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Mr Ratboy played some time with Marky Ramone And The Intruders and I'm sure that you got lot of great information with this interview.

Mr Ratboy has also played with Jeff Dahl and other famous musicians. Member to check Sour Jazz if you get a chance.

Go to Mr Ratboy's website to learn all about him:

Jari-Pekka: 1) Future plans with Sour Jazz?

Jari-Pekka: 2) Why Sour Jazz had to be different than your previous bands?

Jari-Pekka: 3) What people liked of your solo CD?

Jari-Pekka: 4) How did you started to play with Marky Ramone And The Intruders?

Jari-Pekka: 5) What did you liked to play with Marky Ramone And The Intruders and best memories?

Jari-Pekka: 6) Do you wanna tell some special happening about Intruders time?

Jari-Pekka: 7) You played only Boomerang-song to Intruders Japan release?

Jari-Pekka: 8) Best memories of your career generally?

Jari-Pekka: 9) What is your dream line-up?

Jari-Pekka: 10) What you think about New York music scene nowadays?
    Mr Ratboy: I think it sucks. But Sour Jazz will change all of this ah ah ah ah!!!!

Jari-Pekka: 11) How about this Motorcycle Boy covering to Gabba Gabba Hey - Ramones tribute album? Triple XXX-company made later fuckin' stupid trick to you!

Jari-Pekka: 12) Your Ramones and Marky Ramone And The Intruders favourite songs?

Jari-Pekka: 13) Pillbox did gigs with Ramones. Some thoughts of this time? And how do you think Ramones generally.

Jari-Pekka: 14) Best project where you've been?

Jari-Pekka: 16) Best songs which you've ever written?

(Thanks to Mr Ratboy and good skill to Sour Jazz)