Live at the The Continental, NYC, July, 17, 1997

Last night ( 7/17/97 ) I saw Marky Ramone & The Intruders at Continental in NYC. It was great. Other bands on the bill were Furious George, Love Alien, Bad Popes, Vacum Bag, Dirt Bag Annie.

One notable thing is that Skinny Bones is back, fronting Marky Ramone And The Intruders once again. Skinny Bones is great. When I saw Todd Youth, I thought he was great, but not quite as good as Skinny Bones, and I was dissapointed Skinny Bones left. But I knew (I thought I knew) Skinny Bones wouldn't be back, so I tried to talk myself in to believing Todd Youth was better. But he wasn't. I'm glad Skinny Bones is back (OBS: Skinny left again and now is new singer). He belongs there, he CO-wrote songs and played on the album. OK, I'll write about the show.

It was pretty crowded. Thet were selling a lot of Marky And The Intruders merchandise. They sold two T-shirts, one with the band name & eyes, the other with the album cover. They also sold sweatshirts, posters, hats, Marky Ramone drum sticks. This was the second time that Marky Ramone And The Intruders played at Continental (the first was in Februrary '97). Marky Ramone And The Intruders came on stage around 11:00. There was some music played while they walked on stage, just like when Ramones use to play the Good, The Bad & The Ugly while they walked on stage. The first song the Intruders played was "I Want My Beer", and the Second was "Anxiety". Before singing Beer, Skinny Bones burped in to the microphone, just like he does on the album. Then they played "Telephone love".

The band line up was : Skinny Bones on Guitar & vocals, Johnny Pisano on Bass, Ben Trokan on Guitar, and of course Marky Ramone on drums. They were real good. They kept the crowd in it the whole time. They were all playing with a lot of energy. Johnny & Ben were jumping around through out the entire show. The music was real fast, and real fun. They played lots of songs off the album like Coward With A Gun, Three Cheers For You, Maybe Tomorrow, Back Off, Can't Take It With You, Good Luck You're Gonna Need It, Anxiety, Holding A grudge, Oh No Not Again (that list is not in the same order as they played it).

They also played Have A Nice Day, and The Job That Ate My Brain. They covered the Richard Hell & the Voidoids song "Blank Generation" (Marky played drums for the Voidoids before joining the Ramones). They played a few other originals called Cry Baby, Boomerang, Don't Think About It, I'm On Probation. The band was great as always. Skinny Bones seemed more excited while announcing things between songs than he did before.

When they were about to play a cover of I Don't Care, Dee Dee Ramone jumped on stage and sung the song with the band. Dee Dee had short grey hair, and looked pretty different then when he was with the Ramones. Dee Dee was singing really good. It was kind of weird because Dee Dee sung lead vocals, while Skinny, Johnny and Ben sung backing vocals. So Dee Dee sung everything that Joey Ramone originally sang, and the Intruders sung everything Dee Dee originally sang. It was still really great. Everyone on stage was smiling and seemed happy be singing with Dee Dee. After singing I Don't Care, Dee Dee also sung Outsider with the Intruders. That was great too. That was the last song. After that Dee Dee stepped off stage, Skinny, Johnny & Ben took their guitars off and Marky walked up to the microphone and thanked the crowd.

Then the band walked off stage. After the show I went back stage and talked to Marky. Marky was friendly. He seemed proud of his great band, and he seemed happy Skinny Bones is back. I'm happy Skinny Bones is back too. That was the forth time that I've seen Marky Ramone And the Intruders, and each time I see them its so fun. I'll go see them any time they play in my area. If you've never seen the Marky Ramone & Intruders, I highly recommend you go see them. It is so fun, you don't know what you're missing. They are really great.