The show started with about 15 minutes of film excerpts of maniacal Brazilian Ramones fans.

Marky walked out wearing leather jacket and sunglasses-- full Ramones gear. He said this was only the fourth time he had spoken to a group like this. There was about 100 people in the audience. Over the next 40 minutes he talked about his own life, using slides to show where he grew up, his involvement with early bands such as Dust and Richard Hell, and then his joining the Ramones.

He spoke very openly about his past problems with alcohol, and about life after the Ramones. He then graciously answered questions for an hour and a half, on just about every subject. Perhaps most intriguing was his belief that the Ramones may reunite again. Apparently, he thinks Johnny is growing bored and may relent on his decision not to play again. He also made it clear that any reuniting would likely be with Dee Dee and not CJ.

Best line: "We were always into things like freaks, two-headed kids, pinheads, thalidomide babies, sci-fi, you know, stuff like that."

Biggest surprise: "Joey overdubbed all the vocals on Loco Live, even though I thought he sounded great that night."

Biggest downer: The stupid geek in the audience who kept annoying Marky by asking questions about Sid Vicious, like he still worshipped the guy.

(THANKS TO: Johnny Cabrone)