I almost didn't get to the spoken word, a buddy and I got stuck in traffic that simply refused to move. We had 40 minutes to get there, so we began worrying. In a rash desicion left the car on the grass verge, fuck this, i thought... we'll catch a train.

Our ticket cost 18! We almost dropped dead on the spot. Regardless, we saw this as just an inconvinence and we arrived in London just on time. Relieved, we hurtled out of the train station, and we got confused, camden by night is like a ghost town, we didn't recognise it at all! After some adjustment we asked some woman where Dingwalls was, I know where the Roundhouse is and Camden Underworld, but not Dings. She guided us and we were soon lining up with other Ramones fans.

Getting inside, we got seats at the front where we had to suffer regaee music for an hour and a half until about 9:15pm Marky graced the stage. The lights went off and the Around The World -video started up on the screen. It was cut after Teenage Lobotomy to the Simpsons performance then the end scence of Rock'N'Roll High School. Marky came on, dressed all in black, he sat on his stool and took the mic.

He began showing slides of where he grew up in brooklyn, ny he spoke about teachers calling his apartment, complaining to his parents that he wasn't at school. He spoke a bit about his childhood, throwing things off balconies scaring old woman with grocery bags. I'm sure he said he was an acute drug runner for a while as he needed the money for a drum kit, which he eventully got.

He spoke of being in Dust, the Voivoids and then Dee Dee asking him to join the Ramones. Marky said his drinking became very bad and at one point he attempted to detox himself, but he hallucuinated a smiling dinosaur at his parents house where he ran home and hid. He told us whilst touring Japan he and Dee Dee got smashed on quaaludes and alcohol, they were so smashed they attempted to crawl back to the hotel.

The cops picked them up where Marky only remembers saying "where's Godzilla?!" He explained he was very drugged and drinked that he passed out on the wheel of his car and drove it into a furniture store, from that day on, he never drank again. At the end, the lights went up and he answered questions, he got asked about 10, but it was difficult to hear over everybody wanting their questions answered at once. He explained that he and Joey arent fighting, it was an act for the Howard Stern show.

He said Johnny would be the last to die out of the Ramones and that Dee Dee was his best bud. I can't remember my exact questions but it was to do with Loco Live I think I said "do you agree with what joey did on loco live where he re-recorded his vocals?" He said no, I asked if they were all consented about it and he said no, he explained that he has the orginal live version and that he prefers that but Joey did what he wanted to do.

He also said something to me about accidently kicking the hi hat on I Believe In Miracles and Pet Sematary, I can't remember why he said it...sorry! I thought he was very down to earth, witty and open to criticism. I thought he handled it well, it isn't the only time I've met him. We were let out at around 11:40pm, we were contented and we ran off lots of camera film, which I glad to see all came out. I wish I could scan them but our scanners broken. One thing that sticks out in my mind, oddly enougth (come on this is 3 days later! (when Sabo wrote this review)) is a small bloke at the side of the stage who asked him something about glam, but kept saying glum "whats glum?" marky kept saying.

He told us around the world is supposed to be released here in a few weeks, I've already got it as i got it from America (like Lifestyles Of The Ramones, Rock'N'Roll Highschool and We're Outta Here) one guy said "my copy is in black and white" marky quickly comeback with "is your tv black and white?" A great nite, defiantly worth going to, only downside is is that this is the only one this year.

After treking halfway across london to get the tickets two weeks prior, then the trouble of getting to Dingwalls, I was glad to come away contented. Travelling back on the tube on an 18 ticket sucked! I picked up my car when we returned, all in all. It was damn good!

(Really extensive and great review Ramone Sabo, Ramoniac thanks)