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I may not have a job, I may not have alot of money in the bank, I may not have a boyfriend, but tonite, I have the drumstick of a Rock & Roll Hall of Famer!

I went to see Marky Ramone at Connections, a local bar in a crappy area of town that sometimes gets national acts. Marky was scheduled to play with his band, The Speedkings, but show was cancelled....

Before knowing this, I asked from my friend Frank in an email how many Ramones songs he thought Marky was gonna play. Frank said "Oh, like 15". Turns out that Ted, the drummer in Frank's old band, Sedated (Ramones tribute band), hooked up Marky to play drums tonight, with Frank playing the part of Joey and singing the vocals, and Ted on bass, and another friend on guitar. Imagine how lucky these guys felt, having THE REAL DEAL on drums!

They went on around Midnight, with Frank donning his black Joey wig. It was great - they belted out about a dozen Ramones tunes, with Marky pounding the skins!! Early in the set, they introduced Marky as "their friend Wilbur on drums". Hilarious! Rockaway Beach, Sheena, Blitzkrieg Bop (complete with Gabba Gabba Hey sign), Commando, Beat on the Brat (complete with big blow-up bat), I Wanna Live, California Girls, Rock & Roll High School, and more that I can't remember.

The place wasn't that packed, much to my surprise. The cover was $13 tonight, and there were other bands on the bill as well.

They played for 45 minutes and when they were done, Marky threw his drumsticks out to the crowd. I ran up there and one of them hit me in the face, fell to the floor, and I grabbed it! When Marky walked off the stage, people were going up to him to say hi. I had to go too! I hugged him and thanked him for coming out to NJ and as I was going to turn away, he stuck out his hand to mine to shake. He was all sweaty but who cares! I was so excited, I ran back to my friend Mia - "I got the drumstick of a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer -- and I'm NOT putting it on Ebay!"

We left soon after that and Marky was outside across the street sitting in the passenger seat of a van with NY license plates. There were about 7 fans wanting autographs and photos, and Marky gladly complied. He signed my drumstick! This means so much to me - not only cuz he's a RRH of Famer, but THIS IS THE DRUMMER OF THE RAMONES!!!!

What a night! Right here in my hometown!

(Thanks: Linda)