAL CHRISTMAS BASH DEC. 11, 2000 AND JOEY + HIS BROTHER ... ON EVIL'S BIRTHDAY PARTY DEC. 12, 2000 AT MANITOBA'S.
(Thanks with friendly Gabbas again: Buffy)

18.12 MISFITS-DATE CHANGED, where Joey and Marky does a special appearance... (New date: January 12)
(Thanks: Buffy)

14.12 I just added lyrics of the Marky Ramone And The Intruders songs: Boomerang and Blank Generation (Debut albums bonus songs, only on Japan-pressing).

8.12 Marky and Joey does a VERY special guest appearances on Misfits -concert, Friday December 29th 2000...
(Thanks Finnish Fiend)

8.12 Check cool Dee Dee Ramone -interview on mexican newspaper Reforma News, by Angela Hoces Sauvat. INTERVIEW BY SPANISH!
(Thanks: Angela)

7.12 Now you can listen that Dee Dee's interview on Comedy World's "The Beth Lapides Experience.", I also added photo.

7.12 On Green Day's new single "Warning", they cover The Ramones' "Outsider". You can listen also audio clip.
(Gabba thanks: Brandon Judd)

5.12 Joey is having a surprise for those that come to the show and the other additions...

4.12 You can listen Sheena Is A Punk Rocker -live, performed by Marky Ramone and The Raimundos.

4.12 CJ is playing CBGB tuesday December 5 at 11:00.

2.12 Added pic where Johnny plays with Pearl Jam, Los Angeles july 14th 1998.
(Pierre-Olivier Gervais sent that photo, thanks).

1.12 NOW YOU GREAT RAMONES-FAN can surf, link and bookmark my page with URL: (WITHOUT: www!). Let's keep Ramones-spirit alive!!!


28.11 Joey will play with his friends gig at Continental December 11, also Independents plays 2 songs.

28.11 Check great interview with Johnny.
(Thanks George Furious)

25.11 Listen Dee Dee's interview on Comedy World's "The Beth Lapides Experience.", on November 28 @ 12 noon PST.

21.11 Still problems with Dee Dee's special releases, 'cause the Corazong -record company.... I and Hannu are really sorry about these problems.

21.11 More info about You Don't Come Close -release and I was happy to hear that this my page was mentioned in a very positive way in the OOR-magazines Site Guide (Dutch-magazine).
(Thanks again of these updates Bram van Schaik)

17.11 Frank Funaro also plays songs on Joey's album, all tracks are finished.
(Gabba to: MistressWhiplash)

16.11 Added to link-section, great Independents-homepage, that fabulous band, which Joey Ramone promote.

16.11 Empty Records is releasing cool saw-bladed Ramones-single (CD and 7').

14.11 Backyard Babies -single feature Joey Ramone in a future.
(Thanks: Harri "Dirty Harry" Kangas)


10.11 Some infos and comments with photo of Dee Dee's book signing.

10. Now seems that Barbara plays in Brazil also..

8.11 I added more Ramone soloappearances on movies and also general info.

7,11 Dee Dee also plays 2 gig in California.

7.11 Ramainz will perform on 3 happening in Brazil (November 15-19).
(Thanks Sergio)

1.11 Added one photo from Joey's party and link to other photos also.


30.10 Marky told that he would play a song in next Tequila Baby -album. and Ramainz will be playing at Porto Alegre november 13! Great news!
(Thanks: Gonzales)

25.10 Some infos about Joey's gig, October 18th at CBGB.
(Thanks: Kay Johansson and Arturo Vega).

24.10 A punk photo book, Flash!Bang!Wallop! has published, it contain Ramones-photos etc.

24.10 Helen Love's new album out now, it contain Joey on 2 track.

Joey's show is sold out (advance tickets) but there will be 100 tickets for sale the day of the show.

11.10 Your help is needed; FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE: A Benefit For Truth And Justice.

9.10 THERE ARE NO PLANS AT ALL for the Ramones to tour or perform.

5.10 Links updated and also added for the main page Ramones Topsites -link.

4.10 You can order now Dee Dee's new album; Greatest & Latest online at

4.10 Get your copy now of the Dee Dee's book Teenage Lobotomy - Surviving The Ramones, released through Thunder's Mouth Press. Also Dee Dee does a book signing.

3.10 On year 2001 Dee Dee will publish punk rock horror novel, Chelsea Horror Hotel.


29.9 Marky Ramone And The Intruders begin their touring today, updated infos and also some details of the gig places etc.
(Gabba thanks to Sergio, who helped with details).

