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Many directors and filmmakers are big Ramones fans and I got a chance to do interview with Doug Cawker. He's pretty famous a punk rock filmmaker and a record reviewer for Flipside (under the name Dooger). Doug Cawker was director of BORN TO LOSE. It's really great and just can wait what he does next. You can order Born To Lose-movie through homepage or hope you got chance to see it, don't miss your chance. Check it out. Also soundtrack is really great.

Doug has been lucky, because he saw Ramones first time on The Rocket To Russia Tour and also last Ramones show. He has met Johnny and Joey etc. So check this interview and his thoughs.

Jari-Pekka: 1.Ramones music is really "hot" in different movies and soundtracks. Which are your points for it, why Ramones is so hot stuff to filmmakers/ directors?
Jari-Pekka: 2.Tell me something about doing movie, great memories and etc?

Jari-Pekka: 3.Which are your favourite parts on your Born To Lose-movie?
    Doug Cawker: I like the brief scene where the lead singer, Stevie, stumbles out of the Alligator Lounge, hammered out of his mind. His acting is unbelievable.... he REALLY seems drunk. All of the band scenes are really strong too... the group was very realistic.

Jari-Pekka: 4.You've seen Ramones in Toronto on the Rocket To Russia-tour. Probably you got there lot of shock treatment. Tell something of your memories?
    Doug Cawker: I was such a huge Ramones fan that I got to the El Mocambo club quite early (around 4:00PM) and tried to get into their soundcheck. Unfortunately, their manager, Monte, wouldn't let anyone in so I hung out downstairs until they finished their soundcheck (which was great, by the way... ). I was one of the first people through the door and I got a seat five rows back & directly in from of the stage, so I that could stand on my chair to take pictures. Tommy was drumming for them, and they were fantastic that night! The tiny club was packed and the Ramones DID provide some Shock Treatment! I was seated next to Mickey Skin from the local punk band, The Curse, too and if I'm not mistaken, Teenage Head opened the show...

Jari-Pekka: 5.You was enough lucky to see last performance ever in L.A.!!! Memories of the concert and feelings after last song?
Jari-Pekka: 6.Was there lot of other famous people than players?
Jari-Pekka: 7.What you liked of the We're Outta Here-video and was nice to see same gig again by video?
Jari-Pekka: 8.Have you seen other Ramones gigs?
Jari-Pekka: 9. When you was a kid and working at a radio station in Toronto, you met Johnny and Joey?
Jari-Pekka: 10.Have Born To Lose-film been so big succesful than you thought?

Jari-Pekka: 11.You got free rights to Iggy Pop and the Modern Lovers songs, so if you got enough money/ free to choose some Ramones songs to next soundtrack. Which you choose and why?
    Doug Cawker: It would have to fit the scene in the film but I really like "I Wanna Live," and "Glad to See You Go." I also love "Carbona Not Glue" and wish that they didn't have to pull it off of Leave Home... it's one of my favorite Ramones songs......

Jari-Pekka: 12.The most of the bands in soundtrack are Los Angeles area bands. Favourites of these?
Jari-Pekka: 13.Tell something about Spoilers?
Jari-Pekka: 14.What are your future plans?
(Good skills with films and thanks of your time Doug Cawker)