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Interview by Maggie St. Thomas: August 2001

" I would like to let the readers of these interviews know that my opinions and beleifs, perceptions and views are not necessarily shared with the remaining Ramones in these interviews. There are many sides to many stories, and my goal was to inform fellow Ramones fans what the Ramones have been up to since they disbanded in 96'. Some of the content you will read is pretty hurtful at Mickey (Joey's brother) and his involvement with Joey's 50th birthday bash. I would like to say that I haven't any problems with Mickey and can only say that from my experiences with him, he's always been a very nice guy, and I think it is only fair to get Mickey's side for the readers, so you will be able to make your own "educated" decisions about the events and other info in the future. Thank you! (Maggie St.Thomas) "
Also I just wanna share this interview with you fans (Jari-Pekka).

Maggie St. Thomas: Aside from your new band Marky Ramone & The Speedkings, what have you been doing since the disbandment of the Ramones?

Maggie St. Thomas: Oh yeah! The Misfits played the Warped Tour. How was that?

Maggie St. Thomas: You mentioned you're in Joey's solo album. When will that be released?

Maggie St. Thomas: Are there any special treats you can share with us?

Maggie St. Thomas: Could you please tell me about your relationship with Joey before his passing?

Maggie St. Thomas: I know Im going to touch on a perhaps sore and personal subject for you, but could you tell me why YOU werent at Joeys 50th birthday bash?

Maggie St. Thomas: I know a lot of your hobbies include a lot of books and films. A lot of horror movies?

Maggie St. Thomas: What are some of your favorite movies?

Maggie St. Thomas: What types of books do you read?

Maggie St. Thomas: That whole Presidential crap was all rigged anyway. Tell me what kind of musical artists do you enjoy listening to?

Maggie St. Thomas: Do you have any stories you can tell me about Johnny Thunders?

Maggie St. Thomas: According to what you know and remember, can you tell me who really wrote Chinease Rocks?

Maggie St. Thomas: Was Johnny there (Thunders)?

Maggie St. Thomas: What has been the reaction of fans seeing you now and how is it different than when you were with The Ramones?

Maggie St. Thomas: Tell me about your new band Marky Ramone & The Speedkings?

Maggie St. Thomas: What's the most important thing you learned from The Ramones that you will never forget or leave behind you?

Maggie St. Thomas: Its quite funny actually, how some people can take themselves too seriously!

Maggie St. Thomas: Do you have any last words?

(Thanks: Maggie)