PROVINSSIROCK, Seinäjoki, Finland 4.6.1988


I had got booklet CD of this gig which was on TV, but I got an
unedited version. The Ramones hadn't been in Finland 10 years.
There were about 20.000 people watching them.
The gig began in normal way with Durango 95 in the night of Finland
In the beginning of the gig it started to rain, but people stayed
Johnny's movements were planned but Dee Dee did all kinds of
special in beginning of the gig. Later on he began to get relaxed
Some asshole didn't understand Joey's joke, and he started to shout "fuck you" to Joey. Joey struck back "fuck you asshole" with Johnny's
guitar help. Beginning of the gig they were somehow confused, but then
they started to get warm. Big shock for everyone, was when these three guys came,
only wearing to the pants. They were from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and
they played before in the eve
Pinhead brought in a normal way "Gabba Gabba Hey's" for Joey. This
was the last song of the first set. They played 6 encore songs and
example new song I Wanna Live. They
played only 4 songs from the new great album Halfway To Sanity. The whole gig
took a little more than hour.