Line-up in this USA tour in July 7 - August 7, 2011 (See details of 25 shows here.):
CJ Ramone: vocals and bass.
Daniel Rey: guitar, back vocals and in two songs main vocals.
Michael Stamberg: drums.

Text written by Dan Roepke and photos taken by his brother John Roepke.

On July 7th (2011), I went to a CJ Ramone concert at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA (USA) and I also saw him in The Studio at Webster Hall in New York City on July 9th. In Lancaster, after 3 opening bands, CJ started playing at 8:50pm. This was an all ages show, so there were kids there as young as ten years old or so.

About halfway through the set, CJ introduced the band. He said: "Chicago born, the only guy that deserves to play the Johnny Ramone guitar parts, he has been with the Ramones longer then I have, Daniel Rey." (Jari-Pekka's note: Daniel has produced many Ramones albums and also their solo albums, co-wrote around 20 Ramones songs like with Dee Dee songs Pet Sematary, Poison Heart, I Believe In Miracles and many more.).

CJ introduced the drummer, from his Long Island, NY hometown: "My good friend Michael Stamberg."
At the NYC show, before CJ started playing at 10pm, CJ introduced a special guest and said my good friend Monte Melnick. Ramones road manager Monte went up on stage and said: "Many years ago, upstairs, this place was called The Ritz. The Ramones had many great shows here. Joey lived around the corner on 9th street."
Monte also said he was happy that CJ Ramone was keeping up the legacy of the Ramones. Monte then introduced the band starting with Michael on drums. Then: "An old friend on lead guitar, vocals and an old Ramones producer, Daniel Rey." Then he introduced: "The one and the only CJ Ramone, the American Punk."
During the show, CJ said that he has been working on a new CD for about a year and has already finished up on some tracks. He is hoping that the CD will come out sometime in the fall. He played a new song from this album called Three Angels On My Shoulder and said it is a tribute song to Johnny, Joey, and Dee Dee, our fallen brothers. Before playing the song, CJ said that this will be the first time that this song is being played live in U.S.A.

The Lancaster crowd was very good, but the NYC crowd was great. A lot of slam dancing and both crowds were really into the shows. CJ played the same songs for both shows, except that in NYC, he played a 2nd encore, Teenage Lobotomy, that he didn't play at the first show. When CJ came out for the 2nd encore, the crowd was going crazy so CJ said: "You're not gonna let us go, we have to drive to Pittsburgh tonight for our next show. We were hoping you'd be quiet and just go home." Then he said he was just kidding, and started playing Teenage Lobotomy.

Daniel Rey sang lead on Pet Sematary and Poison Heart. He also did a really good job playing guitar. Michael Stamberg was also very good banging on the drums. CJ looked great, played great, and sounded great. It looked like he hasn't really changed too much in the last 15 years. CJ seemed happy to be back playing and singing Ramones songs, especially back in NYC.
Both shows were awesome. The spirit of the Ramones was alive and well with CJ at both of these shows. I think CJ said it best towards the end of both shows when he said, Ramones Forever!

Set list for Webster Hall show in New York City:
Blitzkrieg Bop
Judy Is A Punk
Beat On The Brat
Cretin Hop
Endless Vacation (CJ said this one goes out to Dee Dee Ramone)
Pet Sematary
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
My Back Pages
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
Glad To See You Go
Poison Heart (CJ said this one goes out to our buddy Joey Ramone)
Strength To Endure
Listen To My Heart
Wart Hog
Swallow My Pride
I Wanna Be Sedated

1st encore:
Three Angels On My Shoulder
California Sun
Do You Wanna Dance

2nd Encore:
Teenage Lobotomy

Thanks again of writing great review Dan Roepke, and you John Roepke sending photos.