Copyrightł 2004---> : Lynne Cameron and Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone.



I left Edinburgh by train at 6.00 am to begin my journey to London, Kings Cross. Once in London I had to get change trains and get another one to Brighton. The journey took me approximately 4 and three quarter hours. Once in London, I got my next train which was delayed for about ten minutes as another train had broken down and engineers were working on it. Eventually we set off and I arrived in Brighton at about 1.45 pm.

I got a taxi to my hotel which was called the Sea Spray Hotel and it was very nice, I had a great view of Brighton Pier. Once I got settled in to my room and unpacked my things, I decided to go and get something to eat and have a look around Brighton. Not going too far of course as this was my first time in Brighton. The hotel very kindly booked me a taxi for that night to take me to the venue and it was scheduled to pick me up at 6.15 as the doors were opening at 6.30 pm.

I decided to take a look around the shops and Brighton is really nice. So after I had a look around, I went back to my hotel and started getting ready for the show. At 6.15 my taxi arrived and it took me to the venue. There were people queuing up and I got in the line I soon got chatting to some people. We got in and there was a band playing they were good.

Before the show, when the Misfits arrived I got to say hi to Marky and I met Dez for the first time. It was great to see Marky again and we had a chat and a couple of pics taken. Then it was time to go watch the show so I went and got my place.

It was a great show amongst the many Ramones and Misfits songs performed were, I Wanna Be Sedated, The KKK Took My Baby Away, Die, Die My Darling, This Magic Moment and many more. They were performing excellently and Marky playing his drums as terrific as always. Everyone in the crowd was very nice and it was a great atmosphere. People looked out for each other at the show too if you got pushed accidentally by someone, the person next to you would ask if you were allright and I thought this was nice that people would look out for each other and make sure you were ok.

After the show I went backstage again and had a wee chat with Marky before it was time to leave the venue. I did show Marky my tattoo I had done of him on my arm and he liked it. It was a great evening and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If you get a chance to see the Misfits at all go it is a great show they put on. Special thanks go to Marky, special thanks also go to Jerry, Dez , Tut and Buzz. I went back to Scotland the next day and it had been a great trip all round.

(Thanks Lynne)