DETROIT, State Theatre, 21.4.1996


It was sunday April 21 1996 (6:00 p.m.) Erin were driving downtown Detroit
with his friends and going to beautiful State Theatre, where The Ramones
always play when they come to Detroit, Michigan.
We saw all the Ramones fans dressed in black leather jackets and torn jeans.
There was about 300 of us waiting outside the Theatre. At 7:00pm opened the doors
First stop was to buy T-shirts and whatever else they were selling. They say that
might be selling autographed pictures!
Erin's seat was 20 meter away from the stage. The opening band D generation
came on stage, they played 35 minutes set and the left they got a good response
from the crowd. Booth was started to sell pictures, it was a live picture and it was
beautifully autographed by all of them. Erin bought 3 and went back to seat.
The crowd was shouting the famous Ramones chant "Hey Ho, Let's Go".
A few minutes later The Ramones came on crowd was yelling and screaming
and Joey was doing his thing with the microphone and CJ counted 1-2-3-4
and they started by Durango 95 / Teenage Lobotomy and went through all
the Ramones favourites. During the show Joey left the stage and let CJ take
over. They did two encores and for the last encore they dropped another banner
that said Adios Amigos.
The concert was amazing after the show Erin with his friends were walking back
to car and they caught a glimpse of Joey and they saw johnny in the doorway.
This was best Ramones concert of the Erin's seeing and he hope a lot more
Ramones concerts in Michigan area.

Thanks of original writing to Erin Brennan, I edited little.