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Interview by Maggie St. Thomas: August 2001

" I would like to let the readers of these interviews know that my opinions and beleifs, perceptions and views are not necessarily shared with the remaining Ramones in these interviews. There are many sides to many stories, and my goal was to inform fellow Ramones fans what the Ramones have been up to since they disbanded in 96'. Some of the content you will read is pretty hurtful at Mickey (Joey's brother) and his involvement with Joey's 50th birthday bash. I would like to say that I haven't any problems with Mickey and can only say that from my experiences with him, he's always been a very nice guy and I think it is only fair to get Mickey's side for the readers, so you will be able to make your own "educated" decisions about the events and other info in the future. Thank you! (Maggie St.Thomas) "
Also I just wanna share this interview with you fans (Jari-Pekka).

Maggie St. Thomas: What was your relationship like with Joey before his passing?

Maggie St. Thomas: Ouch! Im speechless. I didnt know that! Id have to say that it was a pretty good night, very memorable. But if The Ramones had played, Wow! That would have been pure madness!

Maggie St. Thomas: Did you go AWOL to be in The Ramones?

Maggie St. Thomas: Were you scared at first? Did you think Oh Shit now they're just going to find someone else?

Maggie St. Thomas: That's crazy.

Maggie St. Thomas: When are you going to get out to Southern California with Bad Chopper?

Maggie St. Thomas: I remember reading something about a benefit CD you did for the Oglala Lakota College on the reservation?

Maggie St. Thomas: Are any of those CDs still available?

Maggie St. Thomas: That's very admirable of you. I know youve got a lot of fans out here that cant wait to see you when you get to this part of town. Marky will be out here this Tuesday.

Maggie St. Thomas: What kind of hobbies do you have?

Maggie St. Thomas: What kinds of guns do you have?

Maggie St. Thomas: What kinds of stuff do you collect? Would you consider guns to be something you collect?

Maggie St. Thomas: What types of films and movies do you like? Is there one specific genre that you love to watch?

Maggie St. Thomas: Do you like horror films?

Maggie St. Thomas: What are some of your favorites?

Maggie St. Thomas: Define punk as it is today?

Maggie St. Thomas: Whats one very important thing that youve learned from your ventures with The Ramones that you will always carry with you and never forget or leave behind you?

Maggie St. Thomas: What is it like to go from being a Ramone, which is a bit, more high profile, to jamming with smaller bands?

Maggie St. Thomas: Are there any other bands out there that youd like to be in?

Maggie St. Thomas: What type of music do you listen to and what inspires you most?

Maggie St. Thomas: Do you still plan on moving to Hawaii?

Maggie St. Thomas: How long have you been married?

Maggie St. Thomas: Congratulations on your marriage.

Maggie St. Thomas: Any last words?

We later talk about different tattoo shops on the coasts of California. I mention to him I just moved to Long Beach and he says I've got to check out Beachin Tattoo in Long Beach. I can hear his wife correct him that Beachin Tattoo is actually in San Diego. What I thought could have been a 10 minute walk turned into a road trip. Anyhow For those of you near San Diego who want some bitchin ink work done, talk to Jim and Brad. He says good night to all of us. Take it CJ! 1-2-3-4!

(Thanks: Maggie)