28.9 Latest infos of the Joey's gig.

26.9 Check out cool Blood Drive-2000 -homepage and festival happening, Saturday October 28th. There's also many bands who are friends with Ramone members.

22.9 Lot of new and official info of the Joey's gig, October 18th.

19.9 There's coming special Ramones double compilation tribute album in belgium. Marky recorded song I Dont Wanna Grow Up' with Buckweeds and Kloot Per W also for the tribute album.
(Thanks: Kloot Per W)

19.9 You can get through Wanker Fanzine -homepage issue #9, which contain Dee Dee Ramone stuff etc.

19.9 On UK has released You Don't Come Close CD + ROM.

11.9 Latest news of the Mosrite's Johnny Ramone guitar model.

11.9 CJ and Chessa got their second kid, GONGRALUTIONS!!

10.9 Joey's show is confirmed for October 18.

6.9 Vote It's Alive -album on Top-10 album -competion.

AUGUST 2000:

31.8 Check out new Null$katte$nylterne-homepage, really Ramoniac and cool band. Also their URL has changed.

23.8 Little changes on schedules with these REALLY SPECIAL Dee Dee Ramone -vinyls. Hannu told that master will be sent to record plant as soon as he receive all documents about copyrights from the copyright owners. SPECIAL OFFER TIME CONTINUE, DON'T MISS IT.

22.8 Dee Dee already wrote song for the Too Tough To Die -movie etc., also more news of the movie.

16.8 Lemmy from Motorhead will play some songs with Marky Ramone and Buckweeds!

9.8 Dee Dee's Latest And Greatest comes out on this month in Europe, on USA in November.

9.8 Marky Ramone And The Intruders -showdates in South-America.

8.8 New info about new Ramones-performance on movie, now it's named: Too Tough To Die

8.8 Joey makes a cameo in the upcoming indie flick Final Rinse.

1.8 Marky Ramone has confirmed that he will be the drummer for The BUCKWEEDS on their European Tour with The HUNTINGTONS, added also tour dates.

1.8 Member to check and buy fabulous PosterNow -items or click here through for RAMONES-posters.

JULY 2000:

27.7 Dee Dee is planning to produce an album for punk band Mach Pelican.
(Gabba thanks Murray Robertson)

24.7 Dee Dee's albums other publishers and distributors.
(Thanks Monte Robison)

24.7 Joey is planning a show for the end of October and he's still working with him album.

21.7 Dee Dee's new album has already released in Japan (contain bonus track, instrumental version of the Sidewalk Surfin' -song.), album out on USA in august.

21.7 Added info of the Ramones cameo appearance on Bobby Brown -video, back in 1989.
(Thanks of the info Lanny Decrepit)

18.7 Johnny Ramone has some time ago appeared and jammed on Cat Club/ Phantoms club.

18.7 Added link for the Woimasointu-homepage.

17.7 Added 2 great black & white pic for the mainpage, of the Johnny and Joey.
(Thanks Thierry Layec and E Lefevre)

3.7 Latest info about MCRACKINS: Too Tough To Die and THE BEATNIK TERMITES: Pleasant Dreams -cover albums.

3.7 More info how to order these really special and limited Dee Dee Ramone -vinyls with a special price only through my site.

1.7 After long work again something special for you fans. I listed and introduced all Japan Ramones- 7'-singles, also album infos and some other special Japan-releases. Mostly all listed with codes. Additions are welcome, GABBA HEY.
(Thanks: Timo Pullinen, Takuto etc.)

1.7 Added track listing of the Loco Live's Japan-version.

JUNE 2000:

(Thanks so much Hannu Jokinen)

28.6 Something from my discussions and interviews with Barbara Zampini, Dee Dee's wife. Check it out.
(Thanks of the memories Barbara)

28.6 Added track listing and some info of the It's Alive's Japan-version.

26.6 CJ's solo album project goes well.
(Thanks Baby)

21.6 There's 4 different pressing of the Dee Dee Ramone And The Chinese Dragons -single.
(Thanks of the info: Phil Hanson)

2.6 Member to check Dee Dee's free MP3 track through

MAY 2000:

