HOMENAJE A JOEY RAMONE: July Fri 27th and Sat 28th, 2001, Cemento venue, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Copyrightę: Mariano Asch and Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone.

(PICS: the flier for the 28th show and the ticket for the 27th show)

Loads of local musicians paid their tribute to the master: There was a three piece band comprised of Mariano Martinez (Attaque 77) on guitar and vocals + Diego Techeyro (Katarro Vandaliko) on bass and chorus + Ray (El Otro Yo) on drums who were the main band on 80% of the songs.

On many songs they were joined by different singers, guitarists and bassists from various bands and in other occasions a whole band played one or two songs on their own. Some of the best points on both nights were: Life's A Gas (sung by Sebastian from Expulsados), Questioningly (with Vala from Cadena Perpetua and Danio from Star Losers on guitars), Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (by the whole Attaque 77 band), I Wanna Be Sedated (sung by Hugo Irisrarri from Doble Fuerza), Strength To Endure (with Corvata from Carajo on bass and vocals), Somebody Put Something In My Drink (sung by Claudio O'Connor from O'Connor), another guests included the bands Superuva, Flema and Bangladesh among others.

The main band played many other songs like opening up with Rockaway Beach, It's Gonna Be Alright, She's A Sensation, Blitizkrieg Bop, Pet Sematary, Pinhead and finished with Bye Bye Baby. On both nights I did a brief speech on stage just before the intro The Good The Bad The Ugly and on Sat the 28th there was an hour full of rare Joey and Ramones videos on a big screen with all the kids pogoing to the videos (even an acoustic of Joey!). It was two nights to remember.

Joey lives in our memories and the music will never die.