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Interview by Dutch journalist Bram van Schaik: August 2001

(Pics by Sherry Globman: 1) Joey with Independents, the Continental show on December 11th, 2000, 2) from Life's A Gas: Joey Ramone's 50th Birthday Bash 3) from the Hustler in Melbourne Beach, Fl. August 10, 2000)

Joey loved to promote Independents, so let's support them and remember, at sure they're a really great band!

Its pretty obvious. The Independents didn't make lots of noise when they did release their album Back From The Grave. Almost at the very same moment the CD was finished Joey Ramone passed away. Joey produced album with Daniel Rey. The album is only available through their Internet-site and there's no distribution yet for Europe. The band itself stopped all the activities until August 11, when they did their first show in months. Interview is with singer Evil Presly.

Bram Van Schaik: 1) Still S-Carolina based?

Bram Van Schaik: 2) Who is in the band right now (the album info along with the picture is not that clear)?

Bram Van Schaik: 3) How do YOU describe the band style?

Bram Van Schaik: 4) Is there any philosophy behind the horrorthing (besides what's on the homepage)?

Bram Van Schaik: 5) Was there such an album as 'B F T Grave' possible without the help of Joey and Daniel?

Bram Van Schaik: 6) What is your relationship with The Ramones as a band or individual? Were they The Great Inspiration or if not, who was/is?

Bram Van Schaik: 7) What was your first thought when you discovered your voice looks pretty similar as Elvis'?

Bram Van Schaik: 8) Is the Joey-performed song "Garden of serenity" recorded during his last performance on Dec 10 2000 (or so)?

Bram Van Schaik: 9) Commercially I should say there's big market for one of the last Joey-projects. How aware are you of this fact?

Bram Van Schaik: 10) You cancelled most activities till August 11, what are the future plans?

Bram Van Schaik: 11) Is there a chance The Independents enter Europe this year and especially The Netherlands?

Bram Van Schaik: 12) Ever been here in Europe?

(Thanks: Bram and Evil)