30.5 Lot of new Marky Ramone And The Intruders -gigdates

25.5 Dee Dee Ramone -gig tomorrow and tour in Mexico in June.
(Thanks Omega)

17.5 Now I added parts 3 and 4 to my Dee Dee Ramone -tourdiary, also parts 1 and 2 updated.

17.5 Marky Ramone And The Intruders -gigs in Russia: May 18 and 20

12.5 Check out first part of my Dee Dee Ramone -tourdiary. More comes on monday.

10.5 More Marky Ramone And The Intruders -news

10.5 More info about Ramones-DVD and I Wanna Be Sedated is in a new movie called Scary Movies.

6.5 Touring with Dee Dee going great.

APRIL 2000:

26.4 Loudmouth! - Fanzine- and CD-info, really cool Ramones-thing, Check OUT, don't miss.

26.4 Review of the Dee Dee's gig in Winterthur, Alani, Switserland. April 22, 2000.
(Thanks of the review Tosi)

26.4 CJ plans to release his SOLO album yet on that year.
(Thanks for you Babi)

25.4 Dee Dee's another new album comes out August, 2000 and it seems to be pretty special.

25.4 Fans, don't miss the chance to see Keith Green's fabulous Dee Dee Ramone-photos, on Internet.

20.4 Marky Ramone changed the band name back to The Intruders, from the Group.

20.4 New dates: 6 Marky Ramone And The Intruders -gig and Marky's spoken tour gig.

20.4 Check out cool Argentina's punk on-line store; Label Record. You can also find their advertisement from my page and you can order example through them Ramainz-CD, South-American -pressing. Enjoy about Label Record.

19.4 More info about John Cage -tributealbum, which contain Joey Ramone's performance.

19.4 Joey Ramone has a 2 page feature in May issue of "Smart Money" magazine.

17.4 Rhino-records is releasing a live Ramones DVD on September 26.

11.4 Check out results of the first official Ramones-homepage contest.

10.4 Dee Dee worked with Chris Spedding also other album.
(Thanks of the info for Toshiaki Nomura)

5.4 Description how to order Dee Dee Ramone's latest album through Corazong Records

5.4 Changes in Dee Dee Ramone's concert dates??????

5.4 More info about More Unreleased Tracks -bootleg
(Thanks Fr?d?ric Dallaire)

1.4 Life Sucks sent 6 link for the Signing '99 review, thanks. and I also added more info about Johnny's performances on Swing Cats -album.

MARCH 2000:

27.3 Joey Ramone sing backvocals on Nomads-single, check that out.
(Thanks of the info Calle Schewen)

27.3 Marky Ramone news: Marky Ramone And The Intruders name has been changed to the "Marky Ramone Group". Marky Ramone Group found a new singer etc. and he will do spoken tour gigs in April.

27.3 Enjoy review and memories of the Ramones signing happening, July 27th, 1999
(Professional and entensive review by Life Sucks)

24.3 WOW, JOHNNY Ramone back in business!!!!! Johnny plays on the Swing Cats: A Special Tribute To Elvis -album.

22.3 CJ plans to record a SOLO album, he has got some songs....Yeah.. and also more news about Los Gusanos -split up
(Thanks for you Babi)


16.3 More info about the Johnny Shines -album which feature Marky Ramone (1974)


15.3 Added link for the Empty-records page. Empty-records is totally cool label, they've released We're Outta Here -doubleLP (color vinyls) and also releases which are featured CJ and Dee Dee Ramone. Check out more info from their page.

13.3 Note that Dee Dee has did cover art for the 2 Youth Gone Mad -release.

7.3 Born To Lose -movie (features Dee Dee) will be shown at the Tampere International Short Film Festival.

7.3 Info about the second Ramones version of the Surfin' Safari (Dee Dee singing).

6.3 UPDATED INFO: You can listen and download Dee Dee Ramone's performance of the song Bad Little Go-Go Girl.
(Many thanks: Toshiaki Nomura)


21.2 From my Ramones-page has info, mention and votestatistics on the Heaven -magazine January/2000 (Musicmagazine in Netherlands). Really cool 4-page Ramones-article by Bram van Schaik. Check out also Heaven's homepage. I also updated my credits-section.
(Thanks of the article Bram)

20.2 Joey Ramone, Debbie Harry ja Vin Scelsa does 10--minute experimental film "Duty Nickels".

8.2 Ramainz probably tour in Europe later on this year...

7.2 GABBA YEAH, Dee Dee Ramone -tourdates in Europe

7.2 More info of the Joey Ramone's solo album, Marky plays drums etc.
(Info by LifeSucks)

7.2 Added Marky's greetings of the Marky Ramone And The Intruders -tour
(Thanks: Marky)

7.2 More exact info of the Gabba Gabba Hey -movie

7.2 Joey did with Lars Frederikson of Rancid for the new radio show on the Rancid website.

7.2 Ben Trokan is no on Marky Ramone And The Intruders anymore, 'cause the college education.
(Thanks of the sad news: LifeSucks and Marky)

