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This review is written by David Saltiveri, he's is 31 years old guy from Barcelona, Spain (where Ramones recorded their Loco Live album in Europe). Photos:

Marky Ramone played his tour in Spain with two Spanish friends, Beni from Kissin' Cousins on the electric guitar and Hans Fritz from Stukas Rakudas on the bass. David Divine (USA) from Cheap Vinyl was lead singer.
There were three concerts in Catalonia, one in Barcelona, another one in Lloret de Mar and the last one in Manresa. The first one was done in Sala Sidecar which is located in the city center of Barcelona and the queue to get tickets was incredible (I think that all the people from Argentina living in Barcelona tried to go to that concert), so the tickets were sold-out quickly. Next time you should come to a bigger place in Barcelona Marky!

I knew that my only chance to see Marky was to go to Manresa to El Sielu, so the day of the concert I went there 5 hours before and I got the 7th position in the queue! There were about 50 tickets left and I was lucky to get one of them. El Sielu is a very nice place and it was full of people. There was a mixture of young and old generations of the Ramones fans and the atmosphere was fantastic. They were selling T-shirts especially made for this Spanish tour and I bought one of them. To the drums was written Marky Ramone 2006. They look really impressing and the people were taking lots of photos. After 30 minutes waiting they appeared on the stage and we started to jump for joy. Marky said that they were going to play some Ramones songs in the memory of Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny and then he went to the drums and punk rock started with Rockaway Beach like in the It's Alive album. We started to dance and sing like crazy people. In the past I couldn't go to any Ramones concert and it was the first time that I was listening to these songs on live so I was very excited singing them and seeing Marky playing drums.

During the first part they played almost all Ramones classic songs like Beat On The Brat, Commando, I Don't Care, Judy Is A Punk, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker, Psycho Therapy, The KKK Took My Baby Away, Havana Affair, Pet Semetary... David Divine isn't Joey but he's a really good singer and he looks very happy singing Ramones songs with Marky. Beni and Hans Fritz were plenty of energy and they played whole concert with hard attitude, but watching Marky was like being in a Ramones concert for me. He's a great drummer and all the people were enjoying the music so much, even one of the security men in front of me was moving his lips singing Pet Semetary on silence.

After the break, we started the Hey Ho Let's Go ritual and they appeared again to play some more classics. This time when they played Pinhead, the atmosphere became so special that I had the sensation that Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny were there with us (at least they appeared on the screen behind the stage with the Gabba Gabba Hey! sign) and it was the best moment of the concert for me.

Then they left the stage again and after a minute of Hey Ho Let's Go, Marky announced that there were four songs left. Luckily one of them was R.A.M.O.N.E.S, another song that I love and they played it powerfully. Blitzkrieg Bop..., and people were going nuts, so the security men had a lot of work.

When they finished the song Marky gave thanks to us and he went away. Just like in any Ramones concert that I've seen on video. All people were shocked by the power of the concert and stayed there for long. It was like a Shock Treatment and I couldn't move. I felt happiness and sadness at the same time. I was happy for the concert and I was sad because it will be difficult to see Marky in Barcelona soon and because I lost my opportunity to be in a Ramones concert in the past, but at least I could feel the sensation and appreciate why Ramones were and are so great. They were unique and authentic during all their careers and I feel really fine when I listen to their songs even if I'm sad, depressed or angry.

I want to thank Marky to come to my country and to give me the opportunity to see him on action and also to thank Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone for his fantastic website.

Gabba Gabba Hey!, David Saltiveri