Johnny,CJ,Joey,Tommy,Marky,Dee BIG DAY IN RAMONES HISTORY:

Copyright: 1997-2014 -> Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone, JC and Emily Tenczar. Photos: Emily Tenczar.


November 25th, 1997, was legendary and big day in Ramones history. For the first time in history 6 Ramones member did appearance together. Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, Tommy, Marky and CJ did incredible signing happening and this was heaven to many fan to see all six members together. Here is:
JC's review and
Emily Tenczar enthusiastic thoughts


On November, 25th, 1997, the Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Marky, CJ and Tommy did an in store signing for the release of their boxed set, We're Outta Here, at Tower Records in New York City.

The signing was suppose to start at 5:00 PM, so I got there around 2:30 PM, because I predicted a long line(I was right). When I got there then, there were already about 30 people in line in front of me. We had to stand outside in the cold for hours, but it was more than well worth it. Because of the large number of fans expected, they limit the signing to the boxed set, and one additional item per boxed set.

I chose to bring my leather jacket, and get that signed, but it was interesting to see what other people on line brought to get signed. Some people brought Ramones T-shirts, posters, records, CDs, the book(Ramones : An American band), Mosrite guitars, and all kinds of stuff. One guy(who I guess was a painter), brought a big painting he said he painted himself, of Dee Dee playing bass. The line kept getting longer and longer because people knew to come early. By 4:30 PM, the line went all around the block.

I've written E-mail to some people who came to this from California, Minnesota, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, England, and those are just Ramones fans who have an internet and happened to write to me, so imagine how many people were there. Plus of course, there were a LOT of Ramones fans from the New York City area. So this was really something fans came from all over the world for.

Around 5:10 they started letting people in for the signing. I got in soon. Once you were inside, you still had to wait on line a little while. They were playing the We're Outta Here CD, and that had TVs all over the place where they were showing the video documentary. When I got to get my thing signed, it was amazing. To See Johnny, Dee Dee, Marky, Joey, CJ Tommy all in one space, all sitting next to eachother! A moment in Ramones history! After Ramones broke up. Just amazing! I've heard, that this is the first time that all 6 ever that all 6 of them have been together!

Some of them changed, looked a little different. CJ had short hair, and wore a baseball cap backwards, but he had his hair short sometimes while he was in the Ramones. Dee Dee looked exactly the same, except he had all gray hair. Tommy looked so much older, I could barely recognize him. Joey got fat. Marky and Johnny still looked exactly the same as they always did. Marky was wearing a leather jacket, and Dee Dee was wearing a Ramones Beat On The Brat T-shirt.

There were also a bunch of notable other people there. Jerry Only(Misfits bass player), the members of DGeneration, Johnny Pisano(bass player in Marky Ramone & the Intruders), Barbara Ramone (Dee Dee's wife, who plays on Dee Dee's new record), Daniel Rey(Ramones producer & co-song writer), Furious George(Joey sang a song on their CD, and Dee Dee sang a song on their 7") were all there. There were probably more people there, who I just didn't notice(or don't remember).

All those people, and all the fans, looked real happy and excited about the whole thing. It was great. As soon as you were done getting your things signed, you had to leave, but I stayed in a different part of the store. The signing went on for hours, it started around 5:10, and ended around 9:40. All that time the Ramones had to just sign autographs non-stop. When it was over a few photographers took pictures of all the Ramones next to eachother, then all the Ramones left quickly.

It was a great night in Ramones history, and I'll never forget it! Oh yeah, and the Boxed Set is awesome. If you don't got it, get it. It rules!

(Emily is from Minnesota and also in picture)

Johnny/CJ/Joey/Tommy You will never believe it, I got to meet the RAMONES!!!!!!!!!!! My dad took my to New York for their box set signing! I told them I was Emily from Minnesota, and CJ, who e-mails me and knew I was coming, shook my hand and said "Hey! How's is going?" Wow!

Joey wrote "To Minn or bust!" in my book. Tommy asked me where in Minnesota I was from, and said his wife was from Shakopee.

Dee Dee was really super nice! He gave me his phone number, introduced me to his wife, and he was just so nice. I asked him if there was such a thing as chicken vindaloo, and he said yes. He told me about when he stayed in the Gopher Hotel in Minnesota. He was so nice. And I got extra Dee Dee autopgraphs, too! Because I came a long way to see them, I got to stay there longer than almost anyone else and talk to them. But most of the time I just stood there, because I didn't know what to say!

I asked Marky about his jacket. Johnny was annoyed when I asked him about the rumors about him being in a techno funk band. When I left, I waved, and Joey and Dee Dee waved back! Wow! It was the best time of my life!! They were so nice. It was so cool!!

(Thanks one time more to JC and Emily Tenczar)