2.2 Added link for the "Crummy Stuff" -homepage, band played also on the -opening party

1.2 There's info that Ramones line-up: Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee and Marky will record and write 3 new Ramones-song in October to the punk thriller Gabba Gabba Hey.
(Thanks of the note Daniel, Brazil, that has that info.)
1.2 Review of the Marky Ramone And The Intruders -gig in Oslo, January 26, 2000.
(Gabba thanks for you Azzy)


25.1 Dee Dee's line-up on the tour.

25.1 Many updates about the original performers on the Ramones -cover songs list.

24.1 Track listing of the Dee Dee's CD, also more info added of the distributions etc..

24.1 Joey and Ronnie on Channel 4's Top Ten series, 29th January

21.1 Dee Dee Ramone's -album released yesterday. Also link for the Corazong Records added.

21.1 Remains (Ramainz) performance with Joan Jett included on the Joan Jett's re-released album Bad Reputation.

21.1 More info about the Rattlers - 7' single: Livin' Alone/On The Beach (1979), which feature Joey's artwork and he also sing other song.

19.1 Chairman Of The Board -soundtrack contain Ramones: California Sun.

17.1 Shock treatment.... New Ramones song from the End Of The Century -sessions, 1979

14.1 Dee Dee Ramone's tour dates

9.1 More info about the Pet Sematary - and Hard Core Logo -soundtracks. (Thanks Mark Nuttall)
Also I added SLC Punk -soundtrack.

6.1 Life Sucks wrote great review of the -opening party
(Gabba thanks of the review: Life Sucks)

6.1 Additions for the soundtracks. Has about the Pet Sematary -soundtrack?
(Thanks: Bob Vickers, Hannu Jokinen, Mark Nuttall)

4.1 I wrote listing of the movies and soundtracks which feature Ramones. Additions are welcome.

4.1 Unofficial info of the unofficial bootleg -release: More Unreleased Tracks

3.1 Marky is releasing video of the latest Marky Ramone And The Intruders -South-American -tour

3.1 Info additions of the Dee Dee's book.


30.12 Official collections has now own section.

27.12 More updates of the Dee Dee and info from the Chris Spedding about the Hal Winer's -project.
(So many thanks Toshiaki)

27.12 Los Gusanos again searching a new drummer

23.12 More info about Dee Dee's coming album and other projects
(Thanks Toshiaki Nomura)


17.12 The Ramones - Cyberpunk Blitz Tonight!!!!!

10.12 Updated info: Joey Ramone, Ronnie Spector and Arturo Vega will be appearing on the Matt Pinfield show.

8.12 Added 3 Los Gusanos -gigdate, sadly one was yesterday and also Los Gusanos -news.

4.12 Updated lot member info: specially Dee Dee and Marky, but also some additions for the Joey, please check them out

3.12 Joey Ramone has a special guest on Ronnie Spector's X-Mas Spectacular
(Rainbow thanks for you Patrick Jones)

2.12 Guitar Player october 1999 feature article of the Johnny Ramone.

1.12 has now opened, let's go to visit!!!


26.11 Helen Love's album coming out, including duet with Joey.

25.11 Lof of dates for the Marky Ramone And The Intruders -tour in Europe and 3 for in California, USA

25.11 Added for Joey's infos: - Joey vocals on Rattlers -single: Livin' Alone/On The Beach and Joey backvocals on The Seclusion: Isolation for Creation -LP.

23.11 INFO CHANGED, how to get to play with the Ramone -members. and RAMONES 1*2*3*4 The Pinheads Club opening party will be cybercast on etc.

18.11 Dee Dee's gig at the Tucson AZ Club Congress is probably cancelled?

15.11 All dates for the Dee Dee's tour!!!!

15.11 Interview with Hirsh Gardner (produced Ramainz: Live In N.Y.C -album etc.)

11.11 Added finally lot of info about Joey Ramone's album/single etc. appearances. Coming soon updates infos also of the other members.

