The Curb Theatre (Custom Rock Bar), Oslo, Norway, January 26th, 2000.

Marky and his two young companions in the Intruders hit the stage in Oslo at half past eleven. From the very first chord and drumbeat the setting was PARTY!!!

The Intruders kickstarted their set with a fast punkrock song and a friendly attitude towards the 250 people in the audience. They kept the beat and did their very best to kick everybodies ass, and they succeded. The audience was slamdancing from Ben's very first words "Next song is about drinking beer". The crowd started moving and beerbottles were flying through the air. Several of the bottles hitted the stage, one bottle hit the guitarneck of Ben and one bottle passed Marky's head with less than 1 meter. I was really afrightend and Marky would probably have exploded if the bottle had hit his face. Anyway Marky didn't seem to care and showed us his incredbile drum technique for more than one hour.

The people in the first rows in front of the stage were dancing like wild the whole time. The Intruders where playing both their own material and covers like "Nowhere Man" by the Beatles is on second Intruders Don't Blame Me/ The Answer to Your Problems? -album and "Blank Generation" by Marky's first band the Voivoids. Both the Intruders and the audience was sweating heavily and finally the Intruders left the stage with a short "thank you". Actually that was Marky's only words during the concert, most of the speaking was left for Ben and Johnny in the front.

The crowd was cheering Marky and the Intruders for 2-3 minutes before they came back on stage and did two more songs. Once again Marky stood up from his stool, gave us a quick "thank you" and left the stage. The crowd was singing and in a few minutes Marky & the Intruders couldn't resist anymore. They got up on stage again and did "I DON'T CARE", an excellent version and Marky was wearing a great smile during the whole song. ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!!! The song was the absolutely highlight of the show and the audience was singing almost louder than the band.

It was good to see Marky back on stage again and the Intruders did an excellent show. Hope they'll be back in Europe soon!!

(Review by zzy from Null$katte$nylterne, thanks zzy)