Live at the Oldenburg, Germany June 10th, 1998 and Hamburg, Germany June 13th, 1998.

The shows took place in Oldenburg (in northern Germany) on June, 10th and in Hamburg on the 13th. The first venue in Oldenburg was like a disco and in Hamburg they played in the Kaiserkeller near the Reeperbahn. The bill for both shows was: Los Gusanos - Lunachicks - King Kurt.

Unfortunately there was a small audience of about 50 people at the first show. At the time I walked in all of the equipment was already on stage. I suppose they did it themself without any roadies. Then, all of a sudden, they came walking in through the audience or at least through the part of the audience that was not at the bar taking some drinks. Two guys in the audience had Ramones t-shirts on.

They played a good set, though they seemed to be a little bit sad about the amount of listeners. They played for about 40 minutes. Like C.J said after the gig, encores were not possible because of the time schedule of the two other band that were still to come. Then they took their own stuff (guitars etc.) and walked several times through the audience to get it all to the band bus. Lucky for me! I got to be (accidentally [grin]) in the way of C.J. and talked to him. He said he's very happy about the opportunity to play in Germany even though it is a so called mini tour. He was very proud of the show they did. It was a powerful show like I had it expected. Of course C.J. now plays guiter and sings, but the time he doesn't has to stand at microphone, he's running or jumping around. After the gig he was in the audience or at the bar.

In Hamburg the signs were better for the band. The Reeperbahn at St. Pauli is always a good area to have a concert. Sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll - this still works today. So everything was better than in Oldenburg: They had a bigger audience of about 200 people, the audience seemed to care more, they all went to the stage to see the band closer. They band walked in from behind the stage and not through the audience. The sound was better - and louder. Unfortunately the did not increase the time of playing. And again: no encores.

Both setlistings had most of the songs of the debut album of Los Gusanos. Not one of the tracks of the Unreleased Tracks album of the Ramones and early singles was played. That was a good decision - the songs of the debut album are much better. It's a very good album which everyone should get!

C.J. wore a beard which was about a few days old (with subbles), had short hair and in Hamburg he wore a t-shirt against exploitation of indians. He talked a little on stage, but not too much. And they did what I like most: they played several songs without any talking between it. It was like, they came on stage, played three songs, "Hi, we're Los Gusanos from New York City", the the next three songs and so on.

Good show, good song listing, good music and a hard working band on their first European visit. In my opinion they can return for many more gigs in my area!!!

Like they would say: Worms-n-dirt...

(Thanks to Martin Dietrich. He did this burnin' and great review)