Copyright 2007 -> : Gao Yang (text), Lostgoat (photos) and Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone.

Jari-Pekka's note, Public Enemy asked Marky to play Blitzkrieg Bop with him at the Beijing Pop Festival day before this Marky's real show.

Here begin review by Gao Yang.
I first heard the news about the special Ramones related show from a Chinese network radio, the DJ told that the Ramones fans were lucky this year. Of the some reason he didn't said why. It puzzled me several days until the Beijing Pop Festival published their performers of this year. The Marky Ramone was listed on the poster!!! It felt so awesome that I couldn't believe it immediately. I am a member in a Ramones group in Chinese website, in that site we talked about the show and we made plans to go to see it together.

I started my trip on September 7, 2007. First I travelled 12 hours by train to Beijing. The Beijing Pop Festival lasted two days. First bands started at noon and last finished at night. There were playing in a first day for example New York Dolls, P.E and Brett Anderson. When I arrived to the Beijing Chaoyang Park, the bands were already playing, and my favourite Chinese band Joyside was just finished! It made me feel a little disappointed. The sunshine was very hard and another band was boring. So I was lying down under a tree with my Beijing friends. Of the some reason I missed most of the New York Dolls show. I remember New York Dolls singer David Johansen dedicating songs You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory and Lonely Planet Boy for Johnny Thunders. Brett Anderson got the most success in a first day. Many people sang his songs along. I didn't watch the P.E because I felt tired. I heard some people telling next day that P.E. was invited Marky Ramone to play drums in one song.

Marky Ramone and his friends were playing in a second day at the Beijing Pop Festival. I got there very early. Sun was really hot again. The first band was a good and young Chinese group, they were more interesting than some older Chinese bands.
Set of the Marky Ramone started at 6:00PM. I went earlier to the front of the audience. Marky brought his own drum set and someone put a big flag behind the stage, it had Ramones eagle logo. Above eagle logo had Marky Ramone's name and below in Chinese text: "The last Ramones." I didn't liked the flag, it made me sad (the text in Chinese). The show started after 20-30 minutes of tuning. So Marky was in drums. Joe Queer of The Queers was guitarist, Dave Queer of The Queers was bassist and Sebastian of the Expulsados was vocalist. Sebastian wore a leather jacket, red T-shirt, jeans and sunglasses. His left leg was one step forward and he kept microphone stand close of his body, just like Joey Ramone.

Marky Ramone said first few words and then 1-2-3-4! The first song was Blitzkrieg Bop, the people in a front of stage went crazy. There was a steel fence between the stage and the audience area, so a lot of people climbed that and dived. I and other people sang with them songs like Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You, Beat On The Brat, Havana Affair, Pet Sematary, Judy Is A punk, I Wanna Be Sedated, Psycho Therapy, 53rd And 3rd, Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio?, Rock And Roll High School, I Don't Care, Commando, Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World, I Just Want To Have Something To Do etc.
Pinhead was the last song. During it came on stage man with a Gabba Gabba Hey sign. After Pinhead ended, people shouted that they want to hear more. Marky, Joe, Dave and Sebastian came back and played four songs: The KKK Took My Baby Away for Johnny, Chinese Rocks for Dee Dee, I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend for Tommy and as a last song What A Wonderful World for Joey. During What A Wonderful World I called to my friend who lives in my hometown and who is also Ramones fan. He couldn't afford to pay train ticket and come to the show. After the show I had to hurry that I got in time to return trip. 1-2-3-4 sound was over my head!!!

Text by Gao Yang.