9.11 There's plans of the Japan -edition of the Dee Dee's Poison Heart -book

9.11 Dee Dee november 11th at the San Diego.
(Thanks The Malakas)

8.11 First infos about the Dee Dee coming album, now we can still Hop Around about the happiness.....

8.11 Info how A Violent Life started co-operation with Dee Dee

8.11 Added 2 Dee Dee's gigdate at the Salt Lake City.
(Thanks William)

5.11 Dee Dee wrote a song You Can't Make Me Do That with a Italian houseband called A Violent Life.

2.11 Do you wanna play with a Ramones member in a same stage in a CBGB..........

2.11 Ramones performance on Simpsons to the CD of the serie.

1.11 INFO ABOUT THE OFFICIAL RAMONES -HOMEPAGE/ CLUB!!!!!, gabba gabba info for every Ramones -fan.

1.11 Dee Dee is doing some gigs and here's couple date.

1.11 Note that 2 gig was cancelled in last Ramones European -tour
(Thanks of the info Raffaele Vigan?)


25.10 Info about the cool Ramones -tributeEP by TIPOS DE INTERES (Spain), NULLSKATTESNYLTERNE (Norway) and HARRY COLTELLO (Germany)

20.10 Added Dan Paris' review of the RAMAINZ, JULY 23, 1999, AT CONTINENTAL, NYC
(Gabba thanks Dan)

16.10 CJ broke his arm, get well soon CJ. Fans miss your playing and that's for sure.
(Thanks of the info, Babi Ramone)

(Greetings of the review to the Ramone Sabo)

13.10 Joey writes sleevenotes to the compilation CD called Up In Flames.
(Info by Veronica Kofman)

12.10 Updated info about the Ronnie Spector -EP

1.10 Marky Ramone And The Intruders will tour in Europe (December 1999 and January 2000) etc.

1.10 Marky will release in future videofootage of the last Marky Ramone And The Intruders South-American -tour


26.9 Added info about The Ramonesmania 2, released only in Japan
(Thanks to the Munirali)

22.9 More info about Marky's spoken gig in London
(Thanks of the infos to the Ramone Sabo)


21.9 Los Gusanos has got a new drummer

17.9 Finally first Mosrites Ramones -model guitar is ready. Now also 3 picture of the guitar, wow
(Thanks Rocco, fans really appreciate your and Lorettas work)

(Many thanks for the Eva Richardson, Katia Weinhoffer and Keith Green)

10.9 Updated infos about Marky's European spoken tour. One date added, one cancelled etc.

10.9 Info about Joey's radio appearances and shows, check out and listen.
(Info by Veronica)

10.9 Los Gusanos is touring also...

7.9 More info and added couple new Marky Ramone And The Intruders South-American tourdate.
(By JC)

6.9 Hallo The Freak translated my Jerry Only/Misfits interview to the German -language.

3.9 TRANSCRIPT of the Joey's and Johnny's livechat, August 9, 1999
(I and hopely you will also say thanks to the Gothikka)

1.9 There's coming up a Spanish language edition of Dee Dee's book: Poison Heart.

1.9 Added 3 picture from latest Ramones -signing happening.


27.8 An exhibition of photos of Dee Dee Ramone

26.8 Notes about JON COUGAR CONCENTRATION CAMP: Too Tough To Die and HUNTINGTONS: File Under Ramones -releases.

20.8 Check out Ramones-influenced band The Derogatories

19.8 Many fans were disappointed to the latest chat

17.8 Added Marky Ramone And The Intruders -dates of the coming South-American -tour

4.8 Review of the Marky Ramone And The Intruders -record release show at the Wetlands July 26, 1999
(Thanks to the JC)


JULY 1999

26.7 Review of the Ramainz-CD release party
(Thanks of the review JC)

23.7 Latest news about Mosrites Ramones model guitars

22.7 Many Ramones-promotings on radio/TV etc.
(Thanks Brandon Judd and JC)

22.7 Some changes in Japan 7'-singles and UK 12'-maxis.

22.7 Updated some changes. Touring, touring is never boring... Marky Ramone And The Intruders-tourdates


21.7 Something about Ramones-signing appearance


14.7 Added 4 date of Marky's spoken tour in EUROPE, great.

14.7 Updated credits- and links-sections

13.7 Exact info about signing appearance.

13.7 More thoughs about RAMAINZ-CD

13.7 Latest news about Richie.

12.7 Independents Benefit Show has moved to Don Hill's.

8.7 CJ can't take part to the Ramones-signing happening

8.7 *sniff* The Ramainz show at Continental on July 23rd will be the final Ramainz show.

6.7 Joey does a special radio show.
(Thanks of the infos Dan)

3.7 Added info about Subterranean B.A.-bootleg.
(Thanks about info Salvador)

1.7 Ramainz record release partys date changed to July 23rd.

1.7 Marky Ramone And The Intruders -record release party July 25th