Live at the Port Chester, NY, March, 19, 1998

Last Thursday, March 19th, I saw the Intruders opening for the Misfits in Port Chester, NY. This was the closest they came to NYC on this tour. It took about 45 minutes by train from NYC to this town Port Chester. They we're selling lots of Intruders merchindise and they now had more merchindise than they did the last time i saw the Intruders. They were now selling some stickers and T-Shirts and hats which just said "the Intruders", instead of "Marky Ramone & The Intruders". Intruders came on around 9:00.

The Intruders were really good. The new line up is Ben Trokan on guitar & lead vocals, Johnny Pisano on bass & backing vocals, and Marky Ramone on drums. Because the Misfits drum set was all set up already, Marky put his drum set in front, and it was closer to the stage, and there was a better veiw of Marky playing drums than usual. It was the first time I saw them as a 3 piece and they was real good. Ben sung almost all the songs, but Johnny sung a few too. They're voices are different than Skinny Bones, but they're still great.

They played a bunch of songs off the album like Telephone Love, 3 Cheers For You, I Wants My Beer, Anxiety, Can't Take It With You. They also played a bunch of new Intruders songs. They covered Blank Generation. It all sounded really god, butthe lighting guy at this show did a really bad job, it was too dark on stage, I could barely see them even though i was in the front. For their final song, they covered I Wanna Be Sedated, and some guy dressed as a gorilla came up to play drums, and Marky went up to the Microphone to sing lead vocals on it! He was really good. I was surprised. The only other time I've heard Marky sing was on "Man Of God", and this was better (though Man Of God is still good). That was the final song. Then Marky thanked the crowd, and they all walked off stage.

The other bands playing were the Misfits and Orange 9mm. Misfits were great too. At most of the shows on this tour, the Misfits would cover Blitzkrieg Bop during the encore, and Marky would come out to play drums with them for that song, and CHUD would sing back up, but it didn't happen at this show.

(Many thanks to JC)