Live at the Tink's in Scranton, Pennsylvania, September, 11, 1997

Marky Ramone and the Intruders were one of three opening acts for the group The Misfits. They were the second band to play. The other two opening bands were Maximum Penalty and Sheer Terror. Most of the fans at this concert were there to see the Misfits, but there was also a loyal Ramones following.

We stood in the balcony which overlooked the stage from the side. From there you had a bird's-eye view of the band. Marky and the Intruders got on stage about 10pm and played for 45 minutes. They played the same songs as written in past reviews.

Ben Large was once again replacing Skinny Bones. With Skinny gone, there was really no lead singer. Johnny Pisano, Ben Trokan, and Ben Large took turns singing songs. For some songs, all three of them sang parts together.

I wish that Skinny Bones was still with the group, but seeing Ben Large for the first time, I thought that he did a good job. He sings with a very intense look on his face. Large seemed very fan friendly. At one point he was wearing a party hat and 3-D glasses that someone had thrown to him from the crowd. Johnny and Ben Trokan were their usual awesome selves. They were both bouncing around the stage and gave it everything they had.

During the show, Marky had a lot of new drum sticks next to him on the floor. Every few songs or so he would switch to a new pair of sticks. I guess this is how he stocks up on used sticks to autograph and sell at shows.

During the Intruders show, Jerry Only from the Misfits came up to the balcony for a while to watch the band. He seemed to be enjoying the show as much as everybody else. He was signing a lot of autographs. He signed one for my brother. He even signed some guys bare chest.

During the Intruders set, there were a few fights in the crowd that security had to get involved in. Ben Trokan, with a smile on his face, said that if there was going to be anymore fighting, they would have to fight him first. That's kind of funny if you have ever seen Trokan. He's not the biggest guy in the world.

After the show, Marky did his usual act. He walked up to the microphone and thanked the crowd. All in all, it was a great show.

(This interesting review are made Dan And John Roepke)