Live at the Hamburg, Fabrik February 5.1997
and Muenster, Gleis February 12.1997.


Both events had German band had Seesaw playing before Marky. In Muenster there was The Burning Heads as the first of three bands. Audience both places: about 200 - 300 people. In Muenster the room was very small and crowded and Marky And the Intruders had to walk through the audience to get to the stage. The concert began at 23.15. Very small stage, they play right in front of you. If you want, you can touch them, they are that close to the people at the front.

They did an extremely powerful show on stage. Especially the bass player Johnny Pisano and the second guitar player Ratboy did a very good job. They ran and jumped and moved more than all Ramones together in the last 22 years. There's not a single second the two were not moving around. Marky has recruited good personnel. They all seem to be very young, especially Ratboy The other one, Marky's long time friend Skinny Bones sings all of the songs except one sung by the bass player Johnny and one by Ratboy. And Marky? Well, he's just Marky. Exactly the same as you all know him.

There was a lot of action in the audience, too. Sometimes the people seem to be pushed on stage from behind, there was nothing to stop them, no barrier or something like that between stage and audience. All the time Skinny and the others had to watch if someone was falling against their microphones. It was kind of cool and very different to any Ramones show.

Nobody seemed to know the Intruders because Skinny was walking through the audience while the other bands were playing and nobody came to him. Everybody seemed to think that he was one of the audience.

You can bye a whole lot of merchandising stuff of them, even bass drum pedals, sneakers of Marky (worn on the last Ramones tour), drum skins and sticks, T-shirts, caps, posters, the LP (vinyl) and a lot more. Everything except caps and shirts is signed by Marky.

Hey, I found something about Marky which had changed: Everytime they left the stage he went to Skinny mike and said something like "Thank you" and stuff. Has he EVER said something on stage the last Ramones years? What was not so good in Muenster was, that somebody stole Skinny Bones' distortion pedal rightaway of the stage during while they were playing "Grudge". That sucked!

Setlist at Muenster

1.Can't Take It With You
3.Telephone Love
4.Oh No Not Again
5.3 Cheers For You
6.I Want My Beer

(introduce band)
7.Have A Nice Day
8.The Job That Ate My Brain
9.Coward With A Gun
10.I Don't Care
11.Maybe Tomorrow
12.Peek Hole

13.Don't Think
14.Rabation (or something like that)
15.Blank Generation
17.Back Off

1st Encore:
18.Cry Baby
20.Holding A Grudge

2nd encore:
21.Go mental

(Thanks really much for Martin Dietrich, Germany. He done basic of this long review and done great work)