June 3rd, Coney Island High, NYC

I saw Marky Ramone & The Intrudes at Coney Island High. It was an awesome show! I missed the opening band, L.E.S. Stitches. Just as walked in the door of the club, I heard the Perry Mason theme music(which they always play right before the Intruders come on.

Just like they use to always play the Good, the Bad & the Ugly right before Ramones came on). So I rushed down the stairs to where the room is that they play in, and just as I got there I heard Marky's drum beat for Anxiety.

Then I just tryed to get through the crowd and get up to the front. It was pretty crowded. By the time I got up to the front it was in the middle of Anxiety. Ben was singing Anxiety. The line up was Ben Trokan on guitar & vocals, Johnny Pisano on bass, and of course Marky Ramone on drums. They sounded really great as a 3 piece. I actually thought this was the best time i'd ever seen them, and they were better this way then with Skinny Bones(as great as Skinny Bones was). Ben sung most of the songs, but Johnny sang a few Johnny sang, I Wants My Beer, which was their 2nd song.

The entire band was really great! They had a lot of energy. Ben sounded really great as singer and a gutar player. Johnny playing bass was great, he plays bass with his fingers but plays faster than most people who use a pick. Marky was awesome on drums, never missed a beat, he played drums so fast and it was so fun to watch.

They played other songs off the album like Maybe Tomorrow, Can't Take It With You, Holding A Grudge, 3 Cheers For You, Telephone Love. They also played a bunch of new songs which should be on their next album called Crybaby, Under The Gun, Peekhole, Probation, No One Likes You, What If (they said it was only the 2nd time they've ever played that song). They also did a cover of the Voidoids song, Blank Generation. All the songs were awesome.

The band played with a lot of energy, which was never lost through out the entire show. The crowd seemed really into it. It was quite crowded. Rancid was suppose to play as a surprise band after the Intruders, but it appeared most people in the crowd knew about it. At one point between songs, Ben said "how many people really came to see us?", and about half the crowd screamed out(I did).

After the Intruders played, it was about 40 minutes until Rancid played. But when Rancid played they were great too. It got a little more crowded when Rancid played, it was kinda hard to see the band from the crowd, but they sounded great. Rancid was a lot of fun and they put on a great show, but the highlight to me was the Intruders, they were fuckin awesome!

(Three Cheers to JC)