Live at the The CBGB, May 6, 1997

(From left to right : Ben Trokan, Marky Ramone, Johnny Pisano, Todd Youth)

I just got back from the Marky Ramone And the Intruders record release show at CBGB, on May,6,1997 [ The record is already out in Europe, this show was the record release show because now the album is out in America too, the album is on Thirsty ear records].
Skinny Bones is no longer in the band, he was replaced by Todd Youth of Murphy's Law. I actually thought Todd was even better than Skinny Bones. Marky Ramone And the Intruders were headlining the show, but they came on first before 4 other bands [ the 4 other bands were Heed, Rotors to rust, Flowerland, Reverse ].
It was great to see Marky Ramone's new band play at CBGB, because thats the club where the Ramones originally started playing. It cost only 5 bux to get in. The Intruders came on at 9PM, exactly when they were scheduled to come on.
The first song that they played was "I wants my beer" and the second was "Anxiety". The show was really great. Marky was as great as ever, and the other band members were great as well. Bassist Johnny Pisano and second Guitarist Ben Trokan played with a lot of energy, Throughout the entire show they were jumping up and down non-stop all over the stage and they seemed REALLY into the music more than most bands do. They also look a lot younger than Marky, I heard Ben Trokan is only 18! Todd Youth played lead guitar and sang lead vocals. Before going to this show, I had heard Todd Youth had replaced Skinny Bones and the first thing I thought was the Intruders wouldn't be quite as great as before. I had seen them twice before with Skinny Bones and I thought without Skinny Bones they would not be nearly as great. I was wrong. I was pleasantly surprised with Todd. Todd sounded very similar to Skinny Bones, Todd's voice was a little more tough. Todd stuck to the same style, he didn't try to change anything. He kept the same style and kept the songs great.
Of course Marky was great. Marky Ramone maybe a little old, but he has more energy and power than any young Drummer I've ever heard! His drum beat was the best and most powerful part of the music. It was pretty crowded and the band kept the whole audience into it the entire show. They covered the Ramones song "Outsider", and they covered the Richard Hell and the Voidoids song "Blank Generation" (Marky was the Voidoids drummer before he joined the Ramones.) Of course they also played some great songs off the Intruders album, such as: Coward with a gun, 3 cheers for you, oh no not again, back off, Telephone love, Holding a grudge, Good luck you're gonna need it, can't take it with you, Maybe Tomorrow. They also played some originals (at least I think they were originals) called cry baby, Don't think about it, Boomerang, which were not on the album.
Right before they played "Back off", they said it would be the last song. When they were done playing it they walked off stage, but came back on about two minutes later to play "outsider" and then play "Holding a grudge" (the real last song). I thought that was funny. After the show I went back stage and talked to all of them. I got all their autographs on a photo of them which I found on the floor.
I told them all I thought the show was great and I had a lot of fun and they seemed happy to hear that. I got a picture taken of me and Marky ( I haven't seen the picture yet). I told Todd Youth I thought he was better than Skinny Bones and he seemed real happy to hear that. They were all very nice people in addition to how great they were on stage.
I didn't care to stay and watch any of the other bands play [ the first time I saw Marky Ramone & the Intruders play in january of 97, one of the bands opening was Stop, fronted by Mickey Leigh, Joey Ramone's real brother], not after watching a band as great as Marky Ramone & the Intruders play, everyone ele would seem so lame. They were almost as great as the Ramones, and they were the best side band or new band any member of the Ramones has ever had. I highly recommend you go see them when they come to your home town. If you see them or hear them, and you don't love them and think they are great, then you suck!