Copyrightł 2001 - : David Kelly, Celine Ramone and Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone.


This event was held in Newark New Jersey (the armpit of the USA). The horizon was grey and humid. The air smelled like a bum's ass. The factory's and warehouses were abandoned and boarded up. The mini Stadium were the Newark Bears play baseball was like an oasis among such dismal surroundings.

However the chance to see the Misfits with non other than Marky Ramone on the skins was mindblowing. The stage was set up on the middle of the field around second plate. After the 20 or so bands got the crowd sufficiently warmed up Jerry Only came out where they had set up the Misfits equipment and distracted the fans from the band that was playing. Everyone started yelling for them to play. After a few minutes of sound checking the the Misfits blasted into a set of about 15 classics.

This set included "Astro Zombies", "Halloween", "We are 138" and a ripping version of "Rise Above" (Black Flag). The sound for the previous bands was very loud but for the Misfits the sound was literally deafening. Jerry's bass was rumbling like an earth quake. The set was split into two parts. The first half was all classic Misfits material with Robo from Black Flag on Drums and Dez Cadena (Black Flag) on Guitar and Vocals. The second half was which could not be topped Robo gave up the drumming duties to Marky Ramone. The band then played almost a full set of Ramones songs. Which included "I Just Want To Have Something to Do", 'I Dont Care", "Sedated" and a host of others. Marky was beating the drums like an animal and did not miss a beat. They ended the gig with a comment from Jerry "This song put the "A" in alternative music; HEY HO! LETS GO! " and then they played "Blitzkreig Bop". Marky threw drumsticks into the audience, and Jerry was great as usual, he came out to shake peoples hands and told everyone to get home safely.

The crowd was really into it and looked dumbfounded as they watched Marky Ramone and the Misfits rip it up. Seeing this was incredible. Ths show was the best show I have seen in years. They truly blew away the crowd. No one can compare with the REAL DEAL. I cant wait until the WWF show with Marky/ Misfits. Do yourselves a favor and go!!!!!

Here's also two pics from a Misfits 25th Anniversary signing and instore performance with Marky and Robo and Dez from Black Flag will on June 28th at the Virgin Megastore in the heart of Times Square, NYC.

(Review and pics by David Kelly + little bit from Celine Ramone)