The Hague, Paard , The Netherlands, December 7, 2001

(First pic: Marky signing for his fans). Departed from home right in time, but at unexpected part of the highway between my place and The Hague there was fucking traffic jam. Oh shit! But at 20.05 h my wife and I entered the dressing room in top of the building where Marky all alone was waiting for us. We talked about 45 minutes, must be enough footage for the article. He's really a nice guy. I heard several interesting Ramones things that were new for me.

After interview but before show Marky asked us to come up afterwards for a drink. So we did, together with nice guy Ron "Hell" from Suburban distribution and later on some hardcore Ramones fans. It was quit relaxed; Marky took time for all the fans, feld comfortable and posed for pix and signed lots of records. I bought the blue version of the single and let the boys sign.

At 21.35 h the show started. There were +/- 100-150 people in a small venue where later that evening should start a big dance event. So the boys have to skip some songs from the setlist. They played all the songs from #1, but from the encore (#2) they didn't play Sheena, I Don't Care and Shock Treatment. But it was fun and at the end all the Ramones fans where dancing on the songs they know.

(Thanks Bram van Schaik)