Live at the The Wilhelmshaven, Germany, August, 27, 1997

The event took place in Wilhelmshaven in northern Germany (27.8.97). It was a small audience of less than 200 people. Supporting band was the Travoltas from the Netherlands, which were not bad. They play good, fast and simple music. While they played, the three Intruders were amongst us "normal" people, at the bar or the merchandise. Nobody seemed to recognize them. I guess it would be something different if Marky would have showed up, but he didn't. So I took the chance and talked a little bit with Johnny. He is very friendly. He and Ben still seem to have a lot of fun on the road, even after so many gigs. Later Johnny had no time anymore to talk with me, because he had to "get a girl for that night". A few minutes later he went backstage with a female fan :-) After the Travoltas played, they went on stage to rearrange all the stuff and eqipment for themselves. Then came Marky guided by the Roadie, they went in the corner, the Perry Mason tune was played and then off they went!

The stage was small so they played right in front of the audience. No barriers or stuff like that. I don't know the exact setlist, but I can say that they changed it a little bit. They started with I Wants My Beer, then Anxiety and so on... Other featured songs were: Probation Cry Baby, Outsider, Blank Generation, Boomerang, I Don't Care, The Job That Ate My Brain, Peek Hole, and all the songs from the CD except Man Of God. Last song of the two song encore was Better Days.

I thing that singer was Ben Shapiro. He was a guy with very short blond hair. Was was very different in comparison to their shows in Germany in March was, that this new guitarist/singer Ben Shapiro sang only two or three songs. The rest is sung by Johnny and Ben. But it was okay by me. There was no less action stage than the last times I saw them. For I Don't Care they got a very young fan on the stage and gave him the guitar of the Ben Shapiro. He played with them this one song.

After the show Marky went in front of the stage, said "Thank You" and again was guided through the audience to get backstage or whereever. The other three and the roadie (plus help from the Travoltas) stayed onstage to pack their things together. Again this young kid (from I Don't Care) came onstage to get photographed with the three Intruders.

(Thanks Martin Dietrich again